Fonts + Mail for iPad – 114 fonts for 99 cents

Yikes! If you’re sick and tired of the paltry selection of fonts for the iPad, Yi LV may be able to help. No fewer than 114 fonts will raid your iPad’s mail app in exchange for your dearly partied 99 pennies. Unlike some native apps, Fonts + Mail for iPad gives a decent preview of each font so you don’t blindly change into important mails.

Palm Heroes YI LV, Fonts + Mail for iPad – $0.99

Screenies and more after the gap:

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Glamour Ask A Stylist – for those ‘stripes or plaid?’ moments

If you are still unsure how to get dressed in the morning (cue FaithlessShe’s My Baby), Glamour and have an app that’ll help you clue in. Evidently, a number of full-time stylists are waiting in the wings to help you get a clue. Thankfully, their time is cheap and the app is free. WSJ has a cute plus/minus look at the app which may get me into iPhone fashion shape.

Glamour Ask A Stylist, Glamour Ask A Stylist – Free

Mixologist: Drink Recipes in Review – Vodka-Martini – shaken, not stirred! + Promo Codes

Note: We have 20 25 promo codes to giveaway for Mixologist. Simply leave a comment in our review to receive your free copy!! (1st 25 will snag a code)

I love alcohol in all of its varieties and am not afraid to say so. What could be better than a glass of fine red wine after a hard day’s work? But every once in a while I have a craving for something special. And in these times I turn to one of my books with cocktail recipes. Or recently, to my iPhone and the excellent app – Mixologist: Drink Recipes.

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Green Tips! – free, eco-friendly for the green beginner

Here’s a conundrum: why do some ‘green’ apps ask you to pay for tips which can be read for free on internet? The answer is another shade of green. Sedona Software’s Green Tips! is one of a few which ask nothing in return to not only saving you a few dollars, but pointing you in a better direction. Okay, so a lot of the tips are ‘common sense’, but surprise surprise, there is no monopoly of the stuff. Another free app which uses the same or very similar database is MacAppetite’s GreenNexxus Green Tips (notice a trend?). The venerable Go Green is also a good free choice.

Green Tips! Sedona Software, Green Tips! – Free

GreenNexxus Green Tips MacAppetite, GreenNexxus Green Tips – Free

Go Green Webworks and Applications, Go Green – Free

One thing to be wary of though: all of these apps refer to very similar databases. And each is not for the true environmentalist; they are for newbies who still own cars and think nothing of plastic bags or running the tap for hours. These tips are very good for the beginner.

Piccies and more info after the gap:

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Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) update turns your iPhone into a “Universal Remote”

When R.P.A Tech’s Air Mouse Pro was released over a year ago, it held the distinction as the first and only app to turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a, well, air mouse. Improvements were made with each update and now that version 2.0 has finally been released, Air Mouse Pro has become the undisputed heavyweight champ of all iDevice mouse/trackpads. Not only will the app serve as a simple wireless mouse, AMP essentially transforms your iPhone into an all-in-one universal remote for your for your PC/Mac.

Air Mouse Pro  (Remote / Trackpad) R.P.A. Tech, Air Mouse Pro (Remote / Trackpad) – $1.99

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Myopic? Try these iPhone magnifiers

Every day, my trip from one line of text to another in any of Jules Verne’s excellent novels gets longer and longer. My myopic vision of the world will continue to close around me until my Lilliputian arms will reach out of canonical novels with little to support them. Well, thanks to a load of intrepid devs, geeky short-sighted four-eyed iDevice addicts like me can find the the next letter on the page without physically jumping into the book. The following apps may be a great way to get back into real life:

i-Magnifi TIC, i-Magnifi – $0.99

A Magnifier Game Lingo, A Magnifier – $1.99

iMagnify Jack a. Alepyan, iMagnify – $1.99

Magnifier Lens Celtic Code Craft, Magnifier Lens – $0.99

Textfree Unlimited – Send Text Messages (SMS) Free! in Review – The Beejive of SMS


A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade from a Sony Ericsson phone to an iPhone 3GS. While the extra $30 a month data plan won’t keep me out of college, the additional $20 unlimited texting plan just might. Thankfully, Textfree Unlimited is here to solve that problem, and for just a one time fee of $6, it’s a heck of a lot better than paying an extra $240 a year simply to text my friends.

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Wine Enthusiast Guide in Review – A personal sommelier in your pocket!


I love wine and simply can’t image my life without a glass of Cabernet after a hard day’s work. And the quality of wine matters so much. At the same time, I don’t earn enough to afford the really good stuff, so I often find myself wandering up and down the wine aisle at my local grocery store, trying to choose a bottle with a reasonable price/quality ratio. Well, MobilAge have provided Wine Enthusiast Guide (WEG) to help me and other poor sods like me.

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Even Google are giving Canada a nod

Even Google are giving Canada some grace!

Today, I hope you are with your families, or out with your mates, having knocked down a few and fallen over a few more. In any case, today is a well-deserved holiday for the great maple country. What does that mean for the Canadian TMA? Holiday? No way. Reviews as usual, but we want to thank you again for your continued support. We love getting positive feedback, and when the opposite comes, then we break out our medicine and take it like a nerve-less man.

Aw, well, thanks anyway! In the spirit of the holiday, check out these new Thanksgiving apps which need your money; I’m quite sure they are not meant for Canadians, but who cares? New 2009 T-Day apps below:

TIITF Software, Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.0 MB

NevilleArchitecture, iHost: Thanksgiving, 0.99$, 1.9 MB
iHost: Thanksgiving

Assessing your dreams with Kayac’s Let it Sleep


Ever wanted to know exactly what goes on while you sleep? I mean other than what you remember in your dreams? I certainly have. Right, then prepare for the ubiquitous preamble: “there’s an app for that”. There is. Let it Sleep, by Kayac Inc. exists for the purpose of extracting those good ideas which often come out of your nocturnal neverland.

Kayac, Let it Sleep, 0.99$, 0.4 MB

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