Three for Free: Fruity Jelly, The Sims Medieval and SHIFT 2 Unleashed

Like yesterday’s Apps Gone Free, these three freebies shouldn’t be missed, especially the 2 EA offerings.

Fruity Jelly Fruity Jelly  – Another Bulkypix game to go free (Anooki Jump being the other), Fruit Jelly is a solid physics puzzle game that has you rotating levels and moving Fruity to meet each stage’s objectives. The game offers cute (retina) graphics, 40 levels, 2 game modes and being a universal app, you can play it on both your iPhone or iPad.

The Sims™ Medieval The Sims Medieval  – The latest installment in the Sims universal, The Sims Medieval goes old-school, taking you back in time to castles, kings, jesters and knights. If you’ve played other Sim games on iOS, like The Sims 3 World Adventures, you’ll know what to expect, though personally, The Sims Medieval is my favorite of the bunch.

SHIFT 2 Unleashed SHIFT 2 Unleashed – Free for the first time ever, Shift 2 Unleashed is EA’s best looking racer, featuring a career mode with over 40 events and 40 cars. Local mutiplayer on WiFi or bluetooth lets you take on friends head-to-head. And with the most recent update, you can even connect to your big screen TV via the iPad 2’s HDMI out functionality. Shift 2 for the iPad is also free alongside the iPhone version.

These Freebies won’t last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!

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Three for Free: Anooki Jump, Linkoidz and Space Miner

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 Apps Gone Free:

Anooki Jump Anooki Jump – A hidden gem of of the “Infinite Jump” variety, Anooki Jump was reviewed by Eric a few months back and the visually stylish jumper received a Kiss It rating. Play as Anook and Nooki as you leap from one ice cube to another, though you’ll need to alternate between the two to replenish your health meter. If you enjoyed Doodle Jump, this one is certainly worth adding to your collection.

Linkoidz Linkoidz – From the makers of the adorable casual game Sneezies, Linkoidz is an out of this world (and fun) arcade puzzler. Suck Linkoidz into your space gun and shoot them back out into a different column with finger swipers, where multiple matches of the same color will be destroyed. Lots of different gameplay strategies for generating combos. Highly recommended for fans of fast paced match 3 games .

Space Miner™ Space Miner – Celebrating the release of Book Of Heroes (also a freebie), Venan Entertainment has dropped the awesome Space Miner to free. Another Kiss It rating in our review, this top-down Shooter/RPG makes space exploration fun even for casual gamers. The superb graphics, hilarious storyline and hours upon hours of gameplay made this one of the best games of 2010. The iPad version is also now free through the weekend.

These Freebies won’t last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!

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Freebie Alert: Apple giving away “Where’s My Water?” via Facebook

If you like physics puzzlers AND freebies, this one’s definitely for you. Apple has started giving away copies of the bestselling and addictively fun Where’s My Water? via Facebook earlier this evening. All you need to do is visit Apple’s Facebook page, click on the Where’s My Water promo banner and “Like” the App Store. You’ll then be given a redeem code, which is good until Dec 15th. Nice and easy! Coincidentally, the game was also updated today, bringing 20 new levels, all new collectables and a whole new way to play the game – Steam (you can now convert water into steam and vice versa to solve puzzles). Just make sure you don’t try downloading the game via iTunes…the $0.99 price tag remains unchanged.

Where's My Water? Disney, Where’s My Water?, – $0.99

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Three for Free: CrazyControl 2, Skillz for iPad and Recipes Genius

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

CrazyControl 2 CrazyControl 2 – A side scroller that lives up to its name. Controlling 2 characters at once, the screen is split top-bottom and you must jump, slide, defend and fight your way through 60 levels of mayhem. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, the difficulty ramps up gradually – by the final stage, you’ll be controlling 6 simultaneously. The iPad Version is also free for a limited time.

Skillz for iPad Skillz for iPad – A great musical rhythm game that plays like Guitar Hero, Skillz for iPad lets you put your DJ skills to the test. Using dual turntables, you mix and scratch through 20+ remixes of dance tracks from world-renowned artists, including Diplo, Kid Cudii and others. If you have an iPad and enjoy rhythm games, this is one you don’t want to miss (Skillz is normally $5.99). Check out the trailer here.

Recipes Genius Recipes Genius – Impress your better half with Recipes Genius, now free until Dec 5th (was $4.99). The app  includes 485 recipes with step-by-step instructions, 3,500+ hi-res images, info on calories per person and time required to prepare, ingredients/shopping lists and more. If you enjoy cooking (or want to learn some new recipes), you can’t go wrong with this freebie offer.

These Freebies won’t last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!

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Three for Free: Zentomino, Blowup!! and Monster Island

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

Zentomino - Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles Zentomino (TMA Review) – A variation of the popular pentomino puzzle game, you must fill in shapes with the given number of blocks, all without overlapping any of the pieces of course. Zentomino features over 275 puzzles, game center achievements and various difficulty levels. If you enjoy these types of tangram games, LetsTans Deluxe is also free for a limited time.

Blowup!! Blowup!! – A surprisingly fun and fast paced link ’em puzzler, you’ll have to match as many blocks (or robots in this case) of the same color as possible and remove them from the playing field. 8 or more at the same time results in combo bonuses, while blowing up 13 or more blocks at once will give you “Nibbles”, which can be used to blow up single blocks that are in the way of matches. Highly recommended if you’re into the whole matching craze.

