Textropolis in Review – Build ‘Words’ and They Shall Come

textropolis7Ian Marsh, the brains behind the popular App Store title Hanoi Plus and the highly enjoyable Scoops, has taken on the Word Game genre with the release of the very cool and fun Textropolis. Unlike the majority of Word titles that lack a theme or some much needed flavor, Textropolis delivers by taking you around the world and have you finding hidden words in each city as you progress.

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First Look at Paper Pilot – Paper Airplane Goodness for your iPhone

paperpilot1I remember spending heaps of time as a kid playing with and testing out all kinds of paper airplanes, trying to make them glide further and faster. While that hobby is long gone,  Clever Coding has revived those fun memories with their release of the beautiful 3D flyer Paper Pilot. Developed using the powerful iPhone game engine Unity, Paper Pilot will have you flying a paper airplane through gorgeously rendered 3D environments via the accelerometer and collecting  floating paperclips in the least amount of time possible.

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Incognito – Hide your Naughty iPhone Safari Habits (Porn) while you Surf

incognito1Project4Pros has just released an anonymous web browser for the iPhone/iPod Touch. For those who have a habit of covering their surfing tracks (maybe you don’t want your girlfriend to know you are secretly ordering her a dozen roses for no good reason or are simply browsing for engagement rings…rrrright) by constantly clearing Mobile Safari’s history, then you may find Incognito rather handy.
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iPhone/ iPod Touch Storage Applications in Review – Air Sharing -vs- MobileFiles Pro -vs- WiFi Disk

With the apparent death of the floppy drive in the mid-1990s, there were a number of replacement technologies that competed for the title as heir-apparent. These included:

** ZIP Drive, a magnetic drive that held 100MB in the beginning and grew to 250MB;
** Magneto Optical Drive, a rewritable optical disk that held 128MB to about 2.3GB for the 3.5” version whilst the bigger 5.25” version held Continue reading…

Trapped: Undead Infection Now Available + Impressions

trapped_undead-infection1Com2uS Corp, the developers behind The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor and Crazy Hotdogs has released a survival horror title in Trapped: Undead Infection. Playing as a scientist trapped in a bio-research facility,  you have no recollection of who you are and what’s happening around you.  One thing is for certain: zombies are everywhere and you must defend yourself with an assortment of weapons (stun guns, pistols, shotguns) as well as solve puzzles along the way.

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Linx – Free App Giveaway! (closed)

linx_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of the newly released fun and fast paced game called Linx. Here’s your chance to play it for free! All you have to do to enter is submit a comment and let us know what your favorite game(s) is on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Five lucky winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Jan 14 2009 @ 2pm EST. As usual, please ensure you enter your email address correctly as this is the only way I can send you the code. Good luck everyone!

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zerogate interview: The Father and Son of MeterRead

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

Screenshot of the updated MeterRead from zerogate

On 11 January, 2009, TouchMyApps got an exclusive sneak peak at the great new features of zerogate’s iPhone/iPod Touch App: MeterRead. On the same day and just 22 hours or so later, we got to speak a spoonful with the  wise, humorous and sassy father/son duo who make MeterRead. It is long, sometimes convoluted and extremely biased, but I think you will find this team to be witty, clever and ready to storm the app store with more unique ideas.


Black and beautiful: Shigzeo of TMA
Blue - Father (Leonard G. Barton)
Red – Son (Mark E. Barton)

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MeterRead Go Go Goes Update!


Update will bring some new goodies!

In forging ahead to become a greener company, Apple have redesigned their macbook line to be one of the most recyclable and environment irritant free notebook lines in the world. They are also advancing their recycling system but still have a long, long way to go until they reach green parity with companies who have applied friendly environmental practices for a longer time and to more than just their consumer products.

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Abby Crabby in Review – Underwater Mayhem

abbycrabby1In keeping up with my last review of iPhone games that are intended for ‘all age groups’, we’ll be taking a look a cartoonishly designed title called Abby Crabby. Developed by Steamboat Mountain Designs, Abby Crabby takes you deep underwater, where you play as Abby the Crab and your sole mission is to protect baby crabs from falling debris and trash.

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