Thermo app goes universal, turns iPad into giant thermometer

Thermo, the simple and pretty weather app that displays the current temperature outside (along with yesterday’s temperature) via a very visual themometer, has been updated to a universal build and is now fully compatible with the iPad. Since its release for the iPhone, the app has been downloaded close to 800,000 times. It helps that Thermo is free to download, though it does comes with ads. Thankfully, getting rid of them can be done in-app, which will set you back a dollar. And if you want to unleash the meteorologist in you, an extra IAP of $0.99 will unlock “Thermo History”, a neat feature that keeps track of all previous temperatures and displays a fancy chart by year, quarter, month or week. More app info and promo video after the break.

Thermo Robocat, Thermo, – Free

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Apps to Replace your iDevice’s Preinstalled Applications


I know who you are. You are one of two people. Person number one has an unjailbroken iPhone and really despises the included Stock and Weather apps. He wishes to jailbreak his sacred device, but cherishes it too much to place the warranty at risk. So, how does he deal with apps that he never uses and cannot hide or remove? Well, he just leaves them on the last page of his iPhone/iPod Touch, thinking that he could forget about them forever. Think again. Person number two, on the other hand, has jailbroken it and is really happy he did so because now with SBSettings installed, he can hide the unwanted Voice Recorder app. After hiding those nasty preinstalled apps, you replaced them with better alternatives. Right? Don’t fret. Regardless of which person you are, the applications you will see in this post will make you wonder why Apple didn’t include these instead when they shipped the iDevice.

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MegaWeather in Review – Make It Rain On Dem Apps!

megaweather1Do you use the weather app on your iDevice? I don’t. The details it provides are minimal, the design is horrid, and instead of creating their own thing, they just hop onto Yahoo’s weather gathering system. Other apps available definitely have more info, but are either lacking in design, plagued by “non obtrusive” ads, or have features that 90% of people really don’t care about. Pricing is another factor. Some apps are charging as much as $4.99, just to tell you it might rain tomorrow. Thanks to MegaWeather, I now can have my proverbial cake and eat it too.

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Human Weather in Review – Facebook Gets the Drizzles


I have tried to see the significance of pulling for your mates who are ‘eating a new cereal today’ or ‘waiting for the bus’, but I just cannot. Facebook is just one of those useless internet apps for me. Sometimes, however, it is good to use as a communication tool with those people to whom you really don’t want to give out your email. Have you ever wanted to read the weather and the gossip column at the same time? There is an app for that – thanks to Maplewood Associates, you can blithely blog your life across weather networks.

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