iDisplay – Turn your iPhone and iPad into second monitor

SHAPE Services, makers of the popular messaging app IM+, have released iDisplay, an innovative app that’ll essentially turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a second display unit.

Turn your iPad / iPhone into a convenient side monitor for your Mac desktop. iDisplay is a universal app specially optimized for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch screens.

Increase productivity by maximizing the viewable area on your main monitor! Ideal for multi-tasking users, iDisplay lets you free the main monitor for work-related applications by moving some apps to the external display, shown on your iPad or iPhone.

Needless to say, the ability to make use of your iDevice as a second “monitor” could do wonders for those who like to multi-task and have loads of applications open at the same time. While the app sounds great in theory, the early feedback from iTunes users point to issues of crashing and resolution problems. Hopefully, a quick update will iron out all the initial kinks. And in terms of support, iDisplay currenly only works for the Mac, though support for Windows is said to be in the works.

iDisplay SHAPE Services, iDisplay – $4.99

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’69 GTO/iDevice remote control combo stymies the ‘Spirit of Berlin’

As technology progresses, so too does the badass stuff you can do with it. Back in October, the ‘Spirit of Berlin’, an iDevice-controlled minivan stole the imaginations of stale/iDevice car-lovers everywhere. But, a 1969 GTO is ever so much cooler, and in some ways, so too is Dave Phipps, the chap who re-wired his 400$ hotrod. The GTO project uses tech called RedEye from ThinkFlood to control the car’s ignition, radio, doors, and more: a perfect melding of classic and new age tech.

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iBed – finally, you can pillow your iPhone!

(Facetious Editor Alert): Phone OS 3.2 is on the horizon and idiots all over are clamouring for multitasking, better home screen, and icon organisation among other useless features. Apple may make waves by catching up to certain other smartphones which have enabled these features since day one, but their best efforts amount to the smallest of ripples in my personal puddle.

I want to lay down with my mail, my web, my Facebook without the damn accelerometer forcing me to sit straight up or holding onto my iDevice like a chin up bar. iBed, a simple utility allows the lazy (or way too busy) to get a good grip on the erstwhile unwieldy platform. Honestly, Apple, this 0.99$ app has outdone one of the the most easy ‘features’ you could have added to your list of innovations. Internal support is somewhat limited of course as it cannot make changes to universal toggles, but the included clients cover the majority of bases for the majority of North Americans at least. Thank you Tal Shrestha.

iBed Tal Shrestha, iBed – $0.99

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Tiger Woods + Email App = Double the Fun?

There’s no denying that Tiger Woods has inspired a whole new generation of people to watch and play the game of golf. Well, it seems Tiger is continuing to inspire as iPhone developers are gearing up for what will surely be a heated battle between apps that’ll have your mail/text messages vanish without a trace after it’s been read.

As you may already know, Tiger Woods was reportedly busted for his “extra curricular activities” after his wife found incriminating text messages on his cellphone. So if you were a man (or woman) in Tiger’s shoes (and I hope you’re not), what do you do? Wish you had an iPhone and the TigerText app is what! Released last week, TigerText will allow the sender to set the lifespan of a message once it’s been opened. You can set the countdown at 60 seconds or even days if you wish before the text is permanently deleted from their servers (and hence vanishing from your phone). Of course, the downfall to this is that the sender and recipient will both need a copy of the app. And set to be released in less than a week is TigerMail, a similar app aimed at keeping your naughty mail (and you) safe from life altering consequences down the road. And rather than having your messages stored on a server for even the briefest of moments, TigerMail’s website claims that nothing will be stored as your mail will only be forwarded. Regardless, if you have something to hide or you’re simply the paranoid type, these Tiger Woods inspired email apps will indeed be very tempting.

Tiger Text X Sigma Partners LLC, Tiger Text – Free (First 15 days/100 text)

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App Store Boner? a Hands Heater – a bomb in your pocket

Back when the iDevice got hot’n bothered with the opening of the App Store, there was no shortage of flashlight apps. The new genre of utility illuminated keyholes, brightened up bedroom ceilings, and drained iDevice batteries. a Hands Heater is worse. If it does work, it must keep the iDevice CPU busy – very busy. Typical 3D-heavy games barely rise the iDevice’s temp, but they cannot defrost fingers. In order for a Hands Heater to really do its job, it has to do a LOT more than a graphics-heavy game. And, in order for it to take effect, it needs two things: time and battery, both of which it will drain faster than any other ‘utility’.