Monster Island Monster Island – Another hit from, Monster Island is very similar in gameplay to Fragger and can also be played online for free. Monster thugs are loose on the island and its up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get the job done. The 250+ levels, 4 different islands and 12 unique “heroes” make this a great alternative to Angry Birds (and catapult games in general).

These freebies may not last long, so be sure to grab ‘em pronto!

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Tripwolf offering 5 free travel apps every day until Dec 13th

Starting today, Tripwolf is offering 5 different travel guide apps for free each day on the App Store. All their iOS guides (available for over 100 cities) feature offline maps, a “You are here” functionality to show your current location on the map, an Augmented Reality mode to see what’s around you, travel guide content from multiple publishers and more. One other notable feature not commonly found in other travel apps is the ability to separately download offline maps, text and images to give you more flexibility. Today’s freebie cities are: RomeMunichZurichWarsaw and Innsbruck. If you wish to grab more of these travel apps, you can check out which Tripwolf guides will be free each day until Dec 13th right here.

Three for Free: Daily Deeds, Pudding Panic and the LeftOvers

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

Daily Deeds Daily Deeds – If you need a little motivation for getting things done, Daily Deeds is worth checking. The app lets you create “habits”, which can then be checked off as you complete them everyday. The daily view mode provides a quick visual overview of how you’ve been doing with color labels and check marks for everyday you’ve completed the task. You can also back up your data to Dropbox and create PDF reports to share via email.

the LeftOvers the LeftOvers – Predominantly an online multiplayer strategy game, it certainly has a Plants vs. Zombies (Review) feel to it. Instead of zombies though, kids are now left to reshape the world and wipeout other “LeftOver” factions as all the adults have mysterious vanished. Setup your defenses, deploy various units and storm enemy bases. Best played against a friend online as there’s really no single player mode to speak of.

The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic – A critically acclaimed action/puzzle game, you play as J. Jitters a nervous Nellie Pudding trapped in a haunted house. You must lead him to safety by manipulating the train tracks, fighting back against the “scary monsters” and solving various puzzles (see video trailer here). It’s one of the more delightful games you’ll come across on iOS. Note: the iPad version is a separate download.

These freebies may not last long, so be sure to grab ’em pronto!

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Apps Gone Free for Thanksgiving / Black Friday

We’ve already seen some awesome App Store sales for the US Thanksgiving holiday seaon, but there are also a number of notable games that have gone free. 1112 episode 01, one of the first episodic adventure games exclusive to the iPhone, is now a freebie. The first person adventure featuring protagonist Louis Everett gets better and better, as evidenced by our reviews of 1112 episode 2 and ep 3. Also free are the popular tower defense games from Origin 8 – Sentinel: Mars DefenseSentinel 2: Earth Defense and Space Station: Frontier, one of my favorite in the genre. The complete roundup can be found below, and don’t forget to check out other apps/games that have recently gone free.

Update** Denotes apps newly added to roundup.

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Three for Free: Luminance, Kevin’s BREAK’EM and Topping Pro

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 “Apps Gone Free”:

Luminance Luminance – A well received photo editing app that allows you to easily add effects to your images. You can choose from a host of built-in presets, crop out unwanted areas, manipulate the order of edited layers to create unique effects and more. You can even copy edits made to one photo and apply them to others in your library to help save time. Luminance is universal, so it’s good to go on both the iPhone and iPad.

Kevin's BREAK'EM Kevin’s BREAK’EM – If you missed this one previously, Kevin’s Break’em is free once again to celebrate the upcoming release of the lite version. It’s essentially a breakout type game, though it sports some of the most unique visuals for the genre (graphics are rendered in 3D art). A second update coming next week will also pack an all-new game mode. If you like tilting your iPhone and bouncing balls off a paddle, grab it!

Topping Pro - Home Screen Wallpaper Background Lock Screen Icon Skin Awesome Theme Maker App for iPhone Topping Pro – A highly rated app that lets you create your own wallpapers without the need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch. Choose from a bevy of professionally designed backgrounds, add “toppings” to customize your masterpiece and set them as wallpapers on your Home and/or Lock screens.  Continue reading…

Three for Free: AcePlayer, Fragger and RuneMasterPuzzle

“Three for Free” is back and here are 3 apps/games that you can now download for free (for limited time):

AcePlayer AcePlayer – Much like the GoodPlayer (TMA Review) app, AcePlayer can play basically any video file format you throw at it (WMV, AVI, MKV, RMVB, RM, XVID, MP4, 3GP, MPG etc), meaning you no longer have to convert your movies and tv shows before uploading to your iDevice. The app has a built-in UPnP client so you can stream video from most UPnP/DLNA media servers.

Fragger Fragger – This casual catapult-type game is among the more popular titles on the iPhone and has been played on as a free flash game over 100 million times. Simply use your finger to aim and launch grenades to kill all enemies throughout 340 levels and 11 different worlds. Game Center leaderboards lets you see just how good you are at tossing ’em mini “pineapples”.

RuneMasterPuzzle RuneMasterPuzzle – A fairly new and rather promising match 3 game, RuneMasterPuzzle allows blocks (or Rune Stones) to be swapped in 8 directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). The “Spirit” counter, which shows the number of total swaps remaining (it can be recharged), along with the various power ups and combo make this an intriguing prospect among the crowded match 3 genre.

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