iApps for Students – Best bang-for-the-buck back to School Apps

As summer draws to a close, there’s a bigger and better reason for going back to school this September – shiny new apps for your shiny new iPad and iPhone 4.

Check out the ongoing sale at iApps for Students and take a pick from a wide selection of useful apps for school for your Mac, iPhone and iPad – massive discounts ranging from 20 to 99% off will certainly make app shopping easier on the wallet. These apps make student life a little easier with its selection of educational, personal finance management and notetaking tools, with games, entertainment, photography apps thrown in.

You might want to revisit last year’s cream of the crop back to school app roundup by TMA and check if you have these recommended apps in your collection already. So it’s time to shine that gorgeous new baby of yours and go back to school with a bang!

Better than iPad: LG’s amazing tablet computer will be

a leaked picture of LG's amazing iPad killer

If anyone – anyone at all – can better Apple at building devices that people want to use, it is LG, the South Korean electronics giant, who more and more, prove themselves up to the task. LG are innovative. They are full of clever designers. When I sat with them in an informal Q&A last year about upcoming iPhone-killer smart phones, it was obvious they ‘got it’. The problem I see with the iPad is that it is just so ungraceful; you can’t type on it, you can’t create on it – you can’t do aught but consume media. That is the iPad’s problem. Android will fix all that and LG will magically wave the form factor away. Combined with Android’s wealth of productivity , its smooth, fragmentation-free hardware glut, and its simplicity will show Apple who is boss – that is, if LG can help them out.

If you’ve ever owned an LG phone, or read through an LG manual; if you’ve enjoyed their incredible style and poise in the marketplace, you know what I’m talking about. LG, if anyone can better than iPad, it is you, the Yoda of electronics.

^^ sic ^^

DIY iPad case: ぞうのハナコ (the elephant flower girl)

Introducing the elephant flower girl DIY iPad case

While big name livery gets all the headlines, it’s the products of real makers that stand out. Really, what’s 5$ of felt and a few hours of your time? The above is the product of my genius wife, who having run out of room in her Celtic colouring book, decided to make a case for her iPad. I showed her my scheduler-esque Marware Eco-Vue iPad case (certainly svelte for a scheduler – and pictured here for the Kindle), but she wasn’t impressed. She wanted cute. We headed to PixDix, to the Apple Store, to BestBuy, to #Apple, and to various online retailers; not a one presented anything quite cute enough. Frustrated, but still kicking, my wife found SopoShop, and a really cute elephant pouch. Every poet is a thief and every biology lab researcher can replicate the finest of details, so while we bypassed SopoShop’s unfortunate dearth of iPad cases, we did come away with the elephant flower girl.

Piccies and more after the gap:

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iPad 101: iAnnotate PDF on Stanford’s Med School Course List

Apple recently announced a trial program that integrates the iPad into academics wherein educational institutions will now be able to buy apps in bulk through iTunes. It’s not surprising, then, that Stanford Medical School is poised to take the plunge. Stanford University is a staunch supporter of Apple’s education initiatives and last year began teaching iPhone app development courses for free to its students.

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Making the iPad “Buy” Decision [for Business]

Last January when the announcement of the iPad was a few days away, I told my wife, “I really need to have one!” And, like most practical wives who love their husbands but find themselves in situations where it somehow becomes their responsibility to say “OK,” she replied, “Why?”. My reply was an incredulous, “Well… I don’t know yet, but don’t worry, Steve is going to tell me next week!”

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iPad iOS 3.2.1 scores 127/300 on HTML5 Test

While by no means exhaustive, the HTML5Test by Niels Leenheer, does a good job of showing off how well a browser tackles the web standard, HTML5. As you can see, the iPad has a ways to go, but among mobile devices, it – along with the entire iDevice family – is still on top, losing only marginally to the desktop version of Firefox. In many ways, this test mirrors the results of the Acid3 test, proving that Apple play better by web standards than their rivals. I could not test iOS 4’s Safari on my iPod touch because of a God-awful Wifi router, but I assume it to be equally as OKAY. Here are the results compared to various browsers run under OSX 10.6.4 with all the latest trimmings on a 2007 MacBook Pro.

Web Broswer: HTML5Test Score:
iPad Safari (iOS 3.2.1) 127
OSX Safari 5.01 208
OSX Chrome 5.0.375.125 197
OSX Firefox 3.6.8 139
OSX Opera 10.6.0 159

At Jeffrey Zeldman’s blog, controversy is starting over the inclusion of certain features in the test.

iPad 3D? Now possible!

3D imaging is more and more becoming commonplace – with the the onslaught of 3D movies in cinemas (though they still require the retro-style glasses), recent unveiling of Samsung 3D-enabled TVs and the Nintendo 3DS it seems obvious where the industry is heading. Well, it seems the iPad is already there, allowing for naked-eye 3D displaying using a simple prismatic converter. Next stop – iPad 3D? Full video after the gap!

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iClothing offers pockets for your iPad – iTee and iDress to impress

There’s nothing ridiculous about iClothing’s iTee or iDress. I mean, this is the iPad we are talking about, a magical item whose name has rightly been tarnished by feminine hygiene jokes. The Aussies are stuffing the iPad down under, so why not stuff the big ol’ iPod touch in an almost-cute one piece, or an almost-cool tee-shirt?

You can get your very own iPad-tailored tee-shirt for 44.95$, but be advised that only S and XS sizes are available. The iDress? It’s sold out, but can be revived with a kinky email to iClothing with the tag: “I WANT AN iDress!”

Check out more at iClothing

Russian iPad debut …sorta

the Russian iPad is MUCH thinner than the current iPad

Our Russian contingent, ChiffaN, has been crying since the first international iPad announcement. I can only commiserate with him because South Korea will also be out of the loop till its anti-competitive clauses concede some face to their greedy customer base.

Anyways, the Russian iPad, a truly magical revolutionary product is out. It measures like 3 mm, carries and endless charge, and works great with Apple mice unlike the American iPad.

The Russian iPad folks, is the iMousePad.

Thanks Yanko Design

The iPad shuffle

I do wish I could lay claim to this post’s genius title. That would of course be unfair to the real genius, Engadget reader, RogueGenius, who may become the walking iPad’s marketing supervisor. I’m sure that roboticist/maker Kazu Terasaki, would be happy to have his iPad in Rogue’s capable hands.

Thanks Engadget.