Palm Heroes map editor FREE and available

In anticipation of their next Palm Heroes update, which will add cross-platform multiplayer, the Palm Heroes Team have released a Palm Heroes Map Editor for this amazing turn-based Strategy/RPG. In case you were wondering what Palm Heroes is, it is basically a perfect rendition of Heroes of Might and Magic which has been tearing up the strategy/RPG scene since the 1990’s. It is one of the best iPhone RPG’s and here’s the dirt: shigzeo plays no other game but it, especially late at night when he is supposed to be asleep. Once the update hits the AppStore, users will be able to create and upload their own maps, opening endless possibilities for gameplay in addition to the preset scenarios.

You can download the editor here which comes with a FREE version of Palm Heroes.

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Plants vs Zombies HD in Review – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Truth be told, the first thing I took care of when I purchased my own iPad was to get a copy of Plants vs. Zombies HD. I snuck out on lunch break from work and after buying my iPad, I made a beeline for the nearest Wifi spot and downloaded the game straightaway. By the time I got back to the office, I was proudly showing off my very first acquisition, and my colleagues were just as eager as I was to give this baby a test drive.

Feel free to discuss Plants vs Zombies HD in our forums.

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MIKADO DEFENDERS in Review – Applying Sun Tzu’s Art of war to tower defence

With such an abundance of Tower Defense games on the App Store, it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd. That said however, MIKADO DEFENDERS doesn’t have that problem – this latest title stands out on the publisher name alone. The legendary TAITO Corporation, previously known on the iDevice platform mostly for their reiterations of the classic franchises like SPACE INVADERS (TMA Review) and ARKANOID (TMA Review), has finally graced us with a title originally designed for the iPhone. Ooooh, I just can’t wait!

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Debut: OpenTTD for the iPad – transport tycooned!

I must’ve spent ages on Transport Tycoon Deluxe back in the day – I still consider it one of the best tycoon games ever made and certainly the best transportation one. Apparently I’m not the only one to feel like that, hence the OpenTTD project that recently went to version 1.0.0 after about 6 years in development. It is a complete cross-platform remake of the original with lots of added features, huge maps, new vehicles, industries, and much more.

Why am I writing all of this here? Well, because the TMA’s prolific pal: ZodTTD, has already released a FREE port of OpenTTD on the iPAD! I know some of you may have grabbed a previous version of OpenTTD for the iPhone but lets face it – the controls simply didn’t work for the small screen and the overall experience was terrible. With the larger screen real estate of the iPad it looks god damn amazing – I wish I had one already! So if you’re a fan of tycoon games and already a lucky owner of an iPad – what are you waiting for?

OpenTTD for iPad ZodTTD, OpenTTD for iPad – Free

Screens and description after the gap.

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Price Drop: Last Front: Europe – FREE for a day!

The unholy union between FreeAppaDay and Last Front: Europe is a bad one, but in a good way. Last Front: Europe is a solid Tower Defence title with a few great augments to the genre including: movable towers and unlimited user-created maps for download. If you are too lazy to read TMA’s Last Front: Europe review, here’s the gist: GRAB!

Anyway, it’s free, so strap on your cannons and blast the baddies into 1939!

Last Front: Europe Plow Digital, LLC, Last Front: Europe – Free (for a day)

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Comets and Craters in Review – The first step away from classic TD

Back in September a company, previously known only for a simple arcade-type game, released a new Tower Defense game that went relatively unnoticed – Comets and Craters. Little did they know that this was actually the first step to spawning a new subgenre that finally brought to us the excellent Space Station: Frontier. Now, about half-a-year later, how does it match up to the other contenders to the TD throne?

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Taito’s Mikado Defenders set to invade App Store

While Taito maybe well known in the App Store for their hit arcade games (i.e Space Invaders Infinity Gene, Bust-a-Move and Arkanoid), the one category of games they have yet to tackle is the hugely popular tower defense genre. Well that will soon change as Taito’s first iDevice defense game, Mikado Defenders, is slated to be released in the very near future.

In Mikado Defenders, players deploy samurai foot soldiers, archers, and other units, desperately attempting to defend their fortress from an all-out demonic attack. It’s tower defense, with a uniquely Japanese twist!

Set in the Sengoku Era, the historical backdrop and unique artwork give the game a most distinct flavor. Aside from the usual deployment of defensive units around the map, Mikado Defenders also allows players to fortify their castle with upgrades (barricades and turrets) and even recruit historical Samurai Commanders (each with special abilities). So far, the game looks immensely promising and could well be a surprise hit with TD junkies. We’ll certainly keep a close eye on this one and have a full review when it’s released. Meanwhile, take a gander at more piccies and app details after the gap.

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BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak in Review – Surviving is quite a feat!

It seems at least some developers realised that there is no more room in the arena of classic Tower Defense games at the AppStore and decided to put some creativity in their titles. One of the more recent releases is the zombie-themed, BioDefense: Zombie Outbreak. Developer Resolution Interactive AB claim that BioDefense will revolutionise iDevice strategy gaming.

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Last Front: Europe in Review – Fighting World War II TD style

World War II, while one of the most tragic periods in mankind’s history, has been a constant source of inspiration for game developers. On the iPhone, however, noteworthy WWII titles are still somewhat rare. But an underdog has sprung up lately promising to offer an interesting experience. I am talking, of course, about Last Front: Europe – a WWII Tower Defence game. Feel free to discuss this review of Last Front: Europe in our forums.

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Steam Wars in Review – Steam-punk slam!

One of the earliest game genres ever dating back to 1980 and the Apple II computer were turn based artillery games. They have gone a long way since then with the famous Worms series being the true pinnacle of evolution that set the bar for many years. It’s no wonder  the genre has seen numerous reinventions on the iDevice – from the legendary WORMS (iTunes) reincarnation of the 3D Iron Sight. And today I’m going to review Steam Wars – a steam-punk look on how the genre should be approached. Feel free to discuss this review of Steam Wars in our forums.

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