Apps Gone Free Roundup: Sentinel 3: Homeworld, Jetpack Joyride and more!

With Christmas fast approaching, the App Store’s been seeing plenty of quality freebies of late. Halfbrick, the devs who brought you Fruit Ninja, has dropped the superbly addictive Jetpack Joyride to $0 for a limited time. Aside from its well designed one touch gameplay, the various achievements and purchasable new gear will keep you coming back for more…and more. Also free is Sentinel 3: Homeworld (TMA Review), the third installment in the excellent TD series by Origin8. And if you don’t mind a few ads here and there, Gameloft is now offering the solid hack ‘n slash Hero of Sparta II completely free.

Some of the apps in our roundup will be free until Christmas, though a number of them are only good for a very limited time. Act quickly!

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: MONOPOLY Here & Now, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and more

EA’s Daily Deals is cranking up the heat with more awesome daily freebies, with MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition for the iPhone and iPad going FREE for a limited time. This classic board game is especially fun on the iPad with friends and family thanks to its 10″ screen. Not to mention that the regular price for the HD version is $9.99. Also free today Pro Zombie Soccer from Chillingo, a superb castle defense type game that involves a deadly soccer ball and zombies!

Be sure to also check out our Apps Gone Free roundup from yesterday for more freebies.

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: Monkey Island Tales 1, Fara and more

The freebies just keep on coming. Telltale Games’ Monkey Island Tales 1 – the fifth game in the popular Monkey Island series – is now free for a limited time (coinciding with today’s release of episode 2 for the iPhone). Like most Telltale games on the App Store, M.I.T is an episodic adventure that puts you in the shoes of your favorite pirate, Guybrush Threepwood, once again. If you haven’t tried this point and click adventure yet, now’s your chance to grab the opening chapter on the house. Lots more freebies just after the break!

Also, our Apps Gone Free roundup from yesterday still has many apps showing free on iTunes.

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: Azkend, Advena and more

Our Apps Gone Free Roundup today features a number of worthy additions to your app collection. Azkend (TMA Review), one of the more addictive and fun match 3 games on the iPhone, is now a Freebie. As you progress in story mode, you unlock 1 of 8 talismans, each with its own unique power up effect that changes the way the tiles are cleared off the board. If you enjoy puzzle games in the match 3 genre and haven’t tried Azkend yet, here’s your chance to do so. Also free is Gamevil’s ADVENA, a party based action RPG that lets you switch between 5 characters on the fly. For the complete roundup, check out the list after the gap.

And if you missed our post yesterday, SPY mouse and Evertales are still freebies as of writing.

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Apps Gone Free: Spy Mouse and EverTales

Adding to our Apps Gone Free roundup yesterday, two more noteworthy titles have dropped to $0: Spy Mouse, an excellent casual puzzler from Firemint, and Evertales, a platfrom action game brought to you by the developers of Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD.

SPY mouse SPY mouse – “Embark on a journey of epic proportions from the makers of Flight Control and Real Racing – over two years in the making. Agent Squeak *is* SPY mouse, a super-secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere. Can the world’s smallest hero prevail in one of iPhone’s biggest games? His fate’s in your hands!”

Evertales Evertales – “Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and the saviors of many damsels in distress. This…is not that tale. This is a tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys of not-so-epic proportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past his prime; Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize, old, and somewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales.”

Be sure to grab these freebies on the App Store while the offer’s still good!

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: CIA : Operation Ajax, Trenches and more

CIA: Operation Ajax, a superb interactive comic book app based on the true story of the Iranian Coup during the early 50′s (one backed by the CIA), is now free once again for a limited time. The carefully crafted Operation Ajax took several years in the making and its quality is apparent the moment you fire it on your iPad. Previously priced at $7.99, this is certainly worth checking out even if you’re not heavily into graphic novels. More freebies have been rounded up for you after the gap.

And don’t forget to check out our most recent Apps Gone Free posts. Many of those apps and games are still showing as free on the App Store.

