Palm Heroes Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

review-game-palmheroes-mainTouchMyApps is giving away 10 copies of the game Palm Heroes ($9.99), a fantasy turn-based strategy (TBS) game that delivers countless hours of addiction on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Fans of the popular ‘Heroes of Might & Magic’ series will feel right at home with this deep and engaging TBS, one that will surprise you with just how much content the developers Palm Heroes Team have packed into a mobile game. TouchMyApps writer ChiffaN recently reviewed Palm Heroes and it has quickly become one of his favorites on the iPhone.

To sum it all up, the game is awesome. It is the famous Heroes of Might & Magic in the palm of your hand (hence the name). While for the occasional gamer, it may be a bit difficult to master, anyone who invests the time to understand its mechanics will be rewarded by literally hundreds of hours of gameplay.

To enter for your chance at winning one of the ten promo codes, all you have to do is submit a comment within and/or retweet our message on Twitter. Full contest details can be found after the break. Good luck to all!

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Clickgamer Traffic Piling Up


Spurned by a recent trip to Seoul, Clickgamer devs have decided to make a simulation of the chaos. The only difference of course, is that in Pile Up!, you don’t need to run screaming for your life at a green crossing signal. Right, so that a massive lie, but Pile Up!, a new god-game simulation which manages things on a much smaller scale than SimCity is revving its engines for a bout at the App Store. If you’ve ever scorned the aimless direction given by a traffic cop, laughed at her/his funny white gloves as she waved you around the corner; if you’ve ever wished for nothing more than the tidy centre of a hot, stuffy, smoggy intersection, then Pile Up! may tickle your fancy.

Despite my aversion to the automobile, god-games tickle me the right way and Pile Up! certainly looks interesting.

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iSink U in Review – Bombs, Board Games, And Battleships Oh My!


Board games are popping up more and more on the iPlatform lately because turn-based game play works well on the iPhone, allowing you to easily engage in battles with friends at the drop of a hat. Today I got my hands on a “naval strategy” game that although looks like an old favorite is definitely a new take on a classic game.

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Palm Heroes in Review – Heroes of Might & Magic in the palm of your hand


I remember the good old days in university… ah my Alma-mater! The insightful lectures, the engaging seminars… Yeah, right. More like the long boring sermonic chit chats from old fogies. And after classes we must have spent hours in the dorm huddled around an old PC playing Heroes of Might & Magic 3. It was and still is one the best games of all time and is the unrivaled party game up there with the great Worms series.

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Worms in Review – A Classic Re-Born On The iPlatform


Many many years ago, I encountered a game that at the time seemed rather amazing – a combat game that battled the mounting chaos of RTS games with elegant turn-based bombardment. This fun game enhanced its difficulty by using only projectile weapons, requiring the player to learn how to aim. Over the years it was remade and remodeled. Now 14 years later, on one of the newest platforms available, Team17 has reintroduced us to the glory that is Worms.

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Tyrian in Review – Old school shooter gets back in touch


Tyrian for iPod/iPhone is a revival of the 1994 cult classic shooter by Eclipse Productions. The game is based upon an open source version of the original called OpenTyrian. I should mention before getting into specifics that due to licensing differences, you will have to download some data files in addition to the app itself. This is perhaps due to the game’s use of files under a GPL license. The whole process only took about a minute on my wifi connection, so it shouldn’t take too long for most. So how does this classic shooter translate on the iDevice? Read on!

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Civilization Revolution now available for your iPhone/iPod Touch


Civilization is arguably one of the most, if not the most, recognizable and well liked turn-based strategy (TBS) video games around. For many, the Civilization series can be considered an essential collection on any PC/Mac, including TMA’s very own shigzeo (Civilization 2) and myself (Civ 4). Well, that day has come where you too can advance through the ages and conquer the world via your iPhone/iPod Touch, as 2K Games has released Civilization Revolution at the App Store. For those not familiar, the “Revolution” series was first introduced in 2008, where its entire core was rebuilt from the ground up to better serve the console and mobile platforms. While not as deep and engaging as the orginal, Revolution manages to keep the civ experience alive and is still highly addictive and fun. Is it worth the $4.99 and does it all translate well on the iPhone? For hardcore fans, I’d imagine they’d easily pay double that. Fortunately, for those new to the series or maybe holding out, 2K has included a free lite version to help whet your appetite.

2K Games, Civilization Revolution, $4.99, 73.8 MB
Civilization Revolution

2K Games, Civilization Revolution Lite, FREE, 75.5 MB
Civilization Revolution Lite

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