Creme In Review – Twitter’s creme de la creme?

As long as the world turns there will always be Twitter clients hitting the appstore. Right, so there are more hits than misses and nowadays with so many Twitter clients, an app needs to speak to a niche need/market if it’s going to take hold. Otherwise all that work could have been for very little.  Today I have my hands on Creme by Directionality Studios. Sloganed “Creme de la creme” which crudely translates to “Best of the best”, Creme is a prime example of one that could swing either way.  Read on to see if this Creme, was frais (that’s French for fresh ;), or curdled.

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Official Twitter app now live on App Store

Twitter’s official app for the iPhone/iPod Touch is finally available for download on the App Store. For those not aware, Twitter announced earlier last month that they’ve acquired Atebit’s popular Tweetie app (my personal favorite on the iPhone) and re-branding it as “Twitter”. While the overall design hasn’t changed, its release version is now 3.0 and a bunch of new features have been introduced, including:

  • Search has been reorganized, now you can search all tweets and find users in the same spot, view Top Tweets and Browse Suggested users.
  • Search results now include Top Tweets, try it with Trends…winner combo!
  • You can now use Twitter without an account! Search, Browse uses, view trends and top tweets.
  • Sign-up is now availabile within the application as well, complete with Suggested user list.
  • More tab has been re-organized to accomplish all this. Users with one account can add a second account under the Accounts and Settings button here.
  • Actions we’ve found people use most, like Retweet have been moved to the main actions bar.
  • Minor tweaks were made to tweet rendering so they match tweets

Aside from the fact that the Tweetie Twitter is widely considered as one of the best clients on the iDevice, the app is now FREE with the re-release. So for those of you who use alternative twitter apps like Osfoora and Twitterena, will you be making the switch over? For the price, you really can’t go wrong with an awesome client like Twitter.

Twitter Twitter, Inc., Twitter – Free

Facebook’s eroding privacy VS your growing mobility

Facebook is all fun and games on the iPhone; and why shouldn’t it be? you’ve got scores ways to disseminate your preferences and personal information to the web, all through the lens of ‘social networking’. It wasn’t always that way though, and in lieu of recent official decisions such as the Digital Economy Act, the sharing of personal information makes loads of sense, at least from a witch-hunting perspective. Facebook has had to erode its privacy policies to manage stay on top of the social world; if it hadn’t, it’d be snowed under by the next aggressive phishing trend.

Just a friendly reminder to mind your own information whilst farming, mafia’ing, and facing around on the good – and now stodgily pervasive – social network agent.

Thanks to the EFF

Osfoora In Review – Big offerings from a little bird

They say that the only guaranteed things in life are death and taxes.  As an app reviewer, one thing I can definitely guarantee is that there is always ANOTHER Twitter app to review.  I had done my best to stay away from them as much as possible, however lately I’ve been in the mood for change and scrolling through the appstore I came across the oddly named Osfoora (translated: Little Bird). Read on to see what’s up with this strangely named little app.

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Cover your email tracks with TigerMail

Earlier in March, we previewed 2 apps that’ll keep your SMS/Email messages from prying eyes by having them”vanish” right off of your iPhone. After some delay, TigerMail, the highly publicized app inspired by Tiger Woods has finally arrived in the App Store.

TigerMail was inspired by media celebrities and their “transgressions”, often revealed by a history of text messages. Obviously, there are so many other practical and justifiable uses for it. TigerMail should be part of your texting arsenal for those situations where the utmost in secrecy is required. For covert operations, undercover work, cloak-and-dagger scenarios, and clandestine meetings, TigerMail is your best solution…Protect yourself with TigerMail. Tigers don’t always leave tracks!

Unlike the competition, TigerMail should give even the ultra-paranoid a peace of mind as none of their messages are saved on any servers – they’re simply forwarded from one iDevice to another. It should be noted that both parties will require the app to be installed on their device in order to send and receive these one-and-done messages. The pro version will set you back $2.99, though it’ll provide users all the bells and whistles, including the ability to control the dissolve method and rate of all sent messages. Developer SYSLL has also given us a free Lite version that is ad supported and missing a few features, but will still give you access to the app’s core functionality.

TigerMail Pro SYSLL, TigerMail Pro – $2.99
TigerMail Lite SYSLL, TigerMail Lite – Free

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Trillian In Review – Mobile Multi-Protocol chat from the TrilliOne

Chat clients are a fairly big part of the “social” section of the appstore.  The most popular spots are reserved for the “multi-protocol” clients that allow you to login to services like MSN, Yahoo and even Facebook Chat all at once.  There have been some huge ones in the past but one that I had been waiting on for sometime was Cerulean Studios’ Trillian.  With 10 years’ experience, they are far from new at this and I was excited to see what this recently updated chat program had to offer.

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Ping! for iPad now available

One of the most popular social networking apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch has now made it over to the iPad.  Ping! had previously been sitting atop the charts in its own respective app category for over 6 months in over 40 countries. With Ping! you no longer have to pay SMS charges just to send messages back and forth between your family and friends. As long as both parties have the app, messaging is unlimited and Free. Here’s what developer Gary Fung have passed on to us:

A tremendous amount of effort and time has been spent on our iPad version to deliver the best possible experience.  In order to engage in an immersive experience, we have built a beautiful, polished user interface mirroring the paper note metaphor.  Users will exchange messages like passing notes, creating a fun and vivid experience where messages come to life in your lap!

We’ve also been told that the initial release for the iPad is currently missing some of the features and functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts. Not to worry though, subsequent updates will bring picture/ video messaging as well as other advanced features. For soon-to-be iPad owners who already rely on Ping! to stay in touch, the $2.99 price tag shouldn’t be hard to swallow. A video demo showcasing the app in action can be found after the gap.

marvel-comics Gary Fung, Ping! for iPad – $2.99

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WeeMee Avatar Creator – say goodbye to kites and frogs

Is this app as cool-looking as paintingWalls? Hard to say. But after a little tinkering around WeeWorld’s virtual styling app, your avatar will look cooler than any mauve wall will. WeeMee Avatar Creator puts thousands of creative points in your hand to tailor that special MiniYou. You can view, export, and edit WeeMee’s at any time and even integrate them into your device’s address book for fun, cartoony calls.

WeeMee Avatar Creator WeeWorld, WeeMee Avatar Creator – $0.99

Piccies and more after the gap:

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Meebo meet iPhone; iPhone, chat away!

Meebo is a great HTML interface for a load of messaging clients, and is absolutely necessary to circumvent job security and productivity in workplaces which ban instant messaging. It’s been available via HTML since 2005, buffing a few reasons I love the web, and now, in 2010, it comes to the iPhone as a native app. Right, so a native app isn’t as stick-it-to-the-man as is HTML, but hokt damn, it’s Meebo! It still supports: AOL / AIM, Yahoo!, MSN / Windows Live, Gmail / Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace, and 100+ networks, and thankfully, stays free. Thanks Meebo!

Meebo Meebo, Inc., Meebo – Free

Piccies and more info after the gap:

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Text Vision In Review – WATWW: Walk And Text Without Worry!

We live in a society that’s “always connected”. If it’s not text it’s Twitter, or Facebook, or some other social hub. We like to be able to keep in touch everywhere, all the time. You can’t walk 6 metres down a sidewalk without seeing somebody tapping away on a mobile device – a dangerous pastime. Thanks to ingenious developer TouchMiPhone’s latest app, Text Vision, you can stay out of danger’s way.

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