App Store Boner – Cancer sells: a story by Prof McMurphy and ZENESSA

ZENESSA are right when they say: “McMurphy’s Subliminal App for Cancer Patients can’t replace the appropriate treatment”. And they are right when quite positively, they postulate: “By controlling your thoughts, you CAN change your life”. But in titling their latest app Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy (SACPPM), they may have overstepped their already obnoxiously low morals. SACPPM is a stitch job of text fields, a few recorded encouragements and some retina reruns; it stands on the same technology as the other Subliminal ZENESSA apps which tackle various mental issues such as the fear of flying to trying to keep it up (YKWIM). And, in drawing attention to the word subliminal, ZANESSA are playing a somewhat open hand. But that open hand is a dangerous precedent especially at the volatile App Store. ZENESSA have turned cancer into a mental issue.

Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy ZENESSA, Subliminal App for Cancer Patients by Prof McMurphy – $2.99

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Myopic? Try these iPhone magnifiers

Every day, my trip from one line of text to another in any of Jules Verne’s excellent novels gets longer and longer. My myopic vision of the world will continue to close around me until my Lilliputian arms will reach out of canonical novels with little to support them. Well, thanks to a load of intrepid devs, geeky short-sighted four-eyed iDevice addicts like me can find the the next letter on the page without physically jumping into the book. The following apps may be a great way to get back into real life:

i-Magnifi TIC, i-Magnifi – $0.99

A Magnifier Game Lingo, A Magnifier – $1.99

iMagnify Jack a. Alepyan, iMagnify – $1.99

Magnifier Lens Celtic Code Craft, Magnifier Lens – $0.99