Command & Conquer Red Alert making its way to iPhone and iPod Touch

red-alert-preview9RTS fans rejoice! EA has just sent us word that Command & Conquer Red Alert will be coming to the iDevice, with the expected release date to be in October. In the world of RTS games, Command & Conquer is certainly one of the most influential and popular franchises around, right up there with the ageless classics like Warcraft and Ages of Empires.

Experience real-time COMMAND & CONQUER strategy as the Soviet or Ally factions. Control the battlefield with touch-screen power in up to 12 combat levels. Create and command war squads in realistic environments. Manage supplies with an intuitive combat system, and escalate the game with hi-tech weapons you develop.

While quality RTSes are slowly (but surely) making their way to the iPlatform, I have yet to play an RTS on the iPhone that I would consider a must have for the genre. There’s no doubt that if EA have covered their bases and done a good job in the controls and gameplay department, Red Alert will be a massive hit at the App Store. For now, check out the in-game screenshots and more info after the break!

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Boom Brigade in Review – Trace, Boom, Bang!


The iPhone really is the king of the Pick-Me-Up gaming platform, especially if you just want to knock off a half our or so. Having said that, not many games at the AppStore are even worth losing a half-hour, let alone their asking price. I’m glad to say that today’s app, however, is. So, without further ado, I shall present Boom Brigade by 10tons Ltd.

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geoDefense Swarm in Review – Kicking it neon style!


One of the early hits at the App Store was geoDefense, a fixed-path TD game with Geometry Wars-like graphics style. It won many awards at the time and was highly acclaimed by leading iPhone blogs. Sad to say, I somehow missed that game. But Critical Thought Games, LLC. have given me a second chance with the second instalment in the geoDefense franchise, Swarm, an Open Field design allows the poor sods who missed the first game to still enjoy the legendary geoDefense.

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Castle Warriors in Review – Show the pesky orcs, who’s the boss around here!

The iPhone is THE platform for pick-me-up-and-play games. And there certainly are a lot of them on the App Store. Unfortunately, few of them warrant any attention, and even fewer offer any challenge for that grey mass in your skull. But every once in a while, there comes a gem that can really showcases what we’ve come to expect from the App Store. One of such games is Castle Warriors, a reiteration of the Galcon concept, but with a twist.

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Bowman Defense = Patapon meets castle defense

bowman-defense-preview1Triniti Interactive, with the solid Ancient War already under their belt, have released yet another castle defense type game, this time in the form of Bowman Defense. Clearly inspired by the legendary Patapon on the PSP (arguably one of the best games ever for Sony’s mobile device), Bowman Defense features Patapon look-a-like warriors (aka bowmen) who have been charged with defending their castle.

Imaging a sky full of flying arrows! Experience the craziest bowman game ever!

Bowman Defense is a creative castle defense game. Defend your castle with a group of bowmen. Slide your finger to drag the bow, aim and shoot everything moving towards the castle gate.

Defend you castle long enough to gain fund for upgrading to new weapons, power-ups and technologies.

If castle defense is your cup of tea and Triniti Interactive’s Patapon-like game design evokes warm fuzzy feelings from your PSP years, Bowman Defense may just be what the doc ordered. A lite version (less skills, enemies, weapons etc) is also available at the App Store for those who prefer to try before they buy. To see the game in action, check out the trailer after the break.

Triniti Interactive, Bowman Defense, $0.99, 6.7 MB
Bowman Defense

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TriDefense in Review – They’re coming at you from all directions!


Hola folks! As I wrote in a recent review of Dead Panic, the Tower Defence genre is in serious need of fresh blood, and nobody seems to know the direction to go. One of the most promising directions is “open maps” where the enemies come at you from all directions and you decide where to build your towers stop them. I think the first really good game that featured this type of game-play was the legendary Fieldrunners. Well, TriDefense follows the same general idea but features modifiable terrain and land, air and water(!) based enemies. So, let’s dissect it (I’m out for blood!) and see whether it as good as it sounds.

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Dead Panic in Review – TD is dead and panicking?


Hola, folks! The Tower Defence genre has been a bit stale lately. Despite the constant appearance of new titles, there have not been any really fresh ideas for some time now. Or have there? Independent developer Sean Maher’s mont-old Dead Panic is a cross between the Hero and Tower defence genres that has been shouldering the burden of expectation. But is it what we’ve been waiting for?

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Hybrid: Eternal Whisper in Review – Controls + Gameplay + Story = Awesomeness?

You know, I must have spent ages on my ancient PC (a crusty 286) playing the big arcade hit: Golden Axe. Years later, I remember it as an amazing blend of side-scrolling action arcade and fighting. Now, what would you get if you mixed that relic with some good ol’ RPG elements? A hybrid? No, THE HYBRID! Introducing the latest epic adventure from the makers of the famous Zenonia, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper.

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Conquest (Risk Style Game) in Review – Ukraine is weak!


You can even Conquest sideways

Okay, I will tell you a story, and I want you to reply with, ‘TMI’, or ‘too much information’, okay? When I was in grades 11-13, I was in many ways a bigger nerd I am than now. Apart from starting the pen-twirling club at my school and leading the floor-sliding club for best distance, I played Risk or Diplomacy every lunch period. That meant never finishing a game, but carefully packing, unpacking, and then tallying up pieces at the end. I’m a good sport, but as in all things gaming, a loser. In truth, after no fewer than 30 tries of taking over the world (RISK), or Europe (Diplomacy), my score card was litteredwith fewer check marks than I have thumbs. TMI, right? Conquest brings back those hazy secondary school days of so long ago. While developer Seon O’Connor swears that Conquest isn’t associated with Hasbro or RISK in any way, Conquest is one of the best RISK clones I have ever played and a great port of the Windows app.

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