ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month – Good deeds shall not go unpunished by a $10 iTunes Gift Card

Here at TouchMyApps we are committed to not only bring the latest and best news, reviews tips and tricks on all things iPhone and iPod Touch, but also to build a community of likewise minded people. To this extent we will soon put into place the TMA forums.

Meanwhile, we also very much appreciate your comments on our work, that can be left using the easy-to-use “comments” feature available at the bottom of each of our article pages – whether it’s news, reviews, best-of or any other. And one such recent comments made me decide that we should show our appreciation in a more monetary way.

To this extent I announce that starting this moment I am initiating my own ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest. Each month I am going to select the best comment on one of MY pieces and reward it with a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Yes, I HAVE gone bonkers, cause I’m spending quite a substantial part of my own paycheque on it (unfortunately writing DOESN’T pay – at least until you readers make us one the top sites out there). Anyway, I must point out that I will pay special attention to the comments to my column pieces (The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants), though comments to my news and reviews may be rewarded as well if they will be found worthy.

The winner and inspirer of the contest for December 2009 can be found after the gap as well as a recap of the rules.

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TMA Springboard Favourites: Games

TMA has a pretty gnarly selection of editors and contributors from around the globe. And in the spirit of giving and taking, we would like to share our favourite App Store games with you. Strap on your safety belts and get your pens in order because this article is about to shed light on the darkest of our gaming secrets.

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PetitionAppleCompetition – Let’s fix the iPhone


Tonnes of pre-launch skepticism was ineffectual in condemning the iPhone to an early grave. And two and a half years later, no amount of individual scorn will unearth Apple’s staunch defence of its core apps. Both legitimate and illegitimate devs feel the sting of Apple’s “duplicate functionality” clause which refuses alternatives such to Safari, Mail, etc.. So while there is no dearth of silly one-line apps, Apple’s crash-prone web-browser and the horribly stilted Mail app stand alone on the platform, providing users with strapped-down versions of their desktop partners which boast less-than-stellar performance and feature sets. Apple’s stringent insistence that core apps shalt have no rival eschews the iDevice horribly. So, while on the one hand, the iDevice enjoys a 53% online market share [TechCrunch], it does so at the expense of its own functionality.

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ChiffaN’s Rants – The secret of success in the App Store!


There’s no doubt, the App Store is a revolutionary software distribution method. Companies that laughed at its 2008 launch are now trying desperately to replicate the same model. But, with more than 100 000 apps in the store now and forecasted to exceed 300 000 by the end of 2010, it’s almost impossible to find the specific app you’re looking for. And it’s even more difficult to find a decent one!

There is no denying that the success stories are attracting more and more developers to the iDevice platform. The distribution model with Apple providing the centralized store for a mere $100 yearly developer license fee and a 30% cut of the sales is ideal for indie developers who have been waiting for the big bucks. Unfortunately it appears the App Store often favors “silly” apps and has often been chided for its inconsistent approval methods. Meanwhile the big boys (like Gameloft or Chillingo) don’t seem to have any problems rolling out big titles and making money. What’s the secret? Read on and find out!

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ChiffaN’s Rants – Advertisments in paid apps – a new trend in combating piracy or an outrageous money-hogging scam?

chiffans-rants-ads-in-paid-games, the developer of the new game iTankster, have shocked the iDevice community by being the first company to place advertisements inside a paid app (which you can see above). argue that it is due to “our discovery of rampant piracy during the development process”. But is in-game advertising really a way out?

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OS 3.0 – A Glimpse Through Apple’s Recent History (or why we should not have to pay for iPhone updates)

news-os30-03Just hours ago, iPhone OS 3.0 was unleashed onto the App Store with prices starting at USD 9.99$. Packed with many great ‘new’ features, the software is bound to stay a top download until current Touch and iPhone users have finished the update cycle or upgraded to newer hardware. Spotlight, cut/copy/paste, landscape editing, bluetooth, MMS, voice memo, iTunes account managing/redeeming, etc. – all are great reasons to update to a new point release, however, Apple have only really taken the blinders from the platform rather than added anything to our beloved devices.

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iPhone App Bugs – Questioning the Validity of Issue-prone Software

2009-05-13-iphonebugsPrior to OS 2.0 and the App Store’s inauguration, optimists crowded the iPhone scene with conjecture that the new software would bring not only the iPhone but its users truly into a deserved limelight. Well, nearly a year later, there are tens of thousands of apps and millions of happy iPhone and iPod Touch users; the iPhone platform is hotter and the iPod Touch funner than ever.

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