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Apps Gone Free: Flight Control, Minigore and Jets – Flight & Seat Advisor

EA’s Daily Deals is now offering Flight Control – the game that started the whole line drawing craze on the App Store – as a freebie for both the iPhone and iPad. Also free this weekend: Minigore – the grand daddy of dual stick shooters on the iPhone, and Jets – a handy and informative seat maps app for when you travel. And don’t forget that most, if not all, from our Apps Gone Free roundup yesterday are still $0.

Flight Control Flight Control / Flight Control HD – “Flight Control is a must-have App Store classic. It’s the incredibly simple, yet insanely addictive worldwide #1 game from Firemint that invented the “line drawing” genre. Over 4,000,000 copies sold – don’t miss out, play all six unique maps in the original and best today!”

Minigore Minigore (TMA Review) – “Can you survive the onslaught of furries in the dark wilderness of Hardland? Help John Gore avoid his enemies and fill them full of lead in this action-packed arcade shooter. Intuitive dual-stick controls and stunning, fluid visuals make for one of the most addictive and characterful games on the App Store.”

Jets - Flight & Seat Advisor Jets – Flight & Seat Advisor – “Jets is a brand new app to help you find the best seat for your flight. It contains detailed seat maps showing positive and negative features on every seat on board. Whether you are a regular flyer or just take the occasional trip, it makes a massive difference if you can relax in comfort with additional legroom, more storage space and awesome window view. Using Jets you’ll always know which seat to choose, so you can avoid discomfort, backache, nasty smells, cold drafts and noise near galleys, restrooms and stairs.”

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: Mirror’s Edge, HYBRID: Eternal Whisper and more

Our Apps Gone Free Roundup today features a number of great games for your iOS device – just in time for the weekend. EA’s Daily Deals has the amazing Mirror’s Edge (Review) free for a limited; it’s a mobile port of the popular console game that takes the “running” genre to a whole new level on the iPhone and iPad. Also free are Gamevil’s HYBRID: Eternal Whisper (Review) and Warfare Incorporated (Review), a game some still consider as the best RTS on the App Store. Lots of goodies this time around, so be sure to check out the full list of freebies after the gap. And remember, the price drops for most of them are only good for a very limited time.

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Apps Gone Free: Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound, Zombie Gunship and more

Today’s Apps Gone Free includes a number of freebies, led by the recently released Manny Pacquiao: Pound for Pound and the fantastic Zombie Gunship. And EA’s Need For Speed Undercover is also free as part of their Daily Deals event, though it appears that the offer’s only good for iOS users outside US/Canada (it’s showing as free in UK store for instance). Dive in and take a look at the full list after the break.

And if you missed our freebies roundup yesterday, most featured in there are still showing as free!

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Apps Gone Free: I Am T-Pain, ILLUSIA, Ninja Pong and more

Ready for more freebies? Here are today’s featured 3 Apps Gone Free:

I Am T-Pain 2.0 I Am T-Pain 2.0 – From Smule, the makers of Magic Piano and MadPad, lets you sound like the maestro himself as you sing into the mic. The app includes 9 free tracks with scrolling lyrics for you to sing-along, and additional songs can be purchased fro $0.99 a pop. After you’ve created that masterpiece, you can share it with the rest of the world via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Check out our review of I Am T-Pain here.

ILLUSIA ILLUSIA (TMA Review) – Another RPG from Gamevil (Zenonia and HYBRID: Eternal Whisper), Illusia is billed as a platform action RPG presented in anime style graphics. Play as a fighter or mage and rely on various active, passive and buff skills. Like many iOS games nowadays, you can also purchase potions and various items via IAPs.

Ninja Pong Ninja Pong – A simple yet addictive casual game that brings together the gameplay of ‘pong’ and deadly ninjas. Similar to breakout style games, you must slide a hovering paddle left/right to ensure that the ninjas make their way across from one platform to another safely. 2 game modes, retina graphics and unlockable content are some of the features of Ninja Pong. The HD version for the iPad is also free for a limited time.

There are more that have recently gone free for your iDevice, check them out below!

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