GeoRing Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of GeoRing (TMA Review), an iPhone app that lets you easily turn your favorite songs into ringtones – all this without the need of constantly syncing newly made ringtones back and forth via iTunes. Simply choose the songs from your iTunes library from within the app, then select where in the song you’d like your ringtone to start and off you go. If you have an iPhone 4 or 3GS (does not work on iPhone 3G) and would like to create ringtones with ease, check out the full contest details below to enter!

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Spring Travel Navigation Giveaway from NAVIGON

Here’s a contest that might interest those of you care to turn their iPhones into a full-blown GPS unit. NAVIGON, makers of the best selling MobileNavigator GPS apps (our review) for the iDevice, is giving away 10 ultimate travel packages that consists of a MobileNavigator app of your choice (any region/country), as well as a brand new iPhone Design Car Kit (valued at $49.95US). The kit contains a car mount for the iPhone 4, a designer suction pad holder and a car charger.

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TMA iBallz Originals Giveaway!

Recently I reviewed some great iPad accessories by Friendly Integration LLC. The first was their unique signature iBallz Originals, followed by their iBallz Lid and Hard Case offerings. I thought the products were innovative and definitely filled a need. In fact I love them so much that I am giving away a free set of iBallz to one of our lucky readers! Full contest details on how to enter after the break!

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Momento (Diary/Journal) Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of Momento, a fantastic and great looking diary app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. While there are plenty of journal type apps on the App Store, Momento is easily my favorite thanks to the array of features and its gorgeous interface. Not only that, Momento is able to build a picture of what you were doing and sharing online by importing feeds from web services like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more.

Actually, I was never one to keep a diary, until my Anniversary last October that is. My wife had asked me (quizzed me more like) what we had done the previous year. For whatever reason, I drew a blank and couldn’t for the life of me remember where we celebrated. Let’s just say that didn’t go over too well with her. Thanks to Momento however, I’ve made it a habit of jotting down “moments”, along with tagging/rating them in hopes that when I get older, I’ll look back at the app and say “yeah, totally forgot about that!”. So if you’re like me and want to start a diary of sorts for the New Year, see how you can enter to win this awesome app after the gap.

Momento (Diary/Journal) d3i Ltd, Momento (Diary/Journal), 10.2 MB – $2.99

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Star Walk and Solar Walk (Christmas Edition) Promo Code Giveaway!

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model App

TouchMyApps is giving away 3 copies each of Vito Technology’s Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide (iPhone/iPod Touch), Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guideand Solar Walk – 3D solar system model (universal app). All 3 were recently updated and received new features, include Santa mode (that’s right, spot St. Nick in the sky), Airprint and more. For those you into astronomy, Star Walk is arguably the best stargazing app on the App Store:

Star Walk is your personal planetarium that can answer all of your curiosities about the sky! For anyone who is interested in stargazing, amateurs or professionals Star Walk makes discovering more than 9,000 stars, planets, constellations, and messier objects as beautiful and easy as it has never been before!

And if you wish to explore the vast Universe and see the different planets in 3D models, Solar Walk is a great choice for both the iPhone and iPad:

Let’s find out more about our neighboring planets in the Universe, play around with them determining the speed of circulation, time, choosing a particular planet to become the center of the Universe, seeing the moons of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. The 3D model in the Solar Walk app is the exact reproduction of the real solar system.

Whether you’re an aspiring astronomer or not, the Star Walk and Solar Walk apps are a great learning tool, not to mention cool apps to show off to your friends and family. Be sure to check out the complete contest details after the break!

