Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D in Review – Hit Like Albert Pujols In No Time


Baseball Slugger Home Run Race 3D is the only place where hitting 50 consecutive home runs will not lead to suspicions of performance enhancing drugs. But what it does lead to is a finely crafted game by developer Com2uS Corp. Whether or not you are a baseball fan really does not matter. This game can be enjoyed by anyone willing to pick it up and start playing. Once you do, you’ll find simple controls to master and online play that’ll have you fighting to grab bragging rights over other players, both friend and stranger alike.

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Madden NFL 10 screenshots for the iPhone revealed

madden_nfl10_preview1With the new NFL season quickly approaching, developers (and gamers) are gearing up for another round of virtual gridiron. With the popularity of the iDevice platform, its no wonder that the NFL is coming to an App Store near you. In fact, Gameloft has already launched their NFL 2010 game some 2 weeks ago and the reviews have generally be quite positive. Now, EA Sports has dropped some screenshots of their upcoming Madden NFL 10 and this should please all Madden fans everywhere.

THE #1 SELLING FOOTBALL GAME OF ALL TIME IS ABOUT TO HIT THE APP STORE. GAME ON. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS – only EA SPORTS™ delivers the most authentic, hard-hitting experience in football, and we’ve got the history to back it up…

Just how well this fabled franchise translates to the iDevice remains to be seen, but judging from the screenies, Madden NFL 10 is looking mighty fine. And if the controls hold up and deliver the goods, EA Sports will have another HUGE hit to add to their repertoire of App Store games. Check out more details and screenshots that EA have provided us with after the jump.

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Mini Golf Wacky Worlds in Review – Mini-Putt That’s Mega Fun


I have been a fan of Glu Mobile for quite some time. The globally known development group have been publishing games for various mobile platforms for over 8 years and have consistently delivered some of the most well known console and PC games to various mobile devices. Lucky for me, the opportunity to review a Glu game and polish up on my mini golf came along at the right time.

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Tyrian in Review – Old school shooter gets back in touch


Tyrian for iPod/iPhone is a revival of the 1994 cult classic shooter by Eclipse Productions. The game is based upon an open source version of the original called OpenTyrian. I should mention before getting into specifics that due to licensing differences, you will have to download some data files in addition to the app itself. This is perhaps due to the game’s use of files under a GPL license. The whole process only took about a minute on my wifi connection, so it shouldn’t take too long for most. So how does this classic shooter translate on the iDevice? Read on!

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Gameloft to release NFL 2010

nfl2010_preview1Gameloft is certainly no stranger to the App Store, having already released some gems that include Castle of Magic and Hero of Sparta. If you’re a sports fanatic though, they also have Let’s Golf, Real Soccer 2009 and Real Tennis 2009 to keep you busy while on the go. Now you can add Football (American Football that is for all you hardcore soccer fans out there) to the mix. Gameloft has just sent us word that they will be releasing NFL 2010 for your iPhone/iPod Touch towards the end of August. While details are scant at this time, we do know that this will be the first FULL football simulation at the App Store and more importantly, a fully licensed NFL game with all your favorite team and players. Judging from the screenshots alone, NFL 2010 looks to be coming around nicely and Gameloft may have another sports hit on their hands. More screenies after the jump!

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Touch KO in Review – Fight Night on your iPhone?


Boxing is sport I can get into. The rules are straightforward. The objective, punch harder and better than the other guy. Console games have progressed through the years to become almost as exciting as the real thing, so the prospect of being able to box on my iPhone was very appealing. Chillingo, an extremely popular game publisher for your iDevices has recently launched Touch KO. A 3D boxing game that they hope will knock out the competition.

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Artificial Life’s iSoccer Backstreet Promo Code Giveaway!


For fans of the real football aka ‘soccer’, there is nothing more exciting than watching the Netherlands getting eaten by Sweden in the Euro Cup (??) or Celtic get their bums handed to them again – nothing. But then, that ain’t real football. That is spectator seating, bench barking, fat fanning, etc.. Real football happens on the streets, in the alleys and on pitches around the world – much like a new game (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge – say no more).

iSoccer Backstreet, a new game by Artificial Life, the geniuses behind iDroidsMania, comes at a great introductory price of 199 pennies, but its developers in benevolent wisdom, are giving away 20 promo codes. Check it out.

Artificial Life, iSoccer Backstreet, 1.99$, 53.0 MB
iSoccer Backstreet

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Phonympics in Review – Glutton for Punishment


Prior to my review of Ping Pong, for several months, I have been playing another game off and on. Phonympics is hardly the fruity sounding app, but let me tell you, it redefines fruity gameplay. I am ready to say that Ajit did not do their homework when they decided to sell this game. Phonymics could have taken more cues from the excellent Track and Field for the famicom of years back or more contemporary hints from Dance Dance Revolution. Alas, Phonmypics is just Tap Tap, without the revolution.

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New gameplay video for Chillingo’s upcoming Touch KO

TouchMyApps has just received some brand new screenshots and gameplay footage from Chillingo, who will be publishing the Fight Night inspired boxing title Touch KO. Developed by two talented brothers Adam and Matt Mechtley of 6ixsetstudios, Touch KO is shaping up rather beautifully and looking poised to deliver the knockout punch when it arrives at the App Store shortly. Utilizing the popular Unity game engine, the Mechtley duo have created a visually stunning iDevice game that quite easily stands toe-to-toe with titles from the PSP and PS2 platform. Touch KO has also been designed from the ground up, where players will make use of the unique multi-touch and accelerometer features of the iPhone/iPod to control fully customizable virtual fighters. If this boxer plays nearly as well as it looks, Chillingo will have another winner on their hands. Be sure to check out more screenies after the break.

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Ping Pong in Review – An idiotic addition to a tired genre


Put away your credit cards and your cameras: there’s nothing to see here and no reason to buy tickets. Ping pong is the onomatopoetic alliteration of a ball hitting a bat in the game of table tennis. It is also a threat I sometimes hear when big blokes with garden hoses and mesh-backed hats remark,”I gonna go ping pong on yo’ apps, yeah”, and the like. People who play don’t say stuff like that. But, I’m sure that LOLriffic Stuff, maker of Ping Pong do (say stuff like that).

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