Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet in Review – Food groups, what’s that all about?

Do you want to lose weight? Do you spend hours every day carefully writing down what you ate? Do you forget stuff? Well, have we got an app for you! Have we? Introducing – Foobi – Track and Balance Your Diet – the space age way designed to make tracking your daily diet just that bit easier.

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Stress Free with Deepak Chopra in Review – Breathe in, breathe out

It’s not much of a stretch to say that today is a rugged rebuff to the senses. From home life to work life, everyday can be as taut as hell. Deepak Chopra, a guru of physical and mental healing, has partnered with Signal Patterns to bring Stress Free to the App Store at a timely juncture.

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Myopic? Try these iPhone magnifiers

Every day, my trip from one line of text to another in any of Jules Verne’s excellent novels gets longer and longer. My myopic vision of the world will continue to close around me until my Lilliputian arms will reach out of canonical novels with little to support them. Well, thanks to a load of intrepid devs, geeky short-sighted four-eyed iDevice addicts like me can find the the next letter on the page without physically jumping into the book. The following apps may be a great way to get back into real life:

i-Magnifi TIC, i-Magnifi – $0.99

A Magnifier Game Lingo, A Magnifier – $1.99

iMagnify Jack a. Alepyan, iMagnify – $1.99

Magnifier Lens Celtic Code Craft, Magnifier Lens – $0.99

iHeartrate in Review – iheart exercise!


If you are into performance (and I know you are), iHeartrate may be your calorie cutter, your tummy trimmer, your paunch pruner. It may well be. It tracks personal statistics such as target heart rate, BMI, age (don’t let this one out), weight, and height to estimate an optimal heart rate for your exercise routines (or in my case, typing drills).

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There’s an app for that: First Aid training on the go with PocketCPR


A vast section of the App Store is dedicated to personal health: apps for malignant mole detection, for the monitoring of body weight fit, etc.; each fitting snugly alongside hundreds of their brethren. And in that group is the first aid group which includes demonstrations, videos, and how-to’s. Only one of that number, however, lets you administer CPR to your iDevice. PocketCPR either coaches or recuses your CPR efforts by detecting your methods with the inbuilt-accelerometer and some lovely programming.

If you get strange looks while pile-driving your iPhone, say that you are practicing medicine: when an emergency calls, you alone may be fit enough to lend a helping hand. NOTE: PocketCPR hasn’t been ratified by the U.S. FDA.

Bio-Detek Inc., PocketCPR, 9.99$, 1.7 MB

App Description and screenshots after the gap.

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LoveMySkin – mole mapping for generation i


I wouldn’t characterise the average heavy iPhone user as the abnormally spry, outdoorsy type, but I may be wrong. Still, apps like LoveMySkin (LMS) have their place in a market whose sofa-loving constituents, too, are affected by their environment. So, just in time for winter in the norther hemisphere, LoveMySkin, an app which helps the fair-skinned discover, track, and monitor their blemishes, debuts for the few freckle-freaks in the south. If it weren’t obvious already, LoveMySkin won’t prevent skin cancer. Firing LoveMySkin up in the heat of an Aussy sunstorm ain’t gonna keep you safe. However, tracking changes on your body is something you should do and I applaud Steven Romej for releasing LMS for the frugal price of 99 cents. It seems that he also has a bulk sale price for dermatologists.

Steven Romej, LoveMySkin – Mole map for skin cancer prevention, 0.99$, 6.5 MB
LoveMySkin - Mole map for skin cancer prevention

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Live Happy in Review – Like going to the fun shrink!


I am not an Oprah fan. Dr. Phil has always scared me, and I don’t read self help books. I simply am not a believer. With that said, Live Happy is an excellent app which can be useful for anyone. It is backed up by research, statistics and the opinions of a whole slew of people who have been positively affected by it.

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Say Goodbye To that Annoying Snoring Habit: Antisnore App to the Rescue!


I will admit to having an annoying habit. Sometimes, I talk with my mouth full. I am getting better, but my wife thinks that I need a lesson in manners. Fortunately, I am not a slob who snores whilst asleep (that is a lie). Published by Signs Studios, Antisnore aims to stop snoring using vibrations when it detects that your nocturnal noises have slipped above acceptable levels.

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