Waldo found in Canada – Canuck’s top app

Everyone once in a while, I throw caution to the wind, damn the American App Store, and look at what the rest of the world (in small letters) is enjoying. Well, Oh Canada has been ripping its shorts on Where’s Waldo, a relatively new app which hails to the good ol’ days of magnifying glasses, colour-blind streams of cartoon characters, and perfect frustrated searching. Waldo has found some friends this time to accompany his journey through the game’s 12 magical worlds; and just in time for the holiday, seller Ludia have blessed the app with a 40% discount. For a limited time, Waldo fun can be had for 2.99$.

Ludia, Where’s Waldo?â„¢ The Fantastic Journey, 2.99$, 133 MB
Where's Waldo?? The Fantastic Journey

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Regator Premium – Web’s Best Blogs in Review – All the same great content, none of the calories


In case you didn’t know, there is A LOT of stuff on the internet. As is usually the case though, there’s some good, some great, and a whole lot of garbage. The problem is that when you look for your favourite topics, you will almost always uncover the sloppy ratio that favours garbage. With sites like Regator.com constantly scouring the net to find the best sites/blogs/posts, you can trim a lot of that garbage and get right to the good. And if that wasn’t enough now you can get all that convenience and more on your iDevice.

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RSSPush in Review – Feed Your Feed Read Need!

review-news-rsspush-rsspush1RSS feeds are extremely popular nowadays, and there’s no shortage of readers available in the app store.  The problem is that if you don’t know the specific feeds that you are interested in, the task of picking and choosing can be quite tedious. DNet Telecom has come with a solution to both solve the problem of needing a reader as well as simplify the task of choosing feeds.

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