Wonderputt in Review – 18 Holes Of Imagination

I’m not really a fan of electronic golf games.  In fact, the more realistic they are, the less interested I am.  Mini-golf games, on the other hand, can be quite entertaining given the right dash of something.  In the case of Wonderputt, it’s the way the holes are set up.  I’m not just talking about level design, either.  It’s great fun simply watching the course get created!  Let me explain… Continue reading…

Flick Golf Extreme! In Review – Golf! Reinvented! Supercharged!

Reviewing Flick Golf! (TMA Review) a few months ago I was absolutely thrilled by the new and original spin (pardon the pun) on the genre. Distilling the essence of one of the most aristocratic sports to a simple flick of the finger is pure genius. Well, Tiger Woods, it’s time to eat your golf club, as Flick Golf Extreme! takes the same unique gameplay and offers to go dunk the golf balls from helicopters and skyscrapers for the ultimate golf experience.

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Touchgrind BMX coming Spring 2011

Remember Touchgrind, the excellent skateboard simulator? My fingers still dance awkward steps across my iPod when I’m looking up hard dictionary words like ‘cluster’ and ‘shill’ ’cause Touchgrind rocked them to the memory core. It made this crappy sk8tR into something special, and kept my hands busy in the best ways possible. Well, come this Spring, Illusian Labs will release its sequel, Touchgrind BMX. The same sort of free style physics will get things going on pipes and over rails from the relative safety of your iDevice. That means no more pinchin’ the biscuit. For now, enjoy the above video. We’ll have more as it comes.

Wanna get prepped for Touchgrind BMX on one of the iDevice’s first truly innovative titles? Check out Touchgrind now!

Touchgrind Illusion Labs, Touchgrind (TMA Review), 6.87MB – $4.99

NBA JAM In Review – EA Is The Bus Driver & They’re Taking You To School!

For all you gamers who grew up during the ’90s, NBA JAM should be quite familiar to you (Boomshakalaka!). One of the most popular arcade titles to have ever been released, it was THE game to play back in the day, and now thanks to the folks at EA, it’s back with a vengeance on the iDevice.
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Flick Golf! In Review – Tiger Woods, eat your golf club!

It’s hard to really imagine anything new in a sports video game. Overall, we have our range of titles from the absolutely arcade-y ones to the die-hard real-life simulations, though the principal generally stays the same. But every once in a while a stroke of genius hits a developer in the head (usually an indie one) and we get a unique perspective on a well-known sport. This time, that resulted in Flick Golf! – truly, golf reinvented!

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NBA Elite 11 in Review – Nothing but Net or Air ball?

When EA announced they were changing the name of their long running basketball franchise from NBA Live to NBA Elite, as well as improving the games’ quality, fans of the series were excited for the possibilities. After the recent announcement that the first game to bare the new title was being cancelled only days before its expected console release, the same fans were left with the option of waiting another year for its arrival or take the opportunity to get small and pick it up on their iDevice. Is the compact version enough to hold fans over for another year, or should it have been ejected from this year’s lineup as well?

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NHL 2K11 In Review – 2K Shoot! they Score!

I’ve admitted it before and I’ll admit it again: I am Canadian. And yes, I love hockey. With the preseason just weeks away, I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. Coinciding perfectly with the upcoming season is the latest on ice offering from 2K Sports. Their NHL 2K series has been a favourite of mine from the start. That said, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the recently released NHL 2K11. Read on to see if their efforts get them the cup, or time in the box.

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Bike Repair – a new iPhone app for the tool in the saddle

Would that I had this app a week ago when brake/alignment/power train troubles rocked my wife’s borrowed steed. We got on well enough, but my inept fixes cost us an hour of time in the saddle. Bike Repair may be categorised ‘Sports’ at the App Store, but I think it occupies a higher niche altogether: a utility/sport/productivity/lifesaving God almighty blessed app. Bikers should love it especially whilst on the road and offline. From kids bikes to Cyclocross racers, just about every contemporary bicycle is covered in its tutorials. So too is all major bicycle maintenance – that is, apart from wireless iPhone bicycle speakers! There are 90 quality images to help you through mundane maintenance and lots of helpful fixing hints.

And thanks be to Colagno, Bike Repair costs a mere 199 pennies and is modelled on good ol’ Canadian bikes from designer, Opus Bike. From one former Opus rider to a current Opus rider, I say thank you Atomic Softwares, this is one hot app.

Bike Repair Atomic Softwares, Bike Repair, 5.5 MB – $1.99
Bike Repair Lite Atomic Softwares, Bike Repair Lite, 1.2 MB – Free

Piccies and more after the gap:

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Super Badminton 2010 in Review – Not in my backyard

I am a bona fide backyard badminton player who just happens to graduate to university team play in both Canada and Japan. As for strings, I’ve done ’em all: second, third, and first but I prefer tightly stretched titanium. A cursory glance at the Super Badminton 2010 (SB010) menu reveals all the trappings of good tournament badminton. Unfortunately, it also misses most of the meat.

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FIFA World Cup Sale! This weekend only

If you really wanted to get in on a little football action before/during/after/in celebration of the big tourney but were thwarted by the 6.99$ price tag, starting this eve right now, you can rejoice. EA have lowered the price of FIFA World Cupâ„¢ (TMA Review) to 99 cents and FIFA 10 to 4.99$ (a reduction of ~1/3). So if you’re a fan of the game and are looking for ways to get into the World Cup spirit, now would be a splendid time to pick up these EA titles.

FIFA World Cupâ„¢ Electronic Arts, FIFA World Cupâ„¢ (TMA Review) – $0.99

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