Samsung releases ChatON for the iPhone

Samsung has released ChatOn for the iPhone, a messaging app aimed to compete with the likes of iMessage and WhatsApp (TMA Review). First released for Android phones several months ago, this multiplatform chat client supports group chat and more.

ChatON brings together all of these methods of communication, expression, and sharing in one place.
1) ChatON supports multi platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON.
– Currently, ChatON supports iOS, Android, Bada, Samsung Feature and will support Blackberry, Window mobile, web soon.
2) 1:1 Chat, Group Chat, Broadcast, Drawing Message, Picture, Video, Voice, Location, Contact, Calendar.
3) Using ChatON, create your own unique drawing message by hand drawing etc.
4) ChatON provides group management feature for easy group chat
5) ChatON provides Interaction rank which informs you how often you chat with your buddies.
6) For every chat room, you can easily see all sent images and videos in a Trunk.

If you feel there’s room for yet another chat app on your iPhone, ChatON is free to download and reviews on iTunes have generally been favorable. Check out the video demo after the break.

ChatON Samsung, ChatON, – Free

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IM+ Pro now on sale for $0.99

IM+ Pro, one of the best instant messaging apps on the iDevice, is now on sale for $0.99 – down from its regular price of $9.99. This IM supports nearly all the major chat platforms, including MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM and more. In addition, a recent update introduced Beep, a free alternative to SMS and MMS that lets you chat with contacts from your phone’s Address Book (similar to WhatsApp).

Introducing Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger.
We figured you’ve been looking for a free alternative to SMS for a while now. And now we’ve got that right in IM+. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other mobile devices that your friends use IM+ on: Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.
Whenever you send and receive text messages, photos, video or voice messages, IM+ Beep will make sure that your message was successfully sent and notify you when it is safely delivered. Push will make incoming messages instantly pop up on your device.

And for all you Angry Birds fans, SHAPE Services even teamed up with Rovio to bring you an interactive Angry Birds theme (just think occasional flying birds and pigs in the background). If you’re after an All-in-One IM app for your iPhone/iPad, this is a fantastic deal at only a buck.

IM+ Pro SHAPE Services, IM+ Pro, – $0.99

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Twitter for iPhone updates to 4.0

Twitter officially announced today an all new version of its social networking service, one aimed at consistency and simplicity.

Today we introduce a new version of Twitter. We’ve simplified the design to make it easier than ever to follow what you care about, connect with others and discover something new. You’ll see this new design both on and mobile phones, so that you’ll have a familiar experience any time, anywhere. We’ve also updated TweetDeck to be consistent with this new version.

And coinciding with this drastic redesign, Twitter for iPhone was updated a few hours ago and the app will now give you a glimpse of some the changes that will be rolling out at Twitter online over the next several weeks. The iPhone app is now divided into four tabs: Home is where you’ll see your timeline and tweets of those you follow; Connect is where you’ll go to see who has followed/mentioned you, retweeted or favorited one of your tweets; Discover lets you search for keywords/hashtags and also “discover” trending stories; and finally Me, which is the section for your profile, DMs and account settings. For all your Twitter users, be sure to grab this latest update at the App Store (or link below). You can also find out more info on Twitter’s new look at

Twitter Twitter, Inc., Twitter, – Free

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Path receives major 2.0 update

Path, a social networking app released over a year ago by David Morin (co-founder and CEO of Path and the man responsible for Facebook Connect), has received its biggest update yet. With version 2.0, Path is described as a “smart journal” and can do so much more than just being able to share photos with your Path contacts.

Path is the Smart Journal that helps you share life with the ones you love — your thoughts, the music you’re listening to, where you are, who you’re with, when you wake and when you sleep, and beautiful high quality photos and videos. And for those of you who like to share on public networks like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook, you can easily check-in, upload photos and videos, and tweet directly from Path.

Think of it as a journal app that can be used to record day-to-day stuff, much like how you can collect and store notes/documents on Evernote – but with a social twist. You can keep any post to yourself by turning on the private option, or simply share them with others. Unlike Facebook however, you’re limited to having 150 Path contacts, which ensures that you’ll only be sharing things with close friends and family. Take a look at the two demo videos below; they’ll give new users a quick rundown of Path’s latest update.

Path Path, Inc., Path, – Free

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Oink now available on iOS

Oink, brought to you by Kevin Rose (the man behind, has landed for iOS. Unlike other social recommendation tools, Oink lets you rate and rank things around you. So instead of simply recommending a local burger joint to your friends, you can snap a photo of that mouth-watering hamburguesa and giving it a rating. The more items you share and rate, the more “cred” you build. This way others with similar tastes/interests will know who to trust.