A trip to its iTunes page reveals that most if not ALL of its 5-star ratings are shill accounts. Partisan reviews at the App Store are still a cancer on the market and a sad indication of how Apple don’t get it. Sure, shut down sexually titled apps like iWobble, but let shilling run rampant in market. That’s the App Store I’m proud of!

a Hands Heater Dworld Services, a Hands Heater, $0.99

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The JBnator Diaries – iFile in Review – The ONLY way to browse your iDevice

It’s that time of the week again! The time for the one and only JBnator Diaries! This is the week following the celebration of Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to use this occasion to give a shoutout to all those lovers out there in general and my lovely wife in particular! Keep on loving – it’s a job! And now, back to our column.

Today I’m going to write about a little Cydia app called iFile, my first choice for browsing the iPhone. Those of you following my previous pieces may be familiar with it already. Everybody else – read on!

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Text Vision In Review – WATWW: Walk And Text Without Worry!

We live in a society that’s “always connected”. If it’s not text it’s Twitter, or Facebook, or some other social hub. We like to be able to keep in touch everywhere, all the time. You can’t walk 6 metres down a sidewalk without seeing somebody tapping away on a mobile device – a dangerous pastime. Thanks to ingenious developer TouchMiPhone’s latest app, Text Vision, you can stay out of danger’s way.

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App Store Boner? Battery Boost Pro – 1 dolla make you holla is a great resource for all of Apple’s products, especially the iPod touch and iPhone. You can find helpful information on all of the following: battery, syncing, wifi, iTunes accounts, and much, much more. But, if you don’t want to spend a few minutes browsing the great, free online resource, you can spend a dollar for Battery Boost Pro. The app features the following: a few tips which can be had for free. It doesn’t boost the iDevice’s battery. It doesn’t touch the firmware to make necessary changes. It is a quick read which costs as much as many of the App Store’s most popular games and apps, has all the functionality of a minute’s read. It is false advertising hidden behind the review process and sadly, is an often-caught bug at the App Store.

If you want to try it out for yourself, go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya! Fortunately, there is a free version as well. Be warned, the app will go up to 1.99$ after its introduction time is over.

Battery Boost Pro Appventions, Battery Boost Pro – $0.99 (Soon to go up to $1.99)

Battery Boost Appventions, Battery Boost – Free

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iDroid Mini Browser – A sleek, and currently free Safari alternative

Lately web-browsing apps have surged in the AppStore. While browsers such as Opera, and Mozilla will never see the light of day, there are good alternatives on the AppStore that offer some similar features. iDroid Mini Browser is one.

iDroid Mini Browser karzy, iDroid Mini Browser – Free (for a limited time)

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Win a $10 iTunes Gift Card + Promo codes for Star Walk

TouchMyApps is giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card and 3 promo codes for the iDevice app Star Walk – 5 stars Astronomy Guide, courtesy of Vito Technology. Star Walk was selected by Apple in their annual “Best Apps of 2009” and it truly is a wonderful and fully featured app for stargazing enthusiasts.

Make Star Walk your virtual astronomy guide and take advantage of the great interface! For anyone who is interested in stargazing, amateurs or more professional astronomers to discover all stars, planets, constellation! …Use the Star Spotter function to activate the DIGITAL COMPASS on 3GS only, find your orientation and you will see the sky in front of you in real-time. You can pan the iPhone’s display and watch the stars scroll around.

For those of you who have a 3GS, being able to “see” the stars on your screen in real time as you move about is simply awesome. So, if astronomy is a hobby and/or winning an iTunes GC is your thing, don’t pass up on this giveaway! Contest details after the break!

Star Walk - 5 stars astronomy guide Vito Technology Inc., Star Walk – 5 stars astronomy guide – $2.99

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