Appliya App-Development Service – For the Programming Uninitiated


App programming isn’t all about brainstorming the great idea; at the heart of every great dictionary, mapping, game and productivity app out there, is code that someone wrote. You can hire that person, register with Apple, send your app for approval and hope for the best, or, as Appliya suggest, let them do the work for you. Obviously, Appliya are banking on this interesting service becoming a big success – their tools, marketing and service at your disposal may mean an exponential increase of customers. This development-service offered by the Tokyo-based company is unique indeed.

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iPhone and Android Play Nice – Appcelerator’s Titanium fuses the combatant’s in a bond of love

g1-and-iphone-love-you-manGoogle’s Android platform, open source and relatively new, is a force to be reckoned with. So is the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut. Both are based on *NIX operating systems that have desktop niches and conceivably could be ported to just about any hardware with a CPU (and conceivably, even the iPhone). Philosophically of course, they are very different. MacOS X’ roots are open source with the project called Darwin, but Apple are often about as community friendly as the RIAA. Google, ever the stealth operator, expand even into our streets without so much as a hissyfit (unless you live in the UK).

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Are you ready for Mosquito Season? Julian Duhamel is!


With May ‘2-4’ done with and June almost upon us, there is one species itching to bite into the new summerish season: the mosquito. Some places around the world are already warm and others are just about to feel the heat – ideal breeding grounds for the mosquito who has waited as much as the beach bunny for the sun.

Julian Duhamel, Anti-Mosquito with Ultrasound
0.99$, 0.8MB
Anti-Moustiques à ultrason

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Where to Golf in Review – A Worthy Course Finder?


There are many different ways to find golf courses on the iPhone. You can use Google Maps to search near your location. You can use your search engine of choice via mobile Safari. You could even pick up the phone and use 411 to find information. Where To Golf attempts to simplify finding your next golf round by providing more than just the nearest golf course.

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9-Toolbox in Review – Convenience at its best

9toolbox1Rather than calling 9-Toolbox “an” app, I would consider this a collection of apps; grouped together into one icon on the Home Screen of my iDevice, and allowing me to access nine different applications, all with different functionalities.

I kind of like this idea a lot; I really hate to have to search through many pages on my Home Screen to look for that particular app (although this will change with iPhone OS 3.0, but in the meantime it’s a pain). I now know that I only need to look for this particular app, and I can have access to “eight” useful utilities.

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Brushes in Review – Dali Finger to the Rescue

We gots an artist in the house!

We gots an artist in the house!

In the strain of all great artists, I subjected myself to self torture and then re-created shigzeo as only I know him (me). Brushes, by Steve Sprang is that method and the outcome is the Monet/Van Gogh you see above.

I did not use the 3x ‘how to draw a face’ tutorial that can be seen after the jump (didn’t need it), nor did I apply learning that I received from school or study. Simply, I let the artist within me flow to the nearly excellent canvass that is my iPod Touch.

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Craigsharvest in Review: A Little Craig’s List in All of Us


Canadian bicycles simply are the best

If you have ever had to buy or sell furniture, used socks or MP3 players online, you are probably familiar with the now ubiquitous Craigslist. The Peer to Peer sales market consists of many entries but Craigslist makes a great blanket for everything and brings relative safety to both buyer and seller and does not incur extra expenses. Now, CraigsHarvest for the iPhone has arrived to make the best use of your searching powers.

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Eye Test in (Mini) Review – Nothing more than a laugh…

review-medical-eye-test-img_0001Now, just because I chose the above title doesn’t mean that I think Eye Test isn’t useful – it means that should you have a problem with your eye sight, you must seek proper medical advice rather than depend solely on this application! Now that I’ve got the possible lawsuit out of the way, let’s look get to reviewing.

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Encrypto in Review – Protecting your Photos from International Spies & Nosey Friends

encrypto1Ever been on a Top Secret Covert Operation behind enemy lines where you are  just moments from being captured by a brutal enemy who will stop at nothing to get photos of your wife and kids that you have strategically placed on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With so many of us having been in this position at one time or another, I believe we’ve all had the same thought cross our minds: “I wish there was an application I could use to protect those I love at this very moment.” Worry no longer. That application is here; your family and friends will always be safe thanks to Readdle.

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