iTête à iTête – Building from the ground up is the answer! – An interview with Alexandre Leboucher of Agharta Studio


In the iDevice development community, ground-up production of high-profile games is still quite unusual. Well, joining me today is Alexandre Leboucher who feels very strongly that this is the ONLY way forward. And it may be worth taking his words seriously since he and his small team form Agharta Studio – the creators of the recent turn-based strategy blockbuster, Rogue Planet.

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iTête à iTête – Heroes of iPhone and iPod Touch – An interview with Eugene and Andrey of the Palm Heroes Team


When I reviewed Palm Heroes in August, it was one of the best games on the iPhone and things haven’t changed since. Nevertheless, the developers continue updating it with better and better controls, graphics, new maps and much much more in the works. Following the 1.1 update that brought into life a completely rebuilt interface, the Palm Heroes team are working to hard to get version 1.2 to the App Store in the next couple of weeks. The list of updates shows the enormous amount of work they are continuing to put into the game:

  • better response to fingers. “quick tapping lag” solved!
  • manual zoom on “pinch in”
  • autoscroll in autozoom can be turned off now
  • Czech language support
  • minimap is scrollable now
  • new “hero” button when infobar is open
  • buttons “switch hero” and “menu” exchanged places for more convenient control
  • better description of controls in the help section
  • more maps to play

And today, Eugene and Andrei of the Palm Heroes Team have agreed to join me and talk about their experience of developing such a complex product for the iPhone, as well as to share some thoughts on the future of both their products and the iPhone in general. My questions are still in bold.

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iTête à iTête – Adventure Games, The iPhone and Everything – An interview with Emmanuel Zaza of Tetraedge Games


Following our recent scoops on the upcoming releases from Tetraedge Games, as well as the excellent review of Secrets of the Mysterious Island by my esteemed colleague shigzeo, I was able to secure an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Zaza – one of the founders of the company and the project manager of the Return to Mysterious Island and Secrets of the Mysterious Island games. More after the gap!

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Interview with Artist Jorge Colombo

Magazine: The New Yorker's cover was painted with Brushes

Magazine: The New Yorker's cover was painted with Brushes

Not everything at the App Store is a game – the market may be overwhelmingly action-oriented, but there are those who carve  unique niches using the iPhone’s hardware to create new markets. Steve Sprang, author of Brushes, is one those. He commandeered the iPhone’s touch screen to create what artist Jorge Colombo has proven with his unique iPhone paintings to be a perfectly functional and portable canvass. Mr. Colombo’s iSketch series is painted on-location around New York and is gaining momentum as both a newly recognised sub-genre of painting and as an innovative use of technology in art. He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions and supply insight into both the static and dynamic nature of art ad the artist.

Steve Sprang, Brushes, 4.99$, 1.9MB

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Interview with Gamevil’s Eusoon Han of Global Marketing


Yes, it really is that green. Thanks guys!

Gamevil, a virtual mogul in the Korean mobile gaming arena, service three Korean carriers and boast an award-winning library with over 50 games. Yet, despite their size and influence, the software company is at heart, a group of friends. They geek out at lunch with PS3 tourneys of Winning Eleven, strategise over Crispy Creme at work, and at the end of the day, enjoy pints at the pub. It’s no wonder Gamevil could carry off the successful introduction of two high-profile games: Zenonia and Baseball Superstars 2009 and so quickly establish firm grounding on the iPhone’s turf. Despite the near gobsmacking success, I was quickly assured that the best is yet to come.

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Ow My Balls! – Erupts onto the iTunes Market Place + 5 Promo Codes!


A couple of weeks ago we gave you the lowdown on the withdraw of Ow My Balls! from the iTunes market place by its developer Jetson Creative. We promised you then, we’d keep you informed of future developments. That magnificent day has arrived. Ow My Balls! has resurfaced at the app store and I set down (through e-mails) with head of development Josh Michaels to bring you all the juicy details.

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Interview with StormBASIC – 7 Days Apocalypse

7days-shot-2TMA’s Candy L recently interviewed Antonio of StormBASIC for his brand new game, 7 Days Apocalypse. Candy is a big fan of B-movies & Resident Evil,  so she was excited to speak with Antonio about the impressive and action packed  Zombie game.

Antonio, as the developer for StormBASIC, 7 Days Apocalypse is one of the first 3D game of its kind of the iPhone. The controls remind me of iDracula and the story has a very Resident Evil feel to it. What are your biggest influences in writing the story for the game?

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Giggles with iJiggles: Interview with Tod Baudais

picture-20Since the grave matter between Wobble and iJiggles is already a touchy subject, I thought that listening to Paul Oakenfold’s Bunkka and Eminem’s The Marshal Mather’s LP whilst typing an intro to a little review we had recently with Mr. Jiggles himself would do no harm.  While we have not done a formal review of either Wobble or iJiggles, we have played with both and the verdict really is this:  if all you want is breasts, then Wobble is the choicest of choices but if you want to have fun with other non-genital-ish body parts, then iJiggles is your best bet.

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Interview with 7 Cities Dev

A treasure ... book?

Ayngaran Vamatheva, the developer responsible for what is arguably the best Tower Defense game at the App Store in 7 Cities,  took some time away from his busy schedule and answered some questions we had about the game, Neptune Entertainment and seamonsters.

Neptune is now the furthest planet from the Sun in our solar system: What sort of symbolism were you going for in choosing your company name?

Neptune is the God of Sea in Roman mythology, and equivalent to Poseidon from Greek mythology. He is truly underrepresented in the Pantheon in both mythologies, and he has a pretty cool weapon, the Trident. He represents a power that is unknown to most so those were the reasons.

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zerogate interview: The Father and Son of MeterRead

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

On 11 January, 2009, TouchMyApps got an exclusive sneak peak at the great new features of zerogate’s iPhone/iPod Touch App: MeterRead. On the same day and just 22 hours or so later, we got to speak a spoonful with the  wise, humorous and sassy father/son duo who make MeterRead. It is long, sometimes convoluted and extremely biased, but I think you will find this team to be witty, clever and ready to storm the app store with more unique ideas.


Black and beautiful: Shigzeo of TMA
Blue – Father (Leonard G. Barton)
Red – Son (Mark E. Barton)

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