News – Marvel Puzzle Quest Awesome Trailer


I don’t normally promote trailers for video games, mainly because the game itself is the most important part of the package. In this case, however, I found this trailer to be clever, and if all you see of it is the TV spot then you’re missing out. So, here’s the full live action trailer for Marvel Puzzle Quest:

While you’re at it, why not grab the game as well:

Get A Chance To Try Out Earthcore: Shattered Elements Early!


Do you eat, sleep and breathe CCG… or at least really like that type of game play?  How would you like to get your hands on such a game before its general release on the iOS platform?  If you’re already starting to drool then you’re the right candidate for the job.  Head on over to and sign up for the Earthcore: Shattered Elements beta.  If you’re one of the first 10 people to sign up and put TouchMyApps in the favourite CCG field then you’ll be guaranteed a slot in the beta.  Please make sure you have an iPad 3 or above (including iPad Minis) before you sign up, however.  Hurry up, too – open beta registration closes on December 10th.  For more information:


Jasmine is a great looking (and free) YouTube client for the iPhone and iPad

Jasmine youtube player on the iPad

Watching YouTube videos on your iDevice has just gotten a whole lot prettier thanks to the recently released Jasmine app. Brought to you by Jason Morrissey, the developer of Alien Blue (a client for Reddit that looks equally clean and well designed), Jasmine is a YouTube client that not only looks great, but is fully featured. It has a day/night theme, supports Playlists/Favourites/Subscriptions (login to your YouTube account), and you can also play audio from music videos in the background while you check your emails/iMessages.

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Instapaper adds iBooks-style page turns and more in 4.2 update

Instapaper, arguably the best read it later app on iOS (this despite the recent relaunch of the very capable Pocket), has been updated to v4.2 and adds even more substance to its already impressive list of features. The all-new “Fast Pagination Mode” improves upon the accuracy and page-turn speed thanks to the complete re-write of the old pagination code. And for those who love iBook’s page-turn animations, you’ll be happy to know that Instapaper now mimics the same effect when swiping from one page to the next (optional). Other new additions include a two finger swipe gesture to close an article, an “Auto” full screen mode and a draggable dot bar that replaces the old scoll bar in pagination mode. Instapaper is a universal app and free for existing users, otherwise, will cost $4.99. Full list of what’s new after the break.

Instapaper Marco Arment, Instapaper – $4.99

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Read It Later now becomes “Pocket”, free across all mobile devices

Read It Later, a popular read it later service with over 4.5 million users, has rebranded itself as “Pocket” and is now free across all major platforms (iOS, Android, Kindle, Web). Much like Instapaper and Readability, it lets you save web content for reading at a later time, with a user friendly format and offline viewing as well. Unique to Pocket however, is a video/image filter that allows users to easily find Youtube or Vimeo links that have previously been saved (or any article with a video embedded). The universal app also supports bulk editing, favoriting and tagging and is integrated into over 300 apps, including Zite and Flipboard. From my brief use so far, I’ve been impressed with its UI, ability to tag, and more importantly, I love the fact that I can now save videos I come across and watch them whenever via a neatly compiled list. Definitely worth checking out if you like saving articles/webpages to read later on your iPhone/iPad. Check out the promo video and full press release after the break.

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) Idea Shower, Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) – Free

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Readability for iPhone and iPad now available

Readability, hands down the the best alternative to Instapaper’s read it later service, has finally made its way onto the iOS platform. First announced back in November of last year, Readability teamed up with the talented designers at Teehan+Lax to bring users a beautifully designed and easy to use iPhone and iPad app. For those not familiar, Readability is a great tool that lets you strip away all clutter from a webpage, leaving you with a center column of text – much like Safari’s Reader functionality. Of course, you can elect to save these pages for reading later – be it online or offline. And this is where the app comes into play; any webpage you send to Readability  via a web browser will sync with your iOS devices, so you can read those saved articled when you’re out and about. Even if you have already invested in Instapaper’s $4.99 app, Readability is definitely worth checking out. It’s now available to download for free on the App Store.

Readability™ Readability, Readability, – Free

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All-in YOGA HD now only $0.99

All-in YOGA HD, a fantastic yoga app and also one of my favorite apps on the iPad, has just dropped from $4.99 to $0.99 for the next 2 days. The app lets users of all levels choose from over 40 ready-made yoga programs with different goals in mind, from health, stretching, breathing to strengthening various parts of the body. After being convinced of getting into yoga by my chiropractor, All-in YOGA basically saved me from the constant and nagging back pains, as I was able to follow along and stretch and strengthen my body without having to take classes. And being a complete yoga newbie, the videos (and voice prompts) that accompany the lessons were most useful and even neccessary. Simply put, if you’re looking for a quality Yoga app (or are thinking about getting into Yoga), All-in YOGA HD for the iPad is a steal at $0.99. iPhone users can pick up All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes, which recently went on sale for a buck. Take a look at the video trailer below – it’ll will you a tour of what to expect from the app.

All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes ARAWELLA, All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes, – $0.99

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Google Currents now available for iPhone and iPad

Google has just released Google Currents for the iPhone and iPad, an app that delivers magazine like content right on your iDevice (can you say Flipboard?). Partnering with over 150 publishers, including CNET, Forbes, PBS, Huffington Post and more, users will have access to full-length articles that have especially been optimized for mobile (and even offline) viewing. Users will also be able to subscribe to specific publications of their liking, along with RSS, video/photo feeds and even Google Reader subscriptions they’re already following. By the sounds of it, Google Currents is quite promising, especially the fact that it supports Google Reader. The app is free to download and it’s available now on the App Store. Check out the demo video after the break.

Google Currents Google, Google Currents, – Free

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Flipboard now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Flipboard, a highly popular social magazine app for the iPad, has finally made it ways onto the iPhone.

Named Apple’s iPad App of the year and one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations, Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications. Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from the smallest blogs to publications like Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair, and use Instapaper or Read It Later to save articles to read later. Connect Flipboard to all your social networks, and you’ll have a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you.

The eagerly awaited iPhone app also includes a brand new feature only exclusive to the iPhone and iPod Touch – Cover Stories. With Cover Stories, you can quickly browse the most interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now. It’ll apparently get “smarter” every time you use and interact with it. Like the iPad version, Flipboard is completely free to download. Flipboard’s new iPhone ad and more can be found below.

Update: If you’re having troubles building your first Flipboard and receiving the “Couldn’t build your Flipboard. Please check your internet connection and try again.”, you’re not alone. A number of people are also having difficulties getting started. It’s possible that the Flipboard servers are hammered at the moment with the influx of new iPhone users. Hopefully this is won’t last too long and that you’ll be able to actually use the app shortly.

Flipboard Flipboard Inc., Flipboard, – Free

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