Shouting at the Coach: Manage Your Football Club to Hit App Store Shelves


31 March 2009, Sports Director, creator of Football Director for the DS, announced their upcoming title which is slated for release in quarter two of this year. Football fans, its time to queue up for this exciting addition to fantasy football at the App Store. That is, fantasy football meets The Sims. Manage Your Football Club (MYFC) is a deeply rooted strategy football game aimed at satisfying both power mongers and hooligans. You can play anywhere, make all pertinent decisions for your squad and choose the path to glory as your take the helm of your favourite team.

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Bass Fishing Mania in Review- Fishing Smack down

bassfishingmania1Bass Fishing Mania is another Fishing Sim from Player One Sports, which gave me a good indication this would be good for Fishing fans! I don’t fish in real life, 1993 was the last time I really went fishing with my then father-in-law and I only caught tiny little fish. He told my sister and I to throw the little guys back in the water. I wanted to catch bigger fish without the stinky smell and little did I know years later I could relive the fishing experience via technology.

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Iron Fist Boxing in Review – Knocking your Lights Out!


My introduction to boxing and mixed martial arts came by way of Iron Mike Tyson and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Growing up on the mean streets of the valley in So Cal, you had to fight to survive. If you didn’t know how to defend yourself while walking to elementary school in the morning, you may very well not have had lunch money at high noon. So like Daniel-son in the Karate Kid, I took on instructors. I began training with my masters each day after school by watching videos of Iron Mike KO’ing opponents and Mr. Van Damme-age win the Kumite in Bloodsport though his legs got split like a wishbone by an evil little gremlin man who was a master of Muay Thai in Kickboxer.

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Let’s Golf! in Review – A Hole in One?

letsgolf1From the opening video, your first thought has to be nothing but amazement at the graphical wizardry of Gameloft’s Let’s Golf!. I know my first reaction was “wow!”, and I would expect everyone else’s to be as well. Let me say this right off the bat, this is definitely one of the best looking games in the App Store. It really makes you feel good about owning either a Touch or an iPhone and makes you realize the possibilities for the future of games on the iDevice.

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mlb1It’s that time of the year again: the smell of fresh cut grass, pine tar, hotdogs, and adult apple juice lingering in the air. It’s only fitting that MLB released MLB At Bat 2009. I think most sports fans remember last year’s painfully bad At Bat 2008, however I have good news… 2009 is a new year for your team and the MLB at Bat franchise. While the program still serves the same function, the layout is much improved and one highly requested feature has been added.

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TNA Wrestling in Review – Get Ready To Rumble

tnawrestling1I was surprised, I mean, literally surprised when I first started playing TNA Wrestling on my iTouch. I mean, I played wrestling games before, but I’ve never experienced anything like this. Simply put, TNA Wrestling is the most unique wrestling games I have ever played, seen, or heard of, and the further I progress in the game, the more it continues to astound me and draw me further in.

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iQuarterback in Review – Not Futball, but Football

iquarterback1Football, that game that is localized to the United States of America… that great past time that involves strategy and sheer brute force… that game that is so easy to play with a bunch of friends, but it difficult to master on a competitive level… all these things that football is, iQuarterback is not. This App manages to take a complex game and focus with microscopic intensity at one specific aspect. While sometimes, although rarely, this philosophy of game making is successful, here, it misses the mark.

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FantaFootball in Review: Shigzeo FC Live and Kickin’


There are relatively few places in the App Store to go if you want to help your betting game when considering the English Premier League and Italian Serie A. FantaFootball, designed by Andrea Zilio and Enrico Sartorello is a newcomer to Fantasy Football but already impresses in several areas.

Before we begin, what review would be complete without a personal anecdote? Okay, when I was a small lad till the time I was big enough to realise it was an impossibility, I dreamt of earning my cash by playing football. Yup, I thought I would be a talented player. It only took four years of league play and one more year to realise the only money I would be dealing with football would be if I became a bookie. Well, FantaFootball, may at least help me meet my betting goal as it immediately informs me how my my selected squad is doing. It is a Fantasy Football simulator which allows you to choose your lineup and watch how it competes against the established teams as well as other teams of your imagining.

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Arcade Hoops Basketball in Review – Have fun with lotsa balls

arcadebasketball1I love balls…big red ones…the kind you dribble and shoot through hoops that is. Basketball has always been a favorite sport of mine, perhaps because I had a picture perfect jump shot like Mikail Jurdan, or not. For those who are vertically challenged or can’t shoot worth a lick (on standard sized baskets), they always have arcade basketball to fall back on to relive their favorite Kobe moments. Thanks to Skyworks, the developers behind other App Store offerings in Arcade Bowling, QB Pass Attack Football and X’s and O’s Football, this awesome arcade past-time has been miniaturized on to the iPhone.

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