S. Korea supreme court ruling – Cyber money from online games to burst in offline world

Gaming internet cafes litter every block of Seoul and gamers litter the populace. Kids, teens, grannies – each could handily beat me at any of the following: Tetris, WOW, Pong, and maybe even Epyx’s amazing shooter, Electrocop, though that one isn’t really multiplayer. Well, now the gaming nation has one more reason to keep its thumbs in  good shape: the Korean Supreme Court has ruled that online items gotted from online gaming can legally be bartered for cold hard cash.

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (January 2010) – Yes, it’s that time of the month again when I’m giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card!

Hey there, TMA fans! It’s the end of January and you know what this means? This means it’s time to announce the winner of ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest! Boy, how time flies! It seems only yesterday I sent out the Gift Card for the first contest.

This has been quite a thrilling month for all of us. With such major titles arriving on the store like GTA Chinatown Wars and Broken Sword Director’s Cut the Apple iPad went almost unnoticed. Yeah, right! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to save up already!

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to announce the winner of my one-and-only Comment of the Month contest for January 2010 and reward him with a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

The winner of the contest and a recap of the rules after the gap. And remember – TMA is the only place where you are rewarded for being honest and forthright.

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Apple iPad – Coming for the lost

The development community have wrapped 140 000 apps under their collective belt; Apple have seen 3 billion apps downloaded from the App store; and the hitherto iconic iPod is fading into Apple’s focal background even as it surpasses an impressive number of its own: 250 million units sold. Steve Jobs and Apple haven’t made any promises – the iPad isn’t even at market yet. But it has pulled at myriad heartstrings: it has grabbed the spotlight. But why is it important and is it worthwhile to buy, and if so, who will benefit from it?

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The JBnator Diaries – iPhone OS 3.1.2 Vs OS 3.2 for the iPad – a breakdown of new features

This week’s JBnator column will be a bit different. With all of the hype around the iPad I just couldn’t ignore ite. While a lot of rave has been going around the web about the new hardware and apps for the unveiled iPad, many people forget that it is also running a new version of the iPhone OS. And while the 3.2 version is iPad only it would a safe guess that at least some of the features available on the iPad will find their way into the next iPhone and iPod Touch-friendly version of the OS as well. So let’s see what new stuff Apple have put in there and discuss whether we’ll see it on the iPhone.

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The iPad and eBook Piracy – Ghost reads?

With speculation that Apple’s new device will be aimed squarely at eBook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, it may be high time to postulate its role as a modern conduit for the hoisting of eBook pirate’s flags. Not that pirates will directly use the iWhatever for straightforward stealing – though that’s hardly a far stretch – its almost certain popularity may manoeuvre into position as a pirate-pleasuring-platform.

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App Store Boner: Apple’s arbitrary ousting of AppVault

Ray Wenderlich, author of AppVault and special developer contributor at TouchMyApps has been struck by some bad luck decisions lately. Unfortunately, none of them are his. AppVault is one of a few premium apps which does its job extremely well. But that may have been the problem. Two nights ago, AppVault was removed from the App Store at the request of one of Ray’s competitors, ALLABOUTAPPS, on the grounds that AppVault is “too similar and infringed on their copyright” in AppBox. Ray rightly points out on his blog AppVault, that according to US copyright law, ideas cannot be copied. And according to Ray, AppVault has a superior feature set to AppBox.

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App Store Boner – Cancer sells: a story by Prof McMurphy and ZENESSA

ZENESSA are right when they say: “McMurphy’s Subliminal App for Cancer Patients can’t replace the appropriate treatment”. And they are right when quite positively, they postulate: “By controlling your thoughts, you CAN change your life”. But in titling their latest app Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy (SACPPM), they may have overstepped their already obnoxiously low morals. SACPPM is a stitch job of text fields, a few recorded encouragements and some retina reruns; it stands on the same technology as the other Subliminal ZENESSA apps which tackle various mental issues such as the fear of flying to trying to keep it up (YKWIM). And, in drawing attention to the word subliminal, ZANESSA are playing a somewhat open hand. But that open hand is a dangerous precedent especially at the volatile App Store. ZENESSA have turned cancer into a mental issue.

Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy ZENESSA, Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy – $2.99

More after the gap:

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Contest: Tell ChiffaN and TMA the truth to win a $15 iTunes giftcard! (Closed)

Hey there, TMA fans! I’m in a good and generous mood today following my birthday celebration over the weekend! And to share this mood with all of you dear readers, I’m going to give out a $15 US Gift Card. But you are going to have work for it. Well, a little bit.

I’ve been with TMA for a just about 5 months now and hope you’ve been enjoying my work. And I’m commited to making it even better. So in this regard, one of the things I’m going to expect from you is to leave a comment on this post describing what you like at TMA… AND what you feel we could build on. Feel free to be frank in relating TMA’s cons in relation to other iDevice websites. I want to point out that the latter part is an ABSOLUTE must.

The other thing I would like – is that  you spread the word about this contest as far and wide as possible using the best time sucker available now – Twitter.

A complete recap of the rules and the Twitter message to tweet following after the gap.

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iDevice crime on the rise – iPhone seen Breaking Jail

So, after the Mobistar fiasco, it is clear that the iPhone ain’t just another phone. From Tokyo to Toledo, it’s in high demand and draws a load of envy from have-nots. I fit into the latter group, but unlike the 3 men from L.A. who committed 28 aught crimes against Apple Store customers, my dearth shouldn’t cause worse mischief than random petty theft.

I am actually prey to other deterrents: smashingly beautiful smartphones, and superphones too.

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forChan – Apple-approved porn for the new year

Cute puppies, eh? That is what the world will be saying in defence of  forChan, the new app which has a little more under the bonnet than a few cuddly wan-chans. iHustleApps little app is stealth porn; it has made it well under Apple’s surface-to-unfair missile radar and was approved in under 12 hours. But forChan is more than just another break, it is a breakthrough in the world of iDevice porn.

forChan iHustleApps, forChan – $0.99 RIP

Sad news prawnies – Apple have pulled forChan from the App Store. Safari next?

pics and more after the gappy:

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