HideHere – for when you just got to blot it out


Don’t ask me what I meant, I just pounded the keyboard and a title popped up on the screen. What I do know is that developer sonson made this unique app to work extremely well with photos. So, while candiding about the city with your respectable 3GS camera, you have a backup plan in case any of your photos require discretionary measures. In Japanese, the blurring effect is called モザイク or mosaic, but in English, I cannot think of the name. Anyway, (cue the jingle) – there’s an app for that.

sonson, HideHere, 0.99$, 0.1 MB

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iPhone Photography – iPhoneography


You don’t need to tote the latest SLR, the right lenses, a smattering of know-how, and maintain a good eye to take great photographs. Enthusiastic users are turning out their pockets for the iPhone 3GS, which coupled with a few good photography apps, makes an excellent camera. iPhoneography is a website dedicated to those users who want more out of their phone than the odd game or lingerie shot. Thanks to such users, the world about us is becoming ever more illuminated.

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SepiaCamera has gone cheap – FREE


Takayuki Fukatsu‘s apps are focused. Each adds new functionality to the iPhone camera that is undoubtedly missing a few features; they are: OldCamera, ToyCamera, SepiaCamera and Quad Camera, a modular group of excellent extensions to the iPhone. Each come at rather low prices, but Sepia Camera has just dropped from 0.99$ to free. Grab it below – it works with OS 3.0.

Takayuki Fukatsu, Sepia Camera, FREE!, 0.6 MB

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The 3GS goes for a drive; nearly swallows fire, takes videos to prove it

Of course it has been done before, but this time, the newfangled iPhone is duct-taped and twined in for a bumpy ride attached to the front of a car. The nearly 3-minute video footage shows clearly that the 3GS has some quality recording capabilities under its hood and that the blogger who took the video is a creative bloke.

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PhotoForge in Review – The go anywhere, do anything photo editor


The iDevice is such an overachiever – there are fathomless possibilities that are yet undiscovered. Fortunately, clever designers have coaxed the platform to do things that, had I known were possible in 2007-2008, would have made my nose bleed excitedly. PhotoForge is a new addition to my personal favourites at the App Store. It joins the ranks of truly amazing software such as AirSharing and my all-time favourite, The Quest and stands head and shoulders above its peers.

What, was that my conclusion? No, read on, but get your wallets ready for a two-dollar injection into developer GhostBird‘s account.

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Brain Controller at App Store – digital animation gone scary

Scouring new apps is a fun pastime of mine which has grown into an hours upon hours time investment of time and energy. Japanese MotionPortrait, the company who have brought freakishly realistic picture-to animation technology to production have released a peak-a-boo version of their software to the iDevice.

I thought I was clever in creating some simple stop-animations of Playmobil hedgehogs chasing each other – looks like I was wrong.

Our Review of Brain Controller can be found here.

MotionPortrait, Brain Controller, 2.99$, 1.8 MB
Brain Controller

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Witch My Wife in Review – Nothing Pretty About This View


For a measly 99 cents you can turn your second half into a real hag with Witch My Wife. Developer Portegno have included everything you need in order to prove to your mates and commiserators once and for all that you are married to a deadly pythoness. Yeah, they have a whole arsenal of proof-positive items: warty noses, spiders, cobwebs and nasty hats. Take a peak, but be wary lest you delve too far into sinisterness. 

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iSwap Faces in Review- Plastic Surgery Without Going Under The Knife + 2 Promo Codes

iswapfaces11In all that is arty and fancy, Photoshop has become a standard for editing and manipulating images. Many of the less essential abilities of Photoshop have now made their way to the App Store. A fine example of a feature we’ve all come to love is the ability to swap faces with anyone or anything using the tools that are at our disposal with Photoshop. This feature can now be added to the arsenal of photo editing apps for the iDevice, in the name iSwap Faces.

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Encrypto in Review – Protecting your Photos from International Spies & Nosey Friends

encrypto1Ever been on a Top Secret Covert Operation behind enemy lines where you are  just moments from being captured by a brutal enemy who will stop at nothing to get photos of your wife and kids that you have strategically placed on your iPhone or iPod Touch? With so many of us having been in this position at one time or another, I believe we’ve all had the same thought cross our minds: “I wish there was an application I could use to protect those I love at this very moment.” Worry no longer. That application is here; your family and friends will always be safe thanks to Readdle.

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Evangelion Cut Out, Clock and Stamp in Review – For the Fans!

Neon Genesis Evangelion made waves in 1995 and has come back recently thanks to the promise of a Hollywood remake to again mark its territory as one of anime’s greatest landmarks. Well, Appliya have brought to the App Store some of the magic which has made Evangelion a hit both then and now. The outcome? Five new apps, three of which I have been able to fondle. Firstly, I expect that these apps will really appeal to fans of the original show and the new live action movie wich is slated for opening sometime this century. Maybe.

If you are interested in What Evangelion is, take a look at a fan’s mash up of what the live action movie could become as well as glimpses of Evangelion anime scenes.

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