To-Do List Pro in Review – A To Do Thats Not Doo Doo!

With the New Year well underway, lots of people are working hard to stick to those resolutions that we make every year that aim to better ourselves and/or our personal situations. For me personally it is all about organisation and with my hands all over Concrete Software’s organizational app To-Do List Pro, my New Year’s resolution might just stick.

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iAccounts password manager in Review – Portable Personal Passwords

Remembering your passwords is probably one of the biggest pains in the you-know-what when it comes to surfing the net. With more and more sites require you to register to gain access you almost need a little helper standing at the ready. I’ve tried many password reminders in the past for pc/mac/idevice and have often found them wanting. Luckily, VenticentoStudio’s handy iAccounts password manager has come to my rescue. It is a password manager that can handle just about anything you throw at it – just don’t literally throw things at your device, okay?

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App Store Boner: Apple’s arbitrary ousting of AppVault

Ray Wenderlich, author of AppVault and special developer contributor at TouchMyApps has been struck by some bad luck decisions lately. Unfortunately, none of them are his. AppVault is one of a few premium apps which does its job extremely well. But that may have been the problem. Two nights ago, AppVault was removed from the App Store at the request of one of Ray’s competitors, ALLABOUTAPPS, on the grounds that AppVault is “too similar and infringed on their copyright” in AppBox. Ray rightly points out on his blog AppVault, that according to US copyright law, ideas cannot be copied. And according to Ray, AppVault has a superior feature set to AppBox.

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The JBnator Diaries – QuickSMS in Review – The way Apple should’ve done the stock SMS app

Hey there, jailbreak fans! I’m baaaaack. Sorry for missing the last couple of weeks, but I was on New Year’s vacation. I don’t know how you managed without me, but don’t fret, I’m here now! And without further ado, back to the column.

One of the most notable oversights of Apple, at least in my mind, is the lack of features of some stock apps, most notably – the SMS/MMS one. Sure, the iPhone is hailed as the next-gen device with e-mail, IM, etc. support, so who would really want to use the old SMS, right? Well, that may be the case to some extent, but in many parts of the world not everyone has the latest and greatest gadgets and devices. As such, we can always resort to the good ol’ tried and tested SMS. And speaking of the iPhone’s stock app, we’re immediately amazed by the lack of even such basic features as Delivery Reports. Well, no more! For all members of the Jailbreaking community there is a way out – QuickSMS.

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MobileNoter in Review – The power of MS OneNote at your fingertips

Some users may have missed it, but with MS Office 2007 and later, a clever little program called Microsoft OneNote piggybacks on the office suite. It’s an advanced and extensive notebook software that allows you to easily keep all of your notes in one place. And the best thing is that unlike the notes section built-in to Outlook, it can handle formatted text, images, links, etc. You can easily make different notebooks, password protect them, categorise them and more. Why am I writing all of this? Well, now you can get all of that information on your iPhone! Almost at least… Introducing – MobileNoter…

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AppVault Pro in Review – When AppBox Pro just isn’t enough

You all might be aware of AppBox Pro - it has been one of the top paid apps on iTunes for a while now. I’ve always loved this all-in-one utilities app. It saved so much space by condensing all those individual apps into one convenient package. But what if I told you there was something better? Something prettier, cooler, and spiffier. Just released on December 29, 2009 by C3 Software, I introduce AppVault Pro. Not only is it better than its counterpart, it does more. Yes, you heard me. More. In fact, 6 more.

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Unleash PowerPoint on your iPhone with Documents to Go Premium update

When it comes to viewing and editing Microsoft Office products on your iPhone/iPod Touch (primarily Word and Excel), there are essentially two apps that lead the way: QuickOffice and Documents to Go. Each have their own strengths and a user base that prefer one over the other. If you’re a heavy PowerPoint user however, choosing DataViz’s Office suite just got easier. With the latest 3.0 update of Documents to Go Premium, users can now even create/edit PowerPoint slides right on their trusty iDevices. For road warriors who do their share of presentations, this new ability could prove invaluable indeed. Another great new feature found in this update is the added support for Gmail attachments. That’s right, you can now edit/view files directly from your Gmail account. For those who don’t require PowerPoint, check out DocsToGo, which has less features but a more affordable price tag ($9.99). Complete app details after the break.

Documents To Go� Premium DataViz, Inc., Documents To Go® Premium – $14.99

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Do more on your iPhone with AppVault Pro

When it comes to all-in-one utility type apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of choices available at the App Store. What’s so popular about them? For starters, you get plenty of useful apps (tip calculator, units and currency converter etc etc.) and all for the price of one. We previously reviewed Appbox Pro and found it to be of great value, offering lots of helpful tools in one neat package. Well now there’s a new kid in town and it goes by the name AppVault. Developed by C3 Software, it includes 25 apps – ranging from the more typical ones to a Bible, Guitar Tuner and even Parking Buddy! (track where you parked that Bentley of yours). There is also a FREE version for you to try out, which includes 10 of the 25 apps.  If you have a fetish with the all-in-one flavor or you simply need to make sure of these utilities, AppVault indeed looks very promising. More info and screenshots after the jump.

AppVault Pro C3 Software, AppVault Pro – $2.99

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AppBank: pennies, publishers, puns and loads’ apps

Dime a dozen, iPhone app sites have popped up all over the place. If a couple of years ago, the trend was to one-off an app for the App Store, now it is to start-up an iPhone website. Amidst this chaos is AppBank, a fun, reckless website headed up by former fine arts major, Yasuaki Miyashita. The same 28 year old lad was told that he would never kick it in a normal company – a fact which I’m not discerning enough to deny relishing. Had he gone off to some large Japanese corporation, my daily dose of Japanese グラビア (gravure) would suffer a much smaller stipend and tonight’s Indian curry would have been a lonely affair. If you can get around the Japanese language, AppBank is a fun website which I wholeheartedly recommend. They have also outed a cute self-titled app which helps iPhone users get around their site and loads of new apps. So, throw caution to the wind and enjoy a truly great cultural experience: the melding of Japanese business sense with ample opportunities afforded by Apple. AppBank are in no way related to the book-loving Korean company by the same name. Cheers. Mobile, AppBank, FREE, 0.9 MB Mobile

AppBank website

More Christmas price drops fall on App Store – SEED 1, Shape, EA


It’s indeed a rain of Xmas sales and giveaways.

Electronic Arts have dropped the prices on 8 (yes eight!) titles today including Command and Conquer along with other great games.

But the best is yet to come – Chillingo’s hit RPG SEED 1 – RISE OF DARKNESS is currently being marked to FREE at the App Store. You may be able to grab it now, but the App Store may take a little longer to update the app. Its original price was $2.99.

And not only game publishers get into the Christmas spirit – Shape Services have made massive discounts on their amazing IM+ (down to $2.99 from $9.99) and RDM+ (down to $3.99 from $19.99) along with a couple of other apps.

I don’t know for how long will this last, but it’s now or never!

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