Grocery iQ in Review – Now you won’t forget the milk!


There are pages and pages of list applications available at the App Store nowadays. Although there’s nothing wrong with them, their functions are limited usually to an item name, possibly a short description, and if you’re lucky maybe a spot for a price. However if like me you try to be prepared for everything, one of the most common lists you’ll be making is for groceries. This is where “typical” apps tend to fall short. Recently, I was fortunate to stumble across Grocery iQ, an app specifically designed for your grocery list needs.

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Send your Prayers to the Western Wall by Way of the iPhone

sendaprayer1Ever wanted to visit the Western Wall just so you can wedge your very own prayer through the cracks of this historic and holy site? Well thanks to Munera, a new development team located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, you can now type out your own prayers and have them sent to the actual wall within 48 hours. As you well know, the Western Wall, also known as the Kotel or Wailing Wall, is located in the old city of Jerusalem and rich in history that dates back to the 10th century BC. With Munera’s Send a Pray – Western Wall app, users no longer have to plan a once in a life time trip (though of course, nothing beats the real thing) just to place their personal notes/prayers into the wall.

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Passion: How good are you at Sex? Yepp, there’s an app for that!


It never really occurred to me to apply numerical scores to love-making; apparently, however, that isn’t the case wit Passion‘s voyeuristic developer, Chris Alvares. This magical app does all the work for you – the calculation that is – and lets you get down to business. But, when the “meeting” is over, Passion displays your performance in an easy to suss score out of 10, based on the following criteria: Duration, Orgasm, and Activity. The catch: you have the opportunity to share your score online, with friends, relatives and complete strangers. Rather, I should say, you can now compete with your mates and relatives, share, discuss strategies – all using the Jesus Phone. I can see new uses for this on Twitter:

RT@shigzeo: Woohoo! New record – 3.76! Class dismissed!

But then again, perhaps there are some things which are better left unadulterated. For the experimental, however, there is Passion. Funny… in what seems the most perplexing ‘move’ by Chris Alvares, there is no iTouch compatibility.

Chris Alvares, Passion, 4.99$. 0.7MB

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SI Swimsuit 2009 – Get it while it’s Hot! (It is and always will be)


I am not familiar with Sports Illustrated, however that its progeny doesn’t allow much for real sports like football and cricket, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that 2009 version of the Swimsuit Calendar has debuted at the App Store and that the handful of reviews are unanimous: this is the must-have app of the summer. Why, you ask? Do I need to explain it to you?

Sports Illustrated, SI Swimsuit 2009, 2.99$, 17 MB
SI Swimsuit 2009

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Hottest Girls Porn – An OS 3.0’s first goes out with a bang


In the past we have been up in arms about Apple’s selective app approval process, but this time, I think Apple have made a smart fiscal move in giving the thumbs up to Hottest Girls. Allen Leung’s app appeared, rose the ladder to the #2 spot and then in a puff of spray-on body-oil, limply disappeared. Rife with downloadable content, naked women and fetish genre’s, it was is a piece of App Store history as much as iBoobs was in its short life. Whether Hottest Girls’ disappearance was as Allen says, because of server overload or because Apple pulled the plug, we likely will not know till it is back up again or, there is an update. If Apple’s doing, it was a silly mistake: Hottest Girls has real potential as a money-making apparatus.

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iWingman – Your Best Bet?


In the intensely mystical world of love-making, there are some absolute rules that need to be followed.

1. Be nice at the door, but nice in a suave way
2. Don’t spill the drinks
3. Avoid fights
4. Don’t look like your lookin’, but look
5. Have a wingman

Currently, my wife is my wingman, making sure my eyes stay on target – or is that off-target? It is great fun, but I remember those heady nights after university exams where some drinks and hundreds of chemically-engorged kids, grinding strangers, fights and alcohol really put me at ease. At that time, my wingman was one Louis who was quite the ladies man.

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Don’t Move: Is That an iPhone in Your Pocket?

Just a short note. Something I’m sure you have already sussed out. A phone is a phone is a phone only works in the comics. When it comes to Apple and carriers, it is another tale all together. Poor sods in the Apple Discussion boards who bought iPhones in Japan are realising that their prescious hardware cannot make the trip back to the USA without suffering downgrading to an iPod Touch.

Softbank and Apples negotiations are somewhat to blame as well as Japanese law as well as general greed. If you have an iPhone from there, by all bloody means, leave it there. Same phone. Same software – does not matter. The point is $$$ – and you need to pay twice. Most of us are aware of this fact, but you must remember that our Jesus Phone is not the saviour of our souls, merely the freeloader of our pocket books.

Remember, if you move, sell your silly iPhone before going back home unless you purchased an unlocked phone from a good consumer-conscious country!

Pssst: Private Surfer in Review – This Message Will Self-Destruct


I am not saying that you are or are not a spy. Or a shady dealer. Or a Paranoid-Linux user. And, I am not saying that I am or am not one of those mentioned, however I do take certain precautions with my surfing privacy which is something we should all think about.

Private Surfer is not a full stop protection agent, merely a private mode browsing module for Safari. Unfortunately, Apple did not included this mode into our lovely iPhone, so developer Justin D’Arcangelo felt the need to make a Private Browsing mode himself. If you have sensitive information that you don’t want to be sussed out by your mates who steal your iPhone – you know, like fantasy football scores and teams, your betting circles, your secret searches on how to get rid of your roomie – Private Surfer is a great way to protect your information.

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Safety Button – Send an SOS from your iPhone

safetybutton2There are apps that you want to use, and then there are ones you hope you never have to use (unless you get a kick out of faking your own kidnapping). Sillens AB has just released an iPhone app that could potentially come in very handy in times of crisis/distress.

Safety Button is your new way of feeling safe when moving about. With Safety Button you always have someone who knows exactly where you are and if something should happen; your iPhone will contact your chosen person for you, with your location and much more.

Using external servers to trace your steps, it starts collecting your position every 20 seconds via GPS whenever you start Safety Button. The moment you hit the big honking red “Help” button, the servers will relay an SOS message via sms and/or email, stating your current position to a preset family or friend. According to Sillens AB, the app comes with 3 pre-paid smses and works in any country where an iPhone is available for purchase. While most people won’t see a need for Safety Button, $2.99 does buy a piece of mind for the paranoid or those who attact trouble like a magnet. More screenshots and an faq after the break. [Safety Button, $2.99]

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