GTD on the iPad: Next! receives 1.3 update

Next!, a gorgeous looking “getting things done” productivity app (aka GTD) for the iPad, has received some major enhancements thanks to the recent update. Users can now move between Action lists, projects and goals with a simple swipe on the screen. A handy new navigation wheel has also been implemented on the bottom right that mimics the gestures. One of the more appealing features of Next! is the ability to create links between multiple Actions, Projects, Goals, and References. You can even import an assortment of files (images, pdfs, word docs) and link them to individual events and items. So if you’re planning out all the actions for your school or work project, having all the reference materials right at your finger tips will (hopefully) make you much more productive. LefTurn Labs has also made available a pdf user guide that’ll give provide a more in-depth look at their app. Demo videos and more info right after the gap.

Next! LefTurn Labs LLC, Next!, – $9.99

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JotAgent updated with Evernote support

JotAgent, a simple and highly efficient note taking app that syncs with Dropbox, has just received a 2.0 update and added several new features that includes an interface redesign and more importantly, support for Evernote. For those who wish to quickly jot down notes and ideas, users can begin typing into JotAgent as soon as the app’s opened and a tap on the save button will now instantly sync them with Dropbox and/or Evernote. The update has also added an optional offline queue mode, where notes are saved until the iDevice connects to the internet once again. If simplicity, speed and Dropbox/Evernote syncing are required for your note taking needs, the universal JotAgent app works as advertised and is very affordable at only $0.99.

JotAgent ~ quick notes for Dropbox & Evernote Francisco Cantu, JotAgent  – $0.99

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TaskFlow spices up task management on your iPhone with pretty UI and features

The newly released TaskFlow app is hoping to win you over with an attractive interface and numerous useful features:

TaskFlow is uniquely designed app that lets you visualize your daily tasks and checklists, by making everything flow more easily. It has smooth and intuitive user interface like you’ve never seen before in todo apps. Different look & feel, amazing interface, beautiful animation and sounds will make tasks management real joy. TaskFlow combines everything you need to be productive: checklists, tasks, notes, reminders and timers – everything wrapped up in stunning interface. Completing your tasks doesn’t have to be boring and ugly anymore.

It certainly is one of the more aesthetically pleasing task managers on the iPhone and I’m digging the fact that you can assign each event/task with over 500 well designed icons. These can then be organized into custom checklists and folders. It currently does have several things missing, but an upcoming update will bring about advanced reminders with snooze and rescheduling, Dropbox syncing, location based reminders and more. Currently priced at $1.99 (50% off during initial weekend launch), TaskFlow has all the makings of a promising productivity app. Demo video and more app info after the gap.

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Freebie Alert: Easy Calendar now free for the day

Here’s another calendar news bit to throw your way: Easy Calendar for the iPhone/iPod Touch is now a freebie for the day. Normally priced at $1.99, the app’s designed with speedy event creations in mind, along with a clean and clutter free interface. While I have yet to personally check it out, the app’s been well received and the App Store reviews are mostly positive – with 120+ ratings of 4 1/2 stars. If you’re not ready to drop $2 bucks on Agenda Calendar, or my favourite – Calvetica just yet, Easy Calendar seems to be worth a try, especially for free. Demo videos and app features can be found within.

Easy Calendar T. van Zummeren, Easy Calendar, 1.3 MB – Free

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Agenda Calendar updated to 2.0, now a universal app

Agenda Calendar, a popular and top 20 best selling productivity app on the App Store (currently sitting at #13), has just received its biggest and most anticipated update thus far. With version 2.0, Agenda not only receives several new features and tweaks, but more importantly, it’ll now work on your iPad natively as well. Aside from its minimalistic design, the most desirable aspect about Agenda Calendar is its lightning quick navigation, which is primarily achieved via up/down and left/right swipes. There’s no doubt that once you get used to how quick and easy it is to use, you’ll never go back to the iOS’ stock calendar app. More info and demo video after the gap.

Agenda Calendar App Savvy, Agenda Calendar, 1.1 MB – $1.99

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Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica) updated to 4.2

Not only do these devs have the coolest name on the App Store (Mysterious Trousers), but their fantastic Calvetica calendar app is one I’ve come to love and use exclusively on the iPhone for all my scheduling needs. As such, it’s one of those apps I keep a close eye on for news and updates. While the 4.2 update brings about minor tweaks and improvements rather than major new features (that’s coming in 4.3), it does have one addition in particular I’m happy to see: the ability to choose which calendar you’d like an event to go under after every creation. Here’s the complete list of what’s new:

+ In settings you can ask the app to ask you what calendar to add an event to every time.
+ Manage alarms from within the event “details”
+ 24-hour support in Landscape week view.
+ Says “No Events” on days that that don’t have any events in agenda view
+ Week number added to week agenda view
+ Month in “Jump To Date” now swipe able
+ You can move the delete slider in event details like the other details

If you’re still on the look out for a reliable and fun calendar app to use, I highly recommend you take a close look at Calvetica ($2.99). Myterious Trousers also have 2 other apps priced at $0.99 without all the bells and whistles, but are just as user friendly and well designed: Calvetica Classic and Event Calendar (Tempus).

Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica) Mysterious Trousers, Fast Calendar & Tasks (Calvetica), 4.0 MB – $2.99

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10 iPhone and iPad Apps Businesses Can’t Go Without

Whether you are an employee or business owner, having fast access to portable and reliable tools is a necessity when it comes to overall productivity. Utilizing iPhone and iPad business applications is an excellent way to manage and control your work and take advantage of the latest in wireless broadband technology. Because of the overabundance of iDevice apps available, choosing the right ones to have on hand can be a confusing process. Before getting lost in the world of business apps, try these 10 apps that every businessperson should have readily available in order to get the most out of their work.

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DropCopy in Review – Sharing Your Stuff

Sharing stuff is a common need for anyone who uses a computer, iPhone, iPad or have friends/family with these devices. For example, I may want to use my iPad to read a pdf file on my computer, copy some text from a document on my iPad to a friend’s iPhone, or share a picture I just took with my wife. There are loads of apps available today that can transfer pictures, files, clipboards, URLs and other things, e.g., Bump, between devices, but is there anything that works well with all this media – and has a user interface that’s comprehensible to the average user?

Let’s take a look at one of them. DropCopy is a universal app for iOS devices and Macs (sorry, no PCs yet). It has a fun and unique user interface and works well with transferring most types of media.

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Eight apps for a broken arm

After breaking my arm a couple of months ago, I learned a bit of biology. Bones are serious buggers, you know; they don’t just Lego into place after snapping. But even at 31 and five fingers down, I applied myself very fastidiously to apps that I could use one-handed. At first, they may seem eclectic, but I assure you that they were the best medicine. If you’re intent on joining my club, send in your resumes, apply something heavy/swift to your long bones, and then follow the gap!

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Apple’s iWork Suite Now Works on iPhone and iPod Touch

The iWork Suite on the iOS has now finally found a home on the iPhone and iPod Touch, thanks to the recent universal update. Already considered to be among the most polished productivity apps on the platform, iWork users will no longer have to rely on their iPads when creating or editing documents while on-the-go. Aside from the universal support, the apps also include improved document management, allowing users to easily sort and organize docs into folders. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are sold separately for $9.99, but as always, if you already own these apps, the update can be downloaded for free. Full press release after the break.

Keynote Apple, Keynote – $9.99
Pages Apple, Pages – $9.99
Numbers Apple, Numbers, – $9.99

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