9,999 Ringtones Uncensored in Review – Now Your Phone Can Tell You Who’s Calling

One of the issues that circled the iPhone for awhile was the inability to make custom ringtones.  Apple fumbled initially but eventually recovered but whilst down, numerous companies sprung up to offer their services. They offer everything from creating ringtones to custom custom soundboards.  The latter I have with me today in 9,999 Ringtones Uncensored.

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WhatsApp Messenger in Review – fab for iPhone friends!

WhatsApp Messenger was one of the first apps I purchased when I got my iPhone. Given how my iPhone tariff doesn’t have as many text messages included as my previous one (500 as opposed to 1,000), I thought it would be a good idea to research ways to contact my friends and family without exceeding my SMS allowance. After digging around, looking at prices and reading reviews .WhatsApp Messenger seemed to be the best option. Costing just 59p in the UK App Store, WhatsApp Messenger is basically an IM program, but also works perfectly well in place of text messaging.

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pushme.to in Review – Instant Messages, Instantly Messaged

One of the things the iPhone lacked at launch was an iPhone to iPhone messenger. Yes we all have various text message bundles, but odds are that you have a monthly limit. There have been a few entrants in the iDevice to iDevice messaging arena. However in a lot of cases either the price is high, the features are too limited, or the UI is hideous. Thankfully I was able to get my hands on pushme.to from developers Treebune s.r.l. and I couldn’t be any happier.

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More Christmas price drops fall on App Store – SEED 1, Shape, EA


It’s indeed a rain of Xmas sales and giveaways.

Electronic Arts have dropped the prices on 8 (yes eight!) titles today including Command and Conquer along with other great games.

But the best is yet to come – Chillingo’s hit RPG SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS is currently being marked to FREE at the App Store. You may be able to grab it now, but the App Store may take a little longer to update the app. Its original price was $2.99.

And not only game publishers get into the Christmas spirit – Shape Services have made massive discounts on their amazing IM+ (down to $2.99 from $9.99) and RDM+ (down to $3.99 from $19.99) along with a couple of other apps.

I don’t know for how long will this last, but it’s now or never!

Find the full updated list of today’s hot sales in our Xmas Sales Sticky!

Apple robbed of Facebook dev – skinny 19 year old gets away


Not that we are taken with wild stories or anything, but this one is a quite a read. One of the App Store’s most respected devs, Joe Hewitt has quit the App Store because of Apple’s horrid review policies. His App Store claim to fame is the hugely popular Facebook app which has gone through numerous updates and is considered by many to be one of the most elegant apps out there. Love or hate the app, the man behind incessant friend updates is gone. You can read all about it at TechCrunch. But there is more…

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Quick App Update: IM+ 3.4 now Available

im_mainSHAPE Services, makers of the popular chat app IM+ for the iPhone/iPod Touch, have released the much anticipated 3.4 update at the App Store. Already a solid choice as an “All-in-One Messenger” for iDevice Users, SHAPE taken the app to another level with some great new additions:

  • Speech recognition as an in-app purchase feature.
  • Animated Emoticons.
  • Copy text from chat bubbles.
  • New email notifications via Push – for Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail.

TMA’s ChiffaN had an exclusive look at the update several weeks back and reviewed IM+, his copy based on the final version submitted to Apple.

All in all, IM+ is a real gem. Since installation, I have removed all other networking and messaging apps (except for Facebook), and haven’t regretted it. It really helps keeping all of your messaging in one place and does an excellent job of it.

If you’re tired of using mediocre messaging apps, IM+ is certainly one of the top choices out there for your iPhone/iPod Touch.  There is also a free Lite version you can try out, though it doesn’t have the latest features from the 3.4 update.

SHAPE Services, IM+ , $9.99, 6.5 MB

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IM+ in Review – I’m available anywhere, to anyone and by any means


Hola folks! I’m just back from my refreshing vacation in a small town on the Mediterranean coast near wonderful Barcelona! During this trip I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to really touch a number of apps, games and even an iPhone related gadget! So with this review I’m starting a cycle of Spanish themed articles on the stuff I’ve had the chance to play around on my trip. So, torro!

My first victim will be the rather well-known IM client, IM+, by SHAPE Services. I’ve had the unique opportunity to try out their latest build (3.4) which is currently under review by Apple and features nothing less than voice recognition! Yep, you heard me, voice recognition. Truth be told, it is for a small addiional montly fee, but hey, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! But we’ll get more into that later. We’ll start off easy for now.

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SimplyTweet in Review – Simply Amazing


SimplyTweet from developer MotionObj is simply fantastic. Loaded with so many features, it is a worthy replacement to using Twitter on your computer. It boasts a simple user interface which happens to be its greatest selling point and it is very hard not to stick with this app considering the myriad capabilities it offers. The following features should get anyone excited.

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For the Blogger – Redmond Pie’s ‘definitive list’ of blogging apps


Got a blog? Got an iPhone? Great. You may be wondering how to get the two to act nicely; to that end, Redmond Pie have collated a list of paid and free apps which may help you out. Among those that made the list is Automattic’s open source WordPress app which allows you to set up a WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod touch. TouchMyApps along with a goodly number of other blogs utilises WP which really is a do-it-all website outline. WP for the iPhone is currently version 1,3 with planned updates and feature fixes which are detailed in part on iPhone website.

Automattic Inc., WordPress, FREE, 0.6 MB

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Twitterena+ Professional in Review – A Great Twitter Client, Now Even Better!


A few weeks ago I did a review on the Twitter client, Twitterena, by Developer Andy Weekes. At the time, his client was one of, if not the best, all-around Twitter client feature wise. I reported then that he was working on releasing updates that would add quite a few premium features to an already amazing client (feel free to re-read my previous review for a re-fresher). Afterwards I found out that instead of just updating the existing client Andy realized that with the segmented market of Twitter users not everyone would need these enhanced features. The result has given birth to a new and even better client now known as Twitterena+ Pro.

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