TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day (Closed)

Welcome to Day 1 of our Forums launch giveaway! As you may have already read from our main announcement post, we’ll be featuring different daily prizes for the next 2 weeks. Today, we have some great games for the taking, courtesy of Electronic Arts and TAITO Corporation.  Didn’t get a chance to pick up one of the best racers in Need for Speed SHIFT or the splendid Space Invaders Infinity Gene yet? Well, here’s your chance to win ’em, along with the other popular titles. How? Complete entry details after the break!

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TouchMyApps Forums now open. Register, be part of the community and win daily giveaways!

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow app touchers and TMA readers, we’re proud to finally announce the official launch of the TouchMyApps forums. As we had mentioned previously, after hearing your feedback on numerous occasions and the subsequent brainstorming sessions on ways to improve the site, we felt that it was a great time to take the plunge. The forums will give our readers a home to discuss all things iPhone, iPod Touch and soon to be released iPad, as well as help build upon the TMA community. Some of you may already be seasoned forum vets, or perhaps you’ve never even been part of one. Regardless, we invite all to sign up and participate in the latest (and greatest) addition to our site. More info after the gap!

TMA Forums Giveaway O’ the Day: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (10 Copies)

iSkin Giveaway O’ the Day: CERULEAN X1 Earphones

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TouchMyApps Forums set to launch. Get ready for more giveaways

Over the past 2 months, there was an increasing number of TMA readers who felt that it was time for to have its own Forums – a place where app lovers can come together and discuss all things iPhone, iPod and now the iPad (among other things). Well, we couldn’t agree more and it is indeed time. After having spent considerable time consulting with the App Fairy and TMA staff, we’re proud to announce that the TouchMyApps Forums will go live on Feb 1st, 2010. To celebrate the occasion, there will be plenty of daily prizes to be won, including an iPod Touch 2G, iTunes Gift Certificates and a bundle of apps and games from a number of generous Developers and Publishers. For the most part, we will have about 5 codes for each title to hand out, so there should be loads to go around.

Rules for winning the different prizes may differ slightly, but they all involve signing up to our forums and making use of the discussion boards. Since we’ll be featuring different apps/prizes to be given away everyday for the next two weeks, be sure to come back often for the freebies and continue to support us. We’re all extremely excited about the launch and we strongly feel that the forums will be great tool to help bring the TMA community together and make it a better place. In the meantime, have a look at the apps/games we have lined up for you and be sure to show these awesome devs some love by supporting their work. See you on Monday and stay tuned for more details!

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month (January 2010) – Yes, it’s that time of the month again when I’m giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card!

Hey there, TMA fans! It’s the end of January and you know what this means? This means it’s time to announce the winner of ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest! Boy, how time flies! It seems only yesterday I sent out the Gift Card for the first contest.

This has been quite a thrilling month for all of us. With such major titles arriving on the store like GTA Chinatown Wars and Broken Sword Director’s Cut the Apple iPad went almost unnoticed. Yeah, right! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to save up already!

But enough chit-chat! It’s time to announce the winner of my one-and-only Comment of the Month contest for January 2010 and reward him with a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

The winner of the contest and a recap of the rules after the gap. And remember – TMA is the only place where you are rewarded for being honest and forthright.

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Win a $10 iTunes Gift Card + Promo codes for Star Walk

TouchMyApps is giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card and 3 promo codes for the iDevice app Star Walk – 5 stars Astronomy Guide, courtesy of Vito Technology. Star Walk was selected by Apple in their annual “Best Apps of 2009” and it truly is a wonderful and fully featured app for stargazing enthusiasts.

Make Star Walk your virtual astronomy guide and take advantage of the great interface! For anyone who is interested in stargazing, amateurs or more professional astronomers to discover all stars, planets, constellation! …Use the Star Spotter function to activate the DIGITAL COMPASS on 3GS only, find your orientation and you will see the sky in front of you in real-time. You can pan the iPhone’s display and watch the stars scroll around.

For those of you who have a 3GS, being able to “see” the stars on your screen in real time as you move about is simply awesome. So, if astronomy is a hobby and/or winning an iTunes GC is your thing, don’t pass up on this giveaway! Contest details after the break!

Star Walk - 5 stars astronomy guide Vito Technology Inc., Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide – $2.99

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Contest: Tell ChiffaN and TMA the truth to win a $15 iTunes giftcard! (Closed)

Hey there, TMA fans! I’m in a good and generous mood today following my birthday celebration over the weekend! And to share this mood with all of you dear readers, I’m going to give out a $15 US Gift Card. But you are going to have work for it. Well, a little bit.

