Google releases Field Trip for the iPhone


Google’s Field Trip app is now available for the iPhone. First released on Android several months ago, this location discovery tool runs in the background of your phone. As soon as you get close to “something interesting”, an iOS notification will let you know of the POI in question. Select from a local feed of things you’d like to see, and Field Trip taps into numerous publications (Zagat, Cool Hunting, Atlas Obscura etc) to help you discover places/experiences under categories like Architecture, Food & Drinks, Offers & Deals, Movie locations and more.

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Cards app updated with Mother’s Day themed cards

Apple has updated its Cards app to v1.1 and added card designs for Mother’s Day, which lands on the second Sunday of May in the US and Canada (among other countries). Here’s the list of what’s new:

• Beautiful letterpress cards for Mother’s Day
• New Get Well card designs
• Additional cards for birthdays, thank you and more
• Improves accuracy of envelope address verification
• Simplifies and improves the checkout process

First released back in October of 2011, Cards lets you design and mail real greeting cards to your family and friends for a small cost – $2.99 (including postage) within the US and $4.99 for rest of the world. The one downside to the Cards app is that it currently isn’t optimized for the iPad. But other than that, it’s free to download and a great tool to use if you plan on sending some custom made cards to your loved ones.

Cards Apple, Cards, – Free

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Evi brings Siri-like functionality to iOS devices

If you think Siri’s a bit too snobbish for your liking (as in you don’t have an iPhone 4S), there’s a new digital assistant in town, and she’s not exclusive to only one iDevice. Meet Evi, the app that works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS 4 and higher required) and Android phones.

Evi is the revolutionary artificial intelligence here to help with all of your everyday information needs.

Unlike a search engine, which simply looks for matching words and shows you a list of websites, Evi understands what you want to know and gives back exactly what you’re after.

Need to know where the nearest bank is? Not a problem. Going out for dinner but can’t decide where? She can help with that too. The more you ask, the more she will learn, and thus she is improving all the time.

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Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse in Review – Ambient noise app meets foursquare and Farmville


As we all know – life can be stressful. And one way to make it a little bit more bearable is using an ambient sounds app to block out the annoying noises of everyday fuss. Whether in the office or outside they allow to, at least temporarily, shift your mind to someplace peaceful. Not content with only providing a listening experience, the developers behind Inception – The App released Dimensions. Adventures in the Multiverse, a unique app that adds some original gameplay elements to make it even more part of your routine.

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Naturespace updated with new tracks and features


A little over a year ago I started using Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep (TMA Review) – one of the best ambient nature sounds apps out there. Unique in the way it makes a fully engrossing surround sound experience even through the stock Apple earbuds, it has saved my nerve endings from countless deaths. And as we all know – nerves don’t regenerate. Well, I’m glad to say that shortly before Christmas (yes, I Know I’m a bit late on this but still) the developers informed me that they’d just rolled out a massive update, not only making an additional 15 tracks available for purchase but a few nifty features in the catalogue as well.

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Apple Store app updated to 2.0, now supports EasyPay

Apple’s Apple Store app has been updated and now adds some nifty features for iOS users in the US, namely Personal Pickup and EasyPay:

– Personal Pickup: Buy in the app and choose to pick up your order at any Apple Retail Store. Most in-stock orders are available for pickup within an hour. (U.S. only)
– EasyPay: Purchase select accessories in store quickly by scanning the barcode and completing your transaction right in the app. (U.S. only, requires iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S)
– Track your stuff: View the status of current and previous orders from the order status section in the More tab.
– Additional international support (Canada, China).
– Requires iOS 4.2 or higher

With EasyPay (good for only accessories at the moment), it’s a matter of simply choosing your item, scanning its barcode within the app, and paying with the credit card that’s stored on your Apple ID. This process certainly makes it easier for small item purchases and no longer will you have to wait in line to check out during a busy day at the store. You can see just how simple it is to use EasyPay with an actual purchase made by Engadget below.

Apple Store Apple, Apple Store, – Free

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Asian Cooking For Dummies HD lends a helping hand on the iPad

Ever thought about brushing up your (Asian) culinary skills in the kitchen to impress your better half? Well if you own an iPad, the learning experience should be even more enjoyable now that Asian Cooking For Dummies HD has found its way onto the App Store. We reviewed the iPhone version early this year and found it to be quite the handy app. Now tweaked for the iPad’s larger screen, A.C.F.D HD offers over 60 recipes from four countries: China, Japan, India and Thailand. Also included are recipe cards, step-by-step instructions, demo videos, a measurement converter, timer and even a shopping check list tool.

Asian Cooking For Dummies HD Anuman, Asian Cooking For Dummies HD, – $2.99

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Library App Reviews: Goodreads, iBookshelf and Book Crawler

Goodreads iBookshelf Book Crawler

We all love books, right? If you’re like me, your reading list is long and getting longer every day. We’ll never finish them all, but heck, when someone recommends a book, we probably still want to jot it down for future reference.

A good list can be a real blessing when trying to remember an author or a book we’ve just read, finding the name of the next book in a series, or easily sharing our favorite books with friends.

The three apps reviewed here are excellent candidates for keeping track of all the books we love and all the books we want to read.

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Gay Cure app pulled from App Store – expect precedential backlash

Not that it’s my strong suit or anything, but I certainly take issue with Apple’s wording of Exodus International’s Gay Cure rejection letter, which went something like this:

“We removed the Exodus International app from the App Store because it violates our developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people.” (Cult of Mac emphasis kept).

Presumably, the ‘large groups of people’ Apple reference is – in this instance – the gay community. The problem, of course, is that the wording is otiose and could be construed to fit anyone’s purposes. Imagine Canon camera fans taking issue with Nikon Learn & Explore app. Or, Oxford dictionary devs taking issue with (admittedly inferior) Webster dev counterparts. Without even touching the political/religious debate, Apple have opened a can of worms by failing to properly copy edit their marketing literature. They aren’t some two-bit blog, they’re the most iconic tech company in the world, and their moves (no matter how small) vibrate around the world.

On the other hand, Exodus International’s rebuttals are hardly convincing, either. Exodus’ next editions: The Mormon Cure, the Jewish Cure, the Liberal Cure, the Evolutionist Cure, to be followed by: the Mormon Solution, the Jewish Solution, etc.. Both sides adroitly prove just how flawed a system of checks and balances can be.

Thanks Cult of Mac.

Asian Cooking for Dummies in Review – Dinner Is Served!

Being an Asian myself, I can say with a great deal of certainty that Asian dishes can more than hold their own with what the rest of the world can offer. There’s a reason why a good number of them are very popular in the world’s other six continents.

And as I discovered with Asian Cooking For Dummies, they’re also fairly easy to cook despite their elaborately-prepared appearances. With 60 traditional video recipes from China, India, Japan and Thailand, this easy-to-use app should make you kitchen-bound in no time.

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