Warfare Incorporated in Review – Battle is its business…and business is GOOD

There is something to be said for a game that withstands the test of time. Originally making its debut in 2003, Warfare Incorporated is among the oldest games in the appstore designed for portable devices. Let’s not mince words – it’s ancient. However, like a fine wine, age is not necessarily a bad thing. Feel free to discuss this review of Warfare Incorporated in our forums.

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Tower Defense Evo in Review – If Fieldrunners was dead, he’d turn over in his grave

Fieldrunners was of the pioneers of Tower Defence games on the iPhone in general and the first open-field TD game in particular. It’s no wonder it spurred a number of clones. The more confusing thing is seeing such clones appear more than a year after the original was released. And with a defunct feature set nonetheless! And having said this let’s dive into Tower Defense Evo – maybe it DOES have at least something to say for itself? Feel free to discuss this review of Tower Defense Evo in our forums.

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Twitter + Tower Defense = Tweet Defense

Just yesterday, shigzeo pointed out how social networking functionality has fast become a gaming necessity. “Implement them, and gamers take notice. Implement them not, and gamers take notice.” Heck, even a non-game developer recently decided to include OpenFeint in its productivity app. Enter Tweet Defense, a brand new and highly “original” TD game that makes use of Twitter in a big way.

Use your Twitter activity as your in-game stats to fight off waves of the undead! Tweet Defense tosses ridiculous killer zombies and your twitter stats into a tower defense blender for a delicious brainy, viral juice mix.

This isn’t just a twitter client that lets you tweet your score. This is a full on TD game that uses your friend list and your tweeting activity to impact how powerful your towers are.

While it’s true that not everyone cares for social networking in their games, it can enhance its replay value and help create a sense of community. For the hardcore twitter addicts and TD junkies out there, Tweet Defense maybe worth checking out, especially with its friendly price of $0.99. And for those who don’t have a twitter account, fear not, as the game can still be enjoyed without one.  More piccies and info after the gap.

Tweet Defense Promethium Marketing Group, Tweet Defense – $0.99

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iSink U – FREE from Artificial Life March 5-7

iSink U, Artificial Life’s popular Battleship clone, will be set free for 2 days starting today (did you get that?) If you aren’t sure why you should download a FREE game, check out TMA’s iSink U review, grab it and have a blast (how bout that one?) Here’s another one: with prices this low, make sure to wear your life preserver! Or: I love the smell of the sea, it really sinks!

Here’s what Artificial Life have to say:

To celebrate our iPhone app download surpassing the benchmark of 8.3 million, we are holding a promotion of “Get-Paid-Game-For-Free”. Some of our top-rated, top-downloaded iPhone game titles will be offered for free for a limited time!!

The first FREE game is going to be iSink U (battleship boardgame title), which will be free during March 5-7 only. This paid game has been previously featured in “New & Noteworthy” on the App Store.

iSink U Artificial Life, Inc., iSink U – FREE from 5-7 March

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Battle of Puppets in Review- Pinocchio, There’s A New Puppet In Town

There are plenty of castle defense games out there, so what would make you choose one over another? Ease of control, amount of features, and replayability are certainly all contributing factors to such a decision – and I’m sure you have your own as well. You might find those factors in Battle of Puppets, but what attracts me most to this game is theme and style. I can guarantee that you’ve not seen anything quite like this before in the realm of castle defense games, and while I’m not a big fan of the genre, Battle Of Puppets makes me want to explore it just a little bit more. Feel free to discuss this review of Battle of Puppets in our forums.

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TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING in Review – iAutobots, Roll out!

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s there is simply no way you haven’t at least heard about Transformers – arguably one of the most obvious toy promotion cartoon series ever. It is a little known fact that the transforming animation in the series was tailored specifically so it could easily be reproduced in the actual toys. The game adaptation of the series have not enjoyed the same love as the cartoons however and have largely been of quite a low quality. Is TRANSFORMERS G1: AWAKENING a proper Transformers game? Let’s see!

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Plants vs Zombies in Review: Taking Over Lives, Once Again

Fans and newcomers to the hugely popular PC/Mac game Plants vs Zombies have been waiting for the iPhone and iPod Touch version as early as August 2009. The long wait is over, at last. Now the question is: how well does Plants vs Zombies fare both as a PC/Mac port and a standalone tower defense game, given that the TD genre is one of the, if not the most crowded and well-represented genre on the iPhone platform?

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Critter Defense! in Review – Devilishly cutesy!

During the last several months the AppStore has literally been swamped with various Tower Defence games. Some were original, some were more traditional, some were downright poor in quality. For the average player this is both a blessing and a curse – on one hand competition is good, on the other – how to decide which the better one? To help you navigate in this vast field I’m going to review yet another TD game – Critter Defense!

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Battle for Wesnoth in Review – Epic battles across platforms

One of the heavy-duty genres that work well on the iDevice is Turn-Based Strategy. While the limited screen does offer some challenges for the developers, the genre’s pace alleviates the troubles that RTS games have on the platform. Battle for Wesnoth is an open source cross-platform tactical strategy game that tries to build on this and bring true wargaming to the iPhone. Feel free to discuss Battle for Wesnoth in our forums.

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Palm Heroes cross-platform multiplayer caught on video

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Heroes of Might and Magic series. That’s why I couldn’t help but review Palm Heroes when it came out for the iDevice in August. It was, actually, on of my first ever reviews for TouchMyApps. Later, I was lucky enough to secure an interview with the Palm Heroes team and had quite an interesting conversation with them on all things iPhone. And one of the exclusive announcements they made was the fact they were working on adding cross-platform multiplayer to one of the iPhone’s best games.

I am happy to announce that the work on the multiplayer is coming to its final stages and the update will be submitted into the AppStore soon. And while waiting for it check out the exclusive video of it in play after the gap!

Palm Heroes Palm Heroes Team, Palm Heroes – $5.99

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