Star Walk for iPad - interactive astronomy guide Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guide – $4.99
Star Walk - 5 stars astronomy guide Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide – $2.99
Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model Solar Walk – 3D Solar System model – $2.99

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AVPlayer Promo Code Giveaway [Closed]

TouchMyApps is giving away 7 copies of EPLAYWORKS’ AVPlayer, a robust iDevice app that plays just about any video format out there and it does so without the need to convert any of the files beforehand. And unlike VLC Media Player, AVPlayer is a much more fully featured video player, and it includes functions for folder management with password protection, playback gestures, audio playback and more. ChiffaN reviewed the app recently and found it to be as a good a choice as any at the moment on the App Store for watching movies and other video files on the iPhone.

If you have one of the later iDevices (no support for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G unfortunately) and feel that apps like VLC don’t offer enough features for your video needs, be sure to check out the full contest details on how to enter after the gap!

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Destination: Treasure Island Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

TouchMyApps is giving away 1 of 3 copies of the recently released first person adventure game Destination: Treasure Island for the iPad ($9.99). Developed by Coladia (see their first App Store release in Secrets of the Lost Cave), Destination is a faithful port of the excellent game on PC from a few years back. For those of you not familiar, here’s the basic premise:

Four years have passed since the end of the adventure recounted in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel. Jim Hawkins has become an upstanding adventurous young man, attentive to those around him. Imagine his surprise when, one morning, he sees a parrot enter his bedroom window : none other than Captain Flint, Long John’s own companion. The bird brings him a message from his master. In the message the old pirate announces that he has buried a marvelous treasure on the secret isle where he retired : Emerald Island. Jim is going to have to hurry though. Pirates, old enemies of Long John, are on his trail.

If you’re a fan of adventuring gaming on the iPad, this is one giveaway not to be missed! Check out the full contest details on to win 1 of 3 codes after the cut.

Destination: Treasure Island Coladia, Destination: Treasure Island, 599 MB – $9.99

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Gameprom’s Pinball Games Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 5

TouchMyApps is giving away various copies of OOO Gameprom’s bestselling Pinball games for the iDevice. For those of you who are fans of pinball, there’s a very good chance that you’ve already come across their Pinball series on the App Store – they’re arguably some of the best for the iPhone and iPad, with great graphics and well designed tables. The Pinball games up for grabs include:

Since Pinball HD for the iPhone and iPad already includes all three tables (Jungle, Wild West and The Deep), the 3 standalone games will be bundled up as 1 prize for our winners. Want in on some awesome pinball action? Full contest details on how to enter after the break!

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Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition Giveaway – Win an iPad and 1 of 10 copies

iPad Screenshot 1

Released just a little over a week ago, Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition app was not only well received by iPad users, but it was also chosen as iTunes’ “App of the Week” upon launch. For those of you who are not familiar with developer PadWorx Digital Media’s first foray into the App Store, Dracula for the iPad puts a new spin on the classic novel by Bram Stoker. The interactive app is likely one of the most unique ebooks you’ll come across on your iPad. Users can drag a lantern around the screen to read certain journal entries and “blow” leaves off the tombstones to reveal writing beneath, among other neat interactions.

And now with Halloween just around the corner, PadWorx is also running a contest, where an iPad and 10 copies of Dracula are up for grabs. You don’t even have to purchase the app to enter! Check out the simple instructions for your chance to win after the gap.

Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition PadWorx, Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition, 542 MB – $4.99

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Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere! Promo Code Giveaway (Closed)

iPad Screenshot 1

TouchMyApps is giving away 3 copies of Air Video, arguably one of the best apps around for streaming movies and videos from a computer (Mac or PC) to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. No longer will you have to worry about the limited storage space on your iDevice. With Air Video, you can stream and watch your favorite movies and TV shows via Wifi or 3G (done with live conversion). And if you wish to watch it at a later time, the app can also convert the the file into a format that’s compatible with the iPhone/iPad.

Air Video is one of the apps I use most on my iPad. It makes the entire process of watching my flicks and shows a breeze – no more worrying about first converting, then uploading to device. The app also comes as a Free download, though this version only allows for a limited number of files per folder. So if you have your share of video files that need streaming, see how you can enter after the break!

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