FIFA World Cup in Review – International ball sport for Palmela

EA really is and always has been one of the best game developers out there. I’ve waxed poetic before about their overwhelming success across virtually every platform available and they show no signs of slowing down yet. Their latest title that came across my iDevice is FIFA World Cup. I had seen this title at the top of the charts at launch and instantly added it to my “must have” list. Read on to see if EA finally dropped the ball, or if they were able to get another Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaalll!!.

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Pool Pro Online 3 FREE today for both iPhone and iPad!

To celebrate the success of Namco’s UniteSDK gaming network (already with 2.5 million users and counting), Pool Pro Online 3 has been made FREE today for both the iPhone AND iPad (normally $4.99 for each device). For those not familiar, UniteSDK is Namco’s own version of a social network that not only allows for global leaderboards/achievements and real time messaging with other users, but also cross-platform play. With plans for Pool Pro Online 3 to make its way to the  PC, Mac, Android and other Mobile platforms in the coming months, iPhone and iPad owners will be able to showcase their pool skills to even more players during Online play.

If you enjoy billiards/pool, downloading Pool Pro Online 3 is a no-brainer. And for those of you who own both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, be sure to download both versions!

Pool Pro Online 3 Namco , Pool Pro Online 3 (TMA Review) – iPhone/iPod Touch Version

Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad Namco , Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad – iPad Version

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PBA Bowling 2 In Review – Can You Handle Your Balls As Well As The Pros?

There is certainly no shortage of sports games in the App Store nowadays. Everything from ping pong to hockey can be enjoyed on your iDevice; you name it and as the proverbial line goes, “there’s an app for that”. Recently I was given to opportunity to review Concrete Software’s PBA Bowling 2, a bowling game that features some of the biggest stars in the PBA. Seeing how I haven’t hit the bowling alley in years, I was eager to check it out. Read on to see if PBA Bowling 2 delivers the strikes, or wound up in the gutter.

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Pool Pro Online 3 In Review – don’t get caught behind the eight ball!

Remember when Yahoo started offering online multiplayer pool? It was an explosion of early social networking, mixed with great online gaming. Unfortunately, as most of you know it eventually spiraled into the pervert cave that it is now. Luckily with the creation of the iPhone/iPod Touch, that aspect of social gaming is back, minus the creepy attempts to “cyber”. You may be wondering why I’m referencing such a thing. Well, recently I was handed a copy of Namco’s Pool Pro Online 3. A single & multi player pool game with its own built in chat system. Feel free to discuss this review of Pool Pro Online 3 in our forums.

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Mike V: Do or Die! In Review – Tricks and grinds do just fine!

Skateboarding has always been a gaming love of mine.  Over the years sk8t games have gotten better and better with no foreseeable end in sight.  More recently I have noticed iDevice skateboarding games. With the compact/portable nature of the device, as well as things like the built in accelerometer, I can see this as a great platform for this type of game.  Luckily for me, Mike V: Do or Die popped on the scene and into my heart. Read on for the bump and grind! Feel free to discuss this review of Mike V: Do or Die! in our forums.

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Stinger Table Hockey In Review – They Shoot…they scooooore!!

Whether it’s in your game room, or the bar down the street, almost everyone is familiar with table hockey. Going by many other names (bubble hockey, rod hockey, etc), some of the greatest hockey battles have been won and lost on these tables. Now thanks to developer Stinger Games and their title Stinger Table Hockey (STHL), those same battles can be had anytime, anywhere, on your iDevice.

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Full Count – Baseball pitchers, not beer pitchers

When I read the words, ‘Full Count’, I thought beer. Then, when in the next sentence, pitchers performance slid in, my beer gut got excited. Well, Full Count isn’t a beer app. Nope. It is an app to help coaches and parents with the little league, and I think that means baseball. A pitcher is that little tyke who throws a ball. S/he is also the poor sod whose performance numbers Full Count tracks. This pitching app helps track performance for an inning, game, or season so you can track the usefulness of training regimens.

FullCount MacWoodworking LLC, FullCount – $2.99

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Homerun Battle 3D goes Goid, er… Droid

Google’s OS totin’ phones have another reason to rejoice in early 2010: the ever-popular Homerun Battle 3D will make its way to the Android platform. Com2uS have published many games for a variety of mobile platforms, but Homerun will be their first Android release. It is also a great title to start from; it already has more than 400 000 registered users on the iPhone and with Com2uS’ pledge to support cross-platform play, the Android release should be great. More titles are promised to follow from the mobile software giant, and hopefully, a host of other cross-platform games.

HOMERUN BATTLE 3D Com2uS Corp., HOMERUN BATTLE 3D – $4.99 (iPhone)

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King Strike in Review – The war of the billiard balls!


One my favourite sports is billiards. I love both the American pool (mostly 8-ball) and the more difficult Russian variant, pyramid. I even like watching snooker, though I can’t even begin to understand it. Now what would happen if the red and yellow balls in, say, your average 8-ball game decided to go all out and start a war? Well, now you can find out!

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NBA Live by EA Sports in Review – EA’s Attempt At Another Slam Dunk!


EA were one of the first big companies to begin porting versions of some of their most popular titles to the iPlatform. I had the opportunity to get my hands on one of their latest and most recognizable series in NBA Live. With all the successful releases of other franchise titles – FIFA, Madden 10, C&C: Red Alert, the public (myself included) have set the bar fairly high for the powerhouse developers. Read on to see how one of the most popular console sports game franchises stacks up on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

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