Support TouchMyApps in Clan Wars!


Clan Wars is baaaack baby! Starting today, June 1st, the next Clan Wars competition will begin once again. For those who followed our last clan wars, you may recall that TouchMyApps kicked some serious ‘apps’ the final two weeks and even laid claim to some wickedly sweet Freeverse PC/Mac prizes (valued up to $100) as Clan winners. For those not familiar with Clan Wars, 5 iPhone sites recruit clan members and go head to head for weekly prizes. This time round, instead of tossing balls, the featured game will be Keith Shepherd’s popular and well received word game, Imangi. The competition will last 4 weeks, with Keith setting up an “easy” challenge board for the first week and players will see the game get progressively more difficult as the weeks go by.

So are you ready to show your favorite iPhone blog some love once again? Well then, what are you waiting for? Check out all the juicy details on how you can join the TouchMyApps Clan and secure those weekly prizes after the jump!

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Scramble Live comes to the App Store, $2.99

scramble5If you’re already on Facebook AND love word games, then you’ve probably heard of and even played Scramble, one of the most popular and addictive word titles on the social networking site. Developed by Zynga, who is also responsible the slew of Live Poker titles at the App Store, they now bring you Scramble Live for your iPhone/iPod Touch. This Boggle like word game allows you play by yourself or live against other players, both on Facebook and on the iDevice.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on this portable version the past 2 days and already its become one of my favorite word games for the iPhone. Competing against other Scramble players online is simply fantastic and definitely gets the competitive juices flowing. If you’re a fan of the game, better grab it now while its on sale for $2.99 (until March 8th). Check out more screenshots and a video after the jump.

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Textropolis in Review – Build ‘Words’ and They Shall Come

textropolis7Ian Marsh, the brains behind the popular App Store title Hanoi Plus and the highly enjoyable Scoops, has taken on the Word Game genre with the release of the very cool and fun Textropolis. Unlike the majority of Word titles that lack a theme or some much needed flavor, Textropolis delivers by taking you around the world and have you finding hidden words in each city as you progress.

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Wordplay in Review – The Fast and Furious (Word Edition)


Word games are one of my favorite genres to play on the iPhone. They can be enjoyed minutes at a time and you get to learn new words along the way. That’s why when I came across Wordplay, a new word puzzler by Pixelchemy, I was quite anxious to give it a test drive.  Once I started learning the ins and outs and actually playing the game, I found elements of its gameplay and design to be inspired by the likes of  Scrabble and Trism, but only much faster. In fact, Wordplay is probably one of the fastest paced and action packed word game I have played in a long time.
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Chicktionary in Review – An Eggcellent Word Game?

Perhaps you are one of those at the office who pretends to be working hard on those TPS reports, but are in actual fact playing an online word game when the boss isn’t watching. Or you’re at home, bored out of your mind and getting your quick word fix on the interweb. No matter the scenario, if you have spent anytime playing Word Games on the net, there is a very good chance you have come across Chicktionary, a very popular title developed by blockdot. Well, anagram and word fans can now rejoice as Chicktionary has been be released for the iPhone.

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