COMMAND & CONQUER™ RED ALERT™ in Review – The russkies are coming, the russkies are coming!

It’s hard to imagine the real-time strategy genre without the famous Comand & Conquer series. While the game that started it all was Dune 2, Command & Conquer was the one that really put it in the charts. The great story, amazing graphics (for the time of course), superb FMV cutscenes and distinct factions basically made the genre of Real Time Strategy games. And now the franchise is finally on the iDevice. Will Command & Conquer™ RED ALERT™ for the iDevice prove that it IS possible to play RTS games on the iPhone? Let’s find out!

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COMMAND & CONQUER™ RED ALERT™ Emperor of the Rising Sun DLC pack available

When Command & Conquer was released several months ago it got very mixed reviews (by the way, look forward to our review soon). While EA has nailed the interface dead on and the basic mechanics were all there, the amount of content was widely criticized, especially considering the lack of C&C’s most attractive feature: multiplayer. They later remedied in part the last issue in the 1.1 update by adding local multiplayer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but the other issue remained – the game featured only 5 campaign missions for each side and 2 skirmish maps. Well, without much fanfare EA has released a DLC content pack entitled Emperor of the Rising Sun which adds a whole new playable side with new units and a whole new 5 mission campaign. And all of that for just (?) $2.99.

Full DLC pack details with screens after the gap.


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FreeAppADay Freebie – Reign of Swords

Hey folks.

Recently we reported the initiative. And guess what they have in store for us today! Reign of Swords is an excellent strategy game and the developers have been kind enough to give it away absolutely free for one day – a drop from $1.99!

Read our review of Reign of Swords

Reign of Swords Punch Entertainment, Inc., Reign of Swords – Free

More information after the gap:

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Space Station: Frontier in Review – Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it’s space from work we go!

Tower Defence is one of the most represented genres on the iPhone. And as such, it seems that almost every idea possible has been already implemented and that it’s impossible to think of anything new. Gladly, Origin8 has just proved this statement wrong. The creators of the excellent Sentinel: Mars Defense (TMA Review) and Sentinel 2: Earth Defense (TMA Review) fixed path TD games have recently released their first entry into the open field TD variety: Space Station: Frontier.

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Karnival updated – Openfeinted + lots of new features

When I reviewed Karnival some time back it really impressed me. And just a couple of days ago they released an update. Well, what can I say? The devs must’ve done a thorough study of my review since almost all of my noted cons have been addressed. Even more – now you can even ride your own rides! Anyway, if you’re a fan of Tycoon games – you just have to pick up Karnival, if you haven’t done so already. The full list of What’s New is after the gap.

Karnival Hands-On Mobile, Karnival – $3.99

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Red Conquest! in Review – The redskins are coming, the redskins are coming!


Blue Defense and Blue Attack! have already earned their rightful place in the iPhone games Hall of Fame. Having been brought to the platform by a small dev team which featured original graphics style and excellent gameplay, they have quickly found their fans and have even seen their games shoot up the best-seller charts. And now Cat in a Box Games have released a sequel/prequel to their earlier titles, one that allows us to look at the conflict from the other side – and in the form of an RTS no less!

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news-td-giftbox, the developer of one of my favourite Tower Defense games, BattleZone, (formerly known as BattleField) and the recently reviewed Dragon Slaughter have decided to make this Christmas special for fans of genre. They just released the abovementioned games and Garden War bundled together for a measly sum of $0.99. And with the promise of adding more free titles in future updates, I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a must have!, 3-IN-1 TD GAMEBOX – Xmas discount, $0.99, 52.4 MB
3-IN-1 TD GAMEBOX - Xmas discount

Description after the break.

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Rogue Planet in Review – Time to make bolts fly!

The “Jesus” phone has not seen too much attention from quality Turn-based strategy games. Well, Agharta Studio, apparently also thinks so since the creators of the first ever episodic adventure game on the iPhone – 1112 have just released the much anticipated Rogue Planet! Can the small team of just 3 people pull off a hit? Let’s get dissecting!

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Palm Heroes on sale for just $5.99 – hurry up and join in the fun!


The Palm Heroes Team –whom we recently interviewed– have discounted the incredible game – Palm Heroes. It is the port of the one and only Heroes of Might and Magic and has just gotten slimmer; its price fell to $5.99 from $9.99 in celebration of the BlackApp Friday! Palm Heroes got Kissed back in late August and it’s even better now with new controls, graphics, maps and more!

Features of the latest 1.2 update:

  • better response to fingers. “quick tapping lag” solved!
  • manual zoom on “pinch in”
  • autoscroll in autozoom can be turned off now
  • Czech language support
  • minimap is scrollable now
  • new “hero” button when infobar is open
  • buttons “switch hero” and “menu” exchanged places for more convenient control
  • better description of controls in the help section
  • more maps to play

Hurry up and Get it!

Palm Heroes Team, Palm Heroes, $5.99, 9.0MB
Palm Heroes