Future Racer Hands’ On Preview – Back to the Future?


Race fans, you have another dimension to explore if you want speed: The Future. Actually, I am not quite sure that the Future qualifies as a new dimension, but Assyria Game Studio‘s new title certainly qualifies as an interesting take on future racers. In the tradition of F-Zero, it is sci-fi esque, fast, and streamlined; but it also follows the 3D style of more modern racers like any of the myriad Star Wars Pod Racer clones. As in all racers, your basic mission is to beat each level with the best time and best placement: two details which require some leg-work. Strap in folksies, we is goin’ for a ride.

Got this from Assyria Games Studio’s Facebook page: Future Racer will be only 99 cents!

Assyria Game Studio, Future Racer, 0.99$, 55.4 MB
Future Racer

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Artificial Life and Red Bull Racing – Official F1 Racing game for the iDevice


For adrenaline fans, today is a loaded day. Not only have Assyria Game Studio announced Future Racer, but Artificial Life unveiled their partnership with Red Bull in creation of an official F1 game for the iDevice which comes with a 2-year exclusive-partnership. Nerds who read TMA are likely sucking down the last of their Red Bull now as the morning clock dips toward half-four, but Red Bull are obviously serious about keeping other things up, like speedometres and heart rates. Look for this game in the latter part of 2009 and for further details below:

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Future Racer to rip into App Store from Indie Developer Assyria Game Studio


Well, I personally cannot get enough of racing games. Assyria Game Studio‘s first foray into App Store gaming is Future Racer, a game which I dropped in order to write this bit. Part F-Zero, part Star Wars Pod racing, it is a fast and furious hover racing simulation with a graphics engine which pushes the iDevice. The best part though, is that Assyria Game Studio didn’t skimp on music. Techno, trippy, and well-matched to the game’s speed, there may be no need for iTunes playback at all!

We also have a hands-on preview of Future Racer.

For more screenies and Press Literature, hop the gap.

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Waterslide Extreme – good clean (FREE) fun


Like stolen beer, free apps leave a light and refreshing taste in the mouth. Waterslide Extreme slipped (stifled laugh) into the App Store just yesterday and I reckon that a few of you missed it. Well, I am here like an alarm clock in your skull, noisily clamouring, ‘wake up and download this app!’ till my message punches through your forehead. Well, do it! Waterslide is developer Dare Digital’s first explosion onto the iTunes scene and is worth more than many 2 or 3$ games.

Dare Digital, Waterslide Extreme, 0.00$, 9.9 MB
Waterslide Extreme

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DrawRace in Review – A Straight Line to Victory


What is it that made Firemint’s Flight Control so popular? When it first appeared in the App Store, it had only one map and no online scores, yet it sold like wildfire. It was the fresh concept that drew the attention of the masses, being a new variation of the time management game.

But this review isn’t about Flight Control, as there already is one on the site for that. This review is about a new game; one that’s also spreading rapidly for it’s new concept. From first glance, RedLynx’s DrawRace looks like it has a similar concept with line drawing gameplay, but it’s definitely not a time management game. I myself never became a fan of Flight Control, but DrawRace brought plenty of fun.

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iPhone 3GS: 6.7x the speed of the 3G – なんとiPhone 3Gより6.7倍も早い!


In light of recent news, it is only fitting that another hardcore app, Firemint seamy, unapproved racer is barred from the App Store. Like Allen Leung’s Hottest Girls which should return armed with beefier bikinis and fewer nipple shots, Firemint have a hard-core version of their racer that likely won’t fit Apple’s stringent approval system.

The skinny? The ‘tech demo’ as it is dubbed, features more rubber, more steam and a greater affinity for crashes and dangerous situations – it is simply that hard-core. (video after the jump)

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TaxiDrive in Review – Hail that Cab!


For those of you who have never experienced riding in a New York City taxi cab, let me tell you. Its like riding on a roller coaster! It’s a wild and wacky adventure where you’re sitting in the back of the cab holding on for dear life as your driver maneuvers in and out of traffic coming ever so close to clipping everything and anything in sight. Get the heck out of the way there Mr. Hot Dog vendor! In TaxiDriver New York, you are the driver and your goal is to pick up your passengers and deliver them to their destination of choice while doing it safely so you can collect your fares.

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Firemint Real Racing – Rolls Up to the Startline…


Race fans haven’t long to wait for another exciting tyre-burner. Firemint Real Racing has just been submitted to Apple for approval and considering the dosh that rides on the wheels of racing apps, expect Apple to move quickly. This racer isn’t another Need for Speed clone – you will take the role of a championship racer at the head or tail of a bunch of other professionals. Great graphics, tight cornering and my favourite: cockpit view are all included. But don’t take my word for it, take a gander at the video!

Keep an eye out at the App Store for Real Racing as well as other great apps from Firemint.

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Need For Speed Undercover in Review – Living the Life of a Criminal with a Badge

Having my life’s story turned into a Major Motion Picture Franchise about the world of street racing, that series being The Fast & The Furious, and having aspects of my life played by both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, gives me greater insight into how a racing experience should feel when its brought to the small screen of your iDevice.

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