TapTunes in Review – Coverflow perfected

If you have an iPhone, you are probably familiar with the app called iPod and if you have an iPod touch, Music. And if neither is good enough for your tailored preferences, David Blundell has created a great front end for Apple’s apps called TapTunes. For 1.99$, it allows you to search, play and shuffle in ways which haven’t been possible before all while discovering albums you forgot you had!

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Jukemaster finally hit the AppStore – Music to your ears

Some time ago we reported the problems Palm Heroes Team had in submitting their latest application to Apple for review. Having no other way out but to submit to Apple’s “recomendations” they quickly changed the “offensive” pharse to something a bit more neutral. And just a little while later, their unique app – Jukemaster is finally on the AppStore.

Jukemaster is not a regular audio player. Rather it is a tool for aspiring musicians to facilitate learning to play music “by ear”. You can adjust the speed of playback, loop selected fragments and more.You can find the full feature list after the gap.

Jukemaster Palm Heroes Team, Jukemaster – $2.99

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DopplerPad in Review – iDevice music creation squared


According to Retryonyms website, DopplerPad is an expressive touch instrument designed exclusively for iPhone & iPod Touch. Experienced electronic music creators will recognize this as the iPhone version of a Kaossilator. Whatever you call it, Dopplerpad is one of the most fun and useful music apps available on any mobile device, and at only $10, a much better introduction into electronical music and sequencing than $100+ equipment such as the Kaossilator.

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Markus Schulz – American trance lives on the iPhone


I used to disregard the American trance/progressive scene as derivative and boring, but damn, Markus Schulz’ exciting first album, Progression, has showed me how erred that thinking was. While he is a naturalised American from Germany, he is bringing the beats to the USA with a vigour that sends me into shivers. I purchased Progression on a blessed whim about a year ago when the album was no more than a great, few weeks old listen – now it is among my staple listens. And because of Markus’ technical mixing, Progression houses a few benchmark songs for headphone testing! Well, now the American trance man himself has become a Global DJ Top 15 member and has an app. Markus Schulz by phizuu is all things Schulz, but in your pocket, and unlike myriad other web-leaching apps, free. Did I download it? What do you think?

Want to know more about the man who may bring trance to a rock/pop blind nation? Check out Markus Schulz’ website.

Phizuu, Markus Schulz, FREE, 1.0 MB
Markus Schulz - Progression

More piccies and info after the gap:

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Xewton Music Studio in Review – GarageBand On Your iDevice

Update: We’re giving away 20 copies of XMS! Click here for details

Oh, how far we’ve come. It seems just like yesterday (maybe because it was yesterday), that I asked myself if GarageBand, or at least some form of it, would make its way onto the iDevice. Well, my friends, there is in-fact an app for that, and it goes by the name of Xewton Music Studio.

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Come Ride “On a Boat” with I Am T-Pain App + Contest

I Am T-Pain, one of the coolest and most hyped apps in the entertainment world of late, has finally released the incredibly popular (not to mention hilarious and catchy) “I’m on a boat” song as an in-app download.  To celebrate this occasion, Smule is kicking off the “I’m On a Boat” contest, offering up some pretty wicked prizes:

  • $500.00 to each of the top ten finalists
  • Grillz, modeled after T-Pain’s own grillz, to each of the top ten finalists
  • $5,000.00 and a Big Ass Chain ($47 value, approximate weight of 10 lbs) to the top finalist
  • Internet fame and glory

To enter this contest, it’s as easy as submitting a Youtube video of yourself performing “I’m on a boat” while using Smule’s I Am T-Pain app. Creativity, humor and view counts on Youtube will all play a role in searching for the next Autotune superstar. The other great news is that the app is on sale ($0.99) until Saturday evening. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now and make Adam Sandberg proud! More contest details can be found after the break.

Smule, I Am T-Pain, $0.99, 2.6 MB
I Am T-Pain

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I Am T-Pain in Review – Jumping on the Boat


Smule, creator of the fine musical app, Ocarina, has brought the Antares autotune popularized by T-Pain to the iPhone. I Am T-Pain is pretty simple, and does what it says: roboticisng your voice to in order to perform such classic hits as Buy U A Drank and I’m On A Boat. You can set it to different scales or just a generic T-Pain style, but more on that later.

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Welcome to the Social – Spotify preempts iTunes

As long as you have internet, you have music. While not Spotify’s mantra, it seems a reasonable motto for the ground-breaking music service. Today in simultaneous releases, Spotify hit both the App Store and Android’s Marketplace. This isn’t just another music front-end, nor a normal piece of news. Spotify can literally replace iTunes for the casual listener. The service currently only services the the Viking countries, their formally pillaged lands (i.e. UK), Spain, Finland, and France.

Spotify, Spotify, 0€ (UK Link)

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Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes in Review – Some Things Are Better Off Unseen


Back in the good ol’ jailbreaking days of firmware 1.1.1, the iPod touch was my main source of media entertainment. 2 years later I have given up jailbreaking but I’m constantly reminded of the apps that made jailbreaking worthwhile. One of these apps was PocketTouch, which allowed you to blindly control music without using the Music app. Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes snuck into the App Store beneath everybody’s radar. I’d not heard of it before and no one really talks about it – I wonder why?

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Guitar Rock Tour 2 in Review – Music To My Ears


Well, I’ve finally done it. I have finally convinced myself to partake in the extravaganza known as “going on tour”. Having prior experience from Guitar Hero and seven years of electric guitar lessons, I found my skills adequate enough to undergo the journey of traveling to 10 diverse locations around the world and performing there. While my head may still be in the clouds, Guitar Rock Tour 2, by Gameloft is the highly anticipated sequel to one of my favorite games to ever hit the App Store.

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