MemoryInfo w Free Memory in Review – It Does What It Says



I enjoy Apps that get straight to the point. This one in particular tells you exactly what it is and what it does in its name. It’s straight forward, no nonsense that we need in these deep and financially murky times. MemoryInfo w/ Free Memory gives you info about your iDevice’s memory and allows you to free memory. It’s just that simple.

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Aqua Moto Racing in Review – New Paint May Not Be a Bad Thing

aquamotoracing1Within the genre of racing, it’s difficult to bring something totally new to the table. While Aqua Moto Racing may be the only jet-ski racing game, there is little to separate it from other water based racing games. This being said, this App does extremely well based just on its own merits. Even though it doesn’t have enough to separate itself from the other racers out there, it is filled with enough options and is presented well enough to make it a great gameplay experience. It is one of the better racers you will play on your iDevice.

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Circuit Defenders in Review – Anti-Virus With a Twist… or Tower

circuitdefenders_pic1It’s practically a right of passage for anyone that has ever owned a computer (unless you’re so cool that you’ve only ever had a Mac). One day you start to notice that your computer is running a lot slower than it used to. No matter how few programs you’re running, or how much disk space you free up, you swear there’s something going on in the computer. Oh yeah, the constant porn pop-ups are also a sign that something is definitely not right. So you download, buy, steal, or otherwise acquire an antivirus program, install it, and let it work its magic… but what exactly is it doing? The developers at Sector3 have an idea of what’s going on in there, and they made it into a game: Circuit Defenders.

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Behold: Metal Gear Solid Touch sneaks into App Store

msgtouch_releaseThe good news indeed keeps on coming. First, the much hyped announcement of the iPhone OS 3.0 that will include features like copy & paste (Alleluia!), push notification, landscape keyboard and p2p networking. If this didn’t get your juices flowing, then maybe Konami’s release of the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid Touch will. [Check out our review here]

“Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots,” the latest chapter in the record-setting 26 .5 million-seller game series “Metal Gear” is being reborn on the iPhone/iPod touch! With its intuitive multi-touch interface, METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH is a game that anyone can easily pick-up and enjoy.

Based on the profound storyline of “MGS4”, Metal Gear Solid Touch features the unique foes of MGS4, including the beautiful and deadly members of the dreaded “B&B” corps. Whether you are an MGS4 fan or a new-comer to the Metal Gear series, “Metal Gear Solid Touch” is a rhythmic touch shooting game that everyone can enjoy.

Needless to say, MGS Touch has ranked right at the top of our list of games to to keep an eye on. If you’re a diehard fan of the series, I’m sure you’ll have no problem dropping $7.99 for a chance to get your Metal Gear fix on your iDevice. More casual fans though may bulk at the price tag and the fact that this exclusive iPhone reincarnation is ‘only’ a shooter/sniper game at heart (and not the full blown MGS we’ve come to love). Regardless, TouchMyApps will be getting our groove on with Solid Snake himself and  have a full on review in the coming days. [Metal Gear Solid Touch, $7.99]

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American Heritage Dictionary in Review: Can You Spell Best?

ahd4-review-img_0017This week’s dictionary review section will begin with American Heritage Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus bundle. Pocket-able and pretty, Enfour‘s AHD4 is nothing short of astounding. For 29.99$, users are given many features that amount to the best dictionary in the App Store. After spending some lovey time with a couple of versions of the OED, Wordbook and a few others, I am convinced that AHD4 will remain on top for a long time.

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Space Trader in Review: Light Years of Potential

space-trader-review-img_0037 space-trader-review-img_0038

Elite broke ground and Privateer sunk its teeth deep into the pockets of Space Trader fans around the world, but for the younger gamer, Freelancer and the X series will probably be familiar trader landmarks. Kechbs Software‘s Space Trader is the first of the genre to explore the App Store.

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Week in Review – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps1In following Ethan Nicolas’ decision to release a free ‘lite’ version of his iShoot tank game (which coincided with the full paid version skyrocketing to #1 at the App Store), developers all over have now adopted this strategy, giving users the chance to ‘try before they buy’. This past week, we saw some big name titles go lite on us; Time Crisis Strike, Payback, Sentinel and even a Top 10 contender in Zombieville USA. Artificial Life (Amateur Surgeon and Shooter), has released the very neat BMW Z4 app that allows you to paint a canvas while test driving the bimmer. Sweet. Check out the list below for some worthwhile apps to try out free.

Simutrans now here and free for your iDevice

simutran891Simutrans, a free and popular transport simulation game (think SimCity and Transport Tycoon Deluxe) that has graced the PC, Linux and Mac has just made its way onto the iPhone/iPod Touch. Thanks to ZodTTD, the master homebrow dev responsible for bringing SNES and Playstation 1 emulators to jailbroken iDevices (among other projects), the port of Simutrans can now be enjoyed gratis at the palm of your hand:

Your goal is to establish a successful transport company. Transport passengers, mail and goods by rail, road, ship, and even air. Interconnect districts, cities, public buildings, industries and tourist attractions by buiding a transport network you always dreamed of.

Planes, ships, trains, trams, trucks, busses and monorails are at your disposal. You can control and watch your finances and the traffic of your vehicles and goods.

As this is essentially a direct port of the PC game and not built from the ground up for the iPhone, players will find Simutrans rather sluggish and an interface that can be difficult to nagivate. Still, free is free and fans of the genre should definitely be checking this out. [Simutrans, FREE]