A Look at QuickPic – Wireless Photo Transfers on Your iPhone

Transferring photos from an iPhone to your computer may not always be the most simplified process in the world.  If you don’t happen to have your cable with you, the only way to sync your photos for non-jailbroken iPhone users would be to email them to your inbox.  Certainly not very user friendly as you would have to send each photo individually, open your email and finally save them to your desktop or notebook. A new iPhone app called QuickPic actually simplifies this process by allowing you to download your photos to any computer using a web brower via WIFI.

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A Look at Cartoonizeme – Have Fun with Photos on your iPhone

Portegno Apps has recently released Cartoonizeme, a fun and easy to use app that will allow you to add neat little built-in images to all your photos. You have the option of taking a new picture with your iPhone camera to have it edited, or simply choose one from your camera roll. Once a photo is selected, users will be able to add elements from categories such as Eyes, Mouths, Wigs, Glasses, Hats and much more.

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FotoTimer – Love at Low Light

Mac About Town (the developer behind the App Store’s first self timer camera app) has sent us a copy of a soon to be released version 1.1 of FotoTimer that has additional features implemented. FotoTimer is a simple but useful app that allows you to delay the camera timer by 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds so you can take a group shot without leaving anyone behind. For camera shots at low light, setting a timer helps reduce the noise and blurriness caused by tapping the screen and a shaky hand. This new release will include a countdown sound so that you will know when a photo will be taken, as well as an option to automatically have a photo saved to your camera roll after FotoTimer snaps a shot.

A few simple test shots at low lighting showed improved images when the self timer was used and my iPhone propped up. No more unsteady hands and the slight shaking of the phone when tapping the shutter button.

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