I’ve been with TMA for a just about 5 months now and hope you’ve been enjoying my work. And I’m commited to making it even better. So in this regard, one of the things I’m going to expect from you is to leave a comment on this post describing what you like at TMA… AND what you feel we could build on. Feel free to be frank in relating TMA’s cons in relation to other iDevice websites. I want to point out that the latter part is an ABSOLUTE must.

The other thing I would like – is that  you spread the word about this contest as far and wide as possible using the best time sucker available now – Twitter.

A complete recap of the rules and the Twitter message to tweet following after the gap.

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ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month – Good deeds shall not go unpunished by a $10 iTunes Gift Card

Here at TouchMyApps we are committed to not only bring the latest and best news, reviews tips and tricks on all things iPhone and iPod Touch, but also to build a community of likewise minded people. To this extent we will soon put into place the TMA forums.

Meanwhile, we also very much appreciate your comments on our work, that can be left using the easy-to-use “comments” feature available at the bottom of each of our article pages – whether it’s news, reviews, best-of or any other. And one such recent comments made me decide that we should show our appreciation in a more monetary way.

To this extent I announce that starting this moment I am initiating my own ChiffaN’s Comment of the Month contest. Each month I am going to select the best comment on one of MY pieces and reward it with a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Yes, I HAVE gone bonkers, cause I’m spending quite a substantial part of my own paycheque on it (unfortunately writing DOESN’T pay – at least until you readers make us one the top sites out there). Anyway, I must point out that I will pay special attention to the comments to my column pieces (The JBnator Diaries, iTête à iTête, ChiffaN’s Rants), though comments to my news and reviews may be rewarded as well if they will be found worthy.

The winner and inspirer of the contest for December 2009 can be found after the gap as well as a recap of the rules.

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TMA Redeem Hunt Giveaway: Geocaching + iTunes Gift Cards! (Closed)

review-geocaching-sattTouchMyApps is giving away 3 copies of Geocaching ($9.99), arguably the best geocaching app for the iDevice, AND 2x $10 iTunes gift cards via our very first “TMA Redeem Hunt”. If you’re unfamiliar with this popular ‘hide and seek’ like game involving “treasures”, describes it as:

…a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

Departing from our usual giveaways where you simply leave comments and/or send Tweets to enter, our Redeem Hunt will require a bit more work. Following in the footsteps of Geocaching, we’ll be giving you “locations” on TMA, where “hidden” links will take you directly to the App Store to redeem the app and/or iTunes gift card! Interested? Well, you better check the full instructions within and get crackin’ before someone else beats you to your treasure!

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Promo Code + iTunes Gift Card giveaway Alert!


Update: Our Redeem Hunt is now LIVE!

For all you TMA readers who have enjoyed winning apps and iTunes gift cards via our many past giveaways, this should be right up your alley. In the very near future (hint: next 48 hours), we will be introducing our very first “TMA Redeem Hunt” contest, where “hidden” links placed in pre-selected posts will take you directly to the App Store to redeem the contest App as well as iTunes GCs. Winning of course will require a timely start, a quick clickity finger and lots of luck (finding the right post before someone else). As well, to make it a bit more fair and ensure you won’t be late to the event, we’ll be announcing the ETA (aka start time) of the Redeem Hunt giveaway via Twitter. You are following us right? See you on the other side! Arrrrgh!

Xewton Music Studio Promo Code Giveaway (bonanza)! – Closed

xewton-music-studio-review3TouchMyApps is giving away 20 copies (thats right, 20!) of Xewton Music Studio ($19.99), a truly amazing music production app that is essentially a miniature Garage Band on the iPhone/iPod Touch. For those who’ve missed our review, here’s what Matthew had to say:

Xewton Music Studio is a fine example of an application that works well on the iDevice thanks to its intuitive touchscreen. Everything perfectly executed, it’s the epitome/prime example of the possibilities on the App Store. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1,000 times: if you’re a striving musician/music composer or just an average Joe who just wants to show off the capabilities of the iDevice, the you can’t go wrong with XMS.

Xewton has also just been updated with several improvements, including the very handy MIDI Import feature. With 20 promo codes for us to hand out, your chances of scoring one is quite sweet indeed. Contest rules can be found after the break. Good Luck, my aspiring musician friend!

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