What you can do with Oink:
• Rate items around you and share with your followers
• See all the cool stuff your friends and other users are Oinking
• Find the best things in town (e.g. Best “Pizza” in Denver)
• Find the items at a place (e.g., Best roller coasters at Six Flags)
• Build “cred” in your areas of interest
• Share your Oink activity on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare

Oink is free to use, though at this point it appears you’ll need to wait for that invite before you can start rating items around you. Video demo after the gap.

Oink Milk Inc., Oink, – Free

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Facebook for iPad now available with 4.0 update

Better late than never right? Well, Facebook for the iPad is finally available (officially this time). With the release of the 4.0 update, Facebook is now a universal app and optimized for the iTablet. The final build appears to be nearly identical to the version that was leaked back in July, though you can bet that the dev team have fined tuned the app and ensured that it’s ready for mass consumption.

Facebook for iPad
With high-res photos, games, chat and more, now you can get the best of Facebook—on your iPad.

– Enjoy bigger, better photos: Your photos are high-res and easy to flip through, like a real photo album
– Navigate anywhere, fast: Just tap, slide or pinch to move from one screen to another
– Play games on the go: Access your favorite Facebook apps and games, wherever you are
– Focus on what matters: Zoom in on your friends’ photos, updates and stories
– Never lose your place: Share a photo, update your status or send a message without leaving News Feed
– See who’s nearby: Check out the Nearby map to see what your friends are up to

The 4.0 update not only introduces the universal build, but also improved navigation and search functionality on the iPhone. Of course, being able to play your favourite FB games/apps in full screen mode is just icing on the cake.

Facebook Facebook, Inc., Facebook, 10.5 MB – Free

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Facebook releases Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android

Use Facebook much? If so, you’ll want to check out the newly released Facebook Messenger for the iPhone. Seen as the answer to more established apps in the market like WhatsApp Messenger (TMA Review) and Apple’s upcoming iMessenger on iOS 5, FB Messenger allows you to send messages to anyone on your friends list and even in your mobile contacts.

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to message. Reach friends right on their phones, get and send messages fast, message everyone at once and more.

• Message friends, groups of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts
• Map your location, find your friends and make plans on the go
• Get mobile notifications so you never miss a message
• Include photos so friends can see what you’re doing

And like the fairly more low-key GroupMe app, Facebook Messenger easily lets you add multiple people into the conversation, great for coordinating events and other secret rendezvous.

Facebook Messenger Facebook, Facebook Messenger, 5.8 MB – Free

GroupMe updates to 3.0, now available on multiple platforms

GroupMe,the free group messaging app for the iPhone has now been updated to v3.0, sporting an all new user interface and new features. More importantly, the service has gone multi-platform and is available in over 90 countries, meaning that you can expand your group of friends/colleagues to chat with on Android, Windows Phone 7, the web and apps.

GroupMe is the easiest way to start conversations and keep in touch with your real life network.

It’s totally free, and it works on every phone. With apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7, as well as full support via SMS*, you can connect with anyone you know at any time.

Much like the ever popular WhatsApp Messenger (TMA Review), GroupMe allows users to assign individuals into custom made groups for unlimited texting (see our previous article for more detailed info). Great for planning events or coordinating a project. Best of all, it’s free, so grab a couple of friends and get busy.

GroupMe™ Mindless Dribble, GroupMe, 4.1 MB – Free

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Make 2 Way video Calls now with Skype for iPad

Skype for iPad is now finally available on the App Store. No longer will you have to rely on the iPhone version while using your iPad and make do with the 2x function. So long as you’re on iOS 4.o (and higher) and an iPad 2, you can enjoy 2 way video calling for free. iPad 1 owners can still receive video, but the other party obviously won’t be able to see your pretty face.

Skype for iPad is beautifully designed and optimized for the iPad. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want a larger Skype experience, on-the-go. The large iPad screen is perfect for bringing Skype video calls to life, in either landscape or portrait view, and because it is on the iPad, Skype video calls can be made at the beach, in a car or even lying on a couch.

The app is free to download, and users can also make landline and mobile calls provided they either subscribe to a month plan, or pay-as-you go. Personally, I use the pay-as-you-go for long distance calls and the rates are some of the best around. If you have an iPad and use Skype, this is certainly a must-have app. Video demo and more info after the gap.

Skype for iPad Skype Software, Skype for iPad, 16.3 MB – Free

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Eight apps for a broken arm

After breaking my arm a couple of months ago, I learned a bit of biology. Bones are serious buggers, you know; they don’t just Lego into place after snapping. But even at 31 and five fingers down, I applied myself very fastidiously to apps that I could use one-handed. At first, they may seem eclectic, but I assure you that they were the best medicine. If you’re intent on joining my club, send in your resumes, apply something heavy/swift to your long bones, and then follow the gap!

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