Eight Must Have Apps for Back-to-School

It’s the end of August and summer is coming to an end (sob). Soon, students across the United States and other parts of the world will be sucked back into the thing they dread most: school. But do not despair. With your iPod Touch (or iPhone) in hand, you can download the following applications that could very well make your transition into the school year much more bearable.

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GPush brings instant Gmail notification to your iPhone


Surely, one of the more useful features we’ve all been waiting for on the iPhone is the support for Gmail push. While other smartphone users live the good life and receive emails notifications on the fly, iPhone users had to resort to data fetching, where the phone attempts to “pull” new mail every 15 minutes or so. Not only did this consume more battery life, but with a platform that supports over 60,000 applications, we certainly expected more. Now thanks to OS 3.0 and its push notification feature, developers like Tiverias has filled the void with GPush, an app that notifies you of  Gmails the moment they arrive.

Tiverias Apps, GPush, $0.99, 0.3MB
Todo Lite

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App Update: Appigo’s Todo 3.0 now supports Push Notification + Walkthrough

todo_contest1 todo_contest2

When I first switched over to the iPhone 3G from my Sony Erricson P910i (bless that phone), one of the things I missed most was the ability of programs to run in the background. My primary need on the P910i was for third party Todo apps to notify me of reminders/events via a screen pop up (along with a sound) even when they were “closed”. While the iPhone still doesn’t support apps running in the background, the introduction of the Push Notification feature with the 3.0 OS update has helped solve this particular issue. Thankfully, Appigo’s Todo (one of the most robust and fully featured todo app we reviewed here) now supports Push and users can FINALLY get instant pop up alerts of upcoming tasks, no matter what it is they’re doing on their iDevice. For those not familiar with the push feature, I have included a mini run-down on how to get it up and running with the Todo app.

Appigo, Todo, $9.99, 1.6MB

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Grocery iQ in Review – Now you won’t forget the milk!


There are pages and pages of list applications available at the App Store nowadays. Although there’s nothing wrong with them, their functions are limited usually to an item name, possibly a short description, and if you’re lucky maybe a spot for a price. However if like me you try to be prepared for everything, one of the most common lists you’ll be making is for groceries. This is where “typical” apps tend to fall short. Recently, I was fortunate to stumble across Grocery iQ, an app specifically designed for your grocery list needs.

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Awesome Note in Review – Well on the way to awesome + 2 Promo Codes!

awesomenotes1I’m a bit of an app fiend, especially for productivity type apps. Despite already having tried some great note apps, and having settled on Momo, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Awesome Note. The icon fairly well jumped out at me, and looking at the screenshots, I was thinking I really shouldn’t spend that money. Nonetheless, I carefully looked over the app description – it didn’t sync to any online services, have a passcode lock, or live email, URL, and phone number links. Actually, it currently doesn’t have a lot of other features either, though the passcode lock and ability to sync online are my requirements for a note app. I sent an email off to the developers (BRID), and they promptly told me that these features are in the works and coming in the next update. I was sold, and downloaded it to see just how “awesome” this app really is.

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Bento in Review – Manage Who You Are and What You Are. No Matter Where You Are.


With the goal of keeping it “as easy to use as your Mac”, Bento is one of the best Mac-based personal organisation and database tools available from its creator, FileMaker Inc. It boasts such features as across the board synchronization with iCal, Mail, as well as all your files and photos. Inclusion of Excel or iWork spreadsheets and a pretty stylish set of included ready-to-use templates makes it itself extremely useful on its own. Now, with the release of Bento for iPhone, all your information will be easily accessible no matter where you are.

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Reminder Pro – Birthday/Anniversary in Review: Saving your $#@! One day at a time


If you’re like me, you have way too many birthdays or anniversaries to remember. Eventually you’re bound to forget one of them. Well worry no more. Ascii Studios, a division of Gigabyte Solutions Ltd. have definitely got your back. Reminder Pro is by far one of the best reminder apps on the market right now and is really dynamic for something that has only been in development for 6 months. With this handy app by your side, you’ll be the best friend/spouse/sibling/etc ever. Never forgetting a single birthday, anniversary, or any other special event ever again.

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Todo in Review – What are the rave reviews all about?

For any who have read my Pocket Informant review, you already know what got me into looking for apps that sync to online services, but for those of you who haven’t read it yet, I’ll give a brief summary of my need for online back up. At first, I depended on the inbuilt notes app and calendar for everything, but my old PC decided to quit syncing my calendar app and contacts to Outlook, and of course my notes, which included my todos simply didn’t sync when I first got my iPhone 3G. To top it all off, backing up my iPhone to iTunes seemed just a colossal waste of my free time.

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Quickword on Sale for the first 1000 customers!


Quickoffice, Inc., have reduced Quickword’s price from 12.99$ to 4.99$ for the first 1000 customers. The productivity suite has overcome inherent iPhone OS obstacles to debut cut/copy/paste before the trinity’s debut in Apple’s own OS 3.0. We paid special attention to Quickword  in our review of Quickoffice and later, expounded some differences between the initial release and subsequent updates.

Quickoffice, Quick Word, 4.99$, 4.5MB
Quickword®  ON SALE! (Documents, Email, & WiFi)

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100 Requisite Appstore Apps for the Web Designer and Developer

News-100DesignApps-bentou News-100DesignApps-omnifocus

For web professionals of all varieties, your iPhone may indeed be one of the most important tool you have to staying connected both with your clients and with your work. I could give anecdotal evidence of this by mentioning a certain young Mr. Read who has helped out TMA greatly. In fact, I could mention that he slings his iPod Touch on his hip like the cowboys of old did their guns. But, I won’t. I will just delicately touch on the fact that connection and prioritising are two extremely important aspects for both the up and coming developer and the more established web warrior.

Two of the most commonly used are OmniFocus and Bentou.
The Omni Group, Omnifocus, 19.99$, 1.6MB

FileMaker Inc., Bentou, 4.99$, 3.0MB

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