Zenonia Lite Now Available

update-zenonia11-02We’ve already previewed/reviewed the game, held a nice giveaway and even interviewed the bright minds of Gamevil right at the heart of their Seoul Headquarters. So what else is there to cover about Zenonia? The Lite version of course! Gamevil has just sent word that Zenonia Lite is here and now available at the App Store. That’s right folks, the iDevice’s best ARPG can be downloaded free for all to see what the fuss is all about. This version features:

  • Total 8 playable main & sub quests
  • Full feature play in the village of Alyes
  • Normal and rare items available among 5 item classes.

By the looks of it, Zenonia Lite still offers quite a bit for gamers to sink their teeth into. I’d even say that it’d be surprising NOT to see if this one make it to #1 on the Free Apps chart in the very near future. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Gamevil, Zenonia Lite, Free, 9.8 MB

Try Before You Buy – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps4As you may already know, TouchMyApps keeps track of lite app releases at the App Store and rounds up those that are noteworthy and possibly worth your while. Recently, Gameloft let loose two of their hit games for you to try: Castle of Magic,one of the most polished and fun platformer the iDevice currently offers and Rise of the Empire, a well received RTS that will have you playing as both humans and orcs. Eliss, one of the more unique and challenging multi-touch puzzlers, also has a lite version with 3 playable sectors. With the release of the amazing Real Racing and not to be left in the dust, I-Play now invites you to ‘test drive’ their Fast and Furious The Game. There is certainly a range of games to try out below, from airline sim to casual puzzle titles. So be sure to have a look; you may very well find a few that will tickle your fancy (and credit card).

Enter the QueuePhone – Waiting for Apple’s 3GS got you down? Try Reading!


If you are currently queuing for the new iPhone 3GS and tired of talking with the other nerds around you, why not check out a couple of great free interactive novels? I have found a couple of fun and inspiring reader/gawker books that have action, romance, blood and great drawings. However, my recommendations might also get you interested in the genre of graphic novels which is an expensive hobby. If you don’t go that far, I do hope that you can enjoy at least one gem: the work of Cory Doctorow.

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Week in Review – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps3This past week, there have been some great games that went ‘Lite’ at the App Store. We’ve already mentioned how Toki Tori Lite includes some brand new levels not seen in the full version. Perhaps the most anticipated lite app on this list is non other than Knights Onrush Free, a great Castle Defense title we reviewed here and found loads of fun. Two well designed match ’em puzzlers ranked in the Top 10 have also seen lite versions released: Bloons Lite and StoneLoops! of Jurassica Lite. While Gameloft’s new Rise of the Lost Empires maybe the premium and hit RTS on the iDevice, Solus Games’ Stragea Lite will give fans of the genre a cheaper alternative to get their strategy fix. Finally, Gary Fung’s Type Emoji – Installs iEmoji, iEmoticon, Smiley is a free and great way to get emojis onto your iDevice. That’s right, with this easy to use app, you can free all your emoticons and go bananas sending smileys to your bff. Be sure to check out the entire list below for some more worthwhile lite apps to try out!

iCascade Now Free – A Dose of App Store Reality

icascade1 By now, you’ve probably heard of the insanely successful stories of iPhone developers who’ve reaped the rewards of the App Store ( aka iTunes gold mine). Steve Demeter’s puzzle game Trism netted him $250,000 in only 2 months, with a projected income of $2 million by July 2009. Or how Ethan Nicholas quit his day job after his immensely popular iShoot made $600,000 in a single month after “shooting” its way to #1 at the App Store. But for every success story, how many devs do you suppose find out the hard way that the grass is not always greener on the other side?

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Toki Tori Gets Freed with Lite Version

tokitori_liteChillingo’s Toki Tori (developed by Two Tribes) has already garnered plenty of praise and recognition on the iDevice for its impeccable gameplay and sweet visuals. Not only is it loads of fun, but it packs a healthy challenge for all gamers with its well designed puzzles. The good news? Chillingo has now released a free version of the platformer. The even better news? Toki Tori Lite includes brand new levels to help bring new gamers up to speed with the hit title. As a famous journalist from Kazakstan once said, “Naaaaice!”. Yes, Naice indeed.

From Young’s review of Toki:

There has been much hype around the release of this game. I can assure you that Toki Tori meets those expectations and more. It is a great game, well worth its price. It’s the Easter Egg Hunt that everyone was looking for, even if they didn’t know it.

Now that the lite version is out, with new levels to boot, there’s no reason NOT to download the game for a test drive. Check out some gameplay vids of the beloved Toki as well after the jump.

Chillingo, Toki Tori Lite, Free, 5.7MB
Toki Tori Lite

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Week in Review – Lite Apps Roundup


Last week, we saw some big name titles go lite on us. This week, the fun keeps on rollin’ as developers continue the trend of releasing free versions of their games and apps. While many of these lite apps won’t offer you hours of gameplay, they’ll certainly give you a taste of whether it’s worth your hard earned dosh. Those looking at trying out new Tower Defenses can now test out geoDefense (one of the most challenging and fun TDs at the App Store) and Hudson’s brand new ElementalMonter TD. Players can also test drive some of the most enjoyable time management games in Supermarket Mania and Hospital Havoc. Gameloft’s Wild West Guns, one of the best “light gun” shooters  on the iDevice also goes lite, along with Vector Tanks and Sway.  Be sure to check out the entire list below for some quality lite apps.

Week in Review – Lite Apps Roundup

liteapps1In following Ethan Nicolas’ decision to release a free ‘lite’ version of his iShoot tank game (which coincided with the full paid version skyrocketing to #1 at the App Store), developers all over have now adopted this strategy, giving users the chance to ‘try before they buy’. This past week, we saw some big name titles go lite on us; Time Crisis Strike, Payback, Sentinel and even a Top 10 contender in Zombieville USA. Artificial Life (Amateur Surgeon and Shooter), has released the very neat BMW Z4 app that allows you to paint a canvas while test driving the bimmer. Sweet. Check out the list below for some worthwhile apps to try out free.