Tyrian in Review – Old school shooter gets back in touch


Tyrian for iPod/iPhone is a revival of the 1994 cult classic shooter by Eclipse Productions. The game is based upon an open source version of the original called OpenTyrian. I should mention before getting into specifics that due to licensing differences, you will have to download some data files in addition to the app itself. This is perhaps due to the game’s use of files under a GPL license. The whole process only took about a minute on my wifi connection, so it shouldn’t take too long for most. So how does this classic shooter translate on the iDevice? Read on!

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Cross-Pollination of Minigore – Lizzy swings in from Sway

Sway and Minigore



When everyone thought that their favourite blockhead survivor, John Gore, would sustain himself a bit longer, the man expires. Alas, as Jim so aptly pointed out, there isn’t any beating Minigore – it is a game which like a slow-killing poison, will kill you no matter what you do. Well, Chillingo are grabbing another character the iPhone gaming arsenal, Lizzy, from Illusion Labs’ Sway, another highly rated platformer which makes excellent use of the iDevice controls.

Chillingo, Minigore, 0.99$, 15.1 MB

Illusion Labs, Sway, 4.99$, 9.2 MB

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Modern Combat: Sandstorm teaser trailer

Gameloft has dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming game, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, an FPS (first person shooter) for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This Call of Duty 4-like FPS adds to Gameloft’s impressive list of upcoming games, which already includes Gangstar and NFL 2010. As you can see from the trailer, Sandstorm has some incredible visuals that seem to be on par with the early PS2 games. And if the game controls (among other things) hold their end of the bargain, this could be an FPS no fan would want to miss. With ngmoco’s livefire (another FPS we saw back in June at the WWDC 2009) also in the works, fans of the genre will certainly be in for an App Store treat.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene in Review – Evolution To Near Perfection

1978’s monumental game, Space Invaders, is a game that almost everyone should have played at least once in their life. Though I’ve played the original several times coin-op at arcades and pizzerias, I wasn’t its biggest fan. I found the graphics bland and the music dull. However, for 1978 it was an amazing feat for the budding video game business. Now, in 2009, a new Space Invaders game, Space Invaders Infinity Gene (or SIIG for short) – is out. And it rocks. This game not only draws my attention more than a fly to a lightbulb, but is my favorite shooter game of all time.

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iDodge: Space Ninja now free for a day

idodge_spaceninja1 idodge_spaceninja2

Want a free app to kick start the weekend? Well do yourself a favor and download iDodge: Space Ninja ASAP! Released back in January for $3.99, iDodge is an intense and addictive accelerometer based game that will keep you glued to your iDevice screen for hours on end. Why is it free? Here’s the dev’s explanation: “Free for less than a day, because someone from outside the US really wants the game”. Well, that makes perfect sense and certainly good enough a reason for me :)

You are the elite space mercenary “Space Ninja”. You have been tasked to deliver a certain object to Jupiter, but mysteriously turret defense systems throughout the galaxy started attacking you.

Force your way through 40 stages of galactic defense systems using your special time-slowdown ability (touch the screen to activate) or using 7 different powerups to help you get through the hardest of defenses.

If you have yet to try this game,what are you waiting for? Go Go Go!!!

Jormy Games, iDodge: Space Ninja, FREE, 13.9 MB
iDodge: Space Ninja

Earth vs Moon in Review – Rockets at the Ready


If you are a retro gamer (unlike me), you may have played something by the name of Missile Command. The old concept of shooting down incoming missiles as a defence genre has grown over the years from the Atari system to the Xbox. Now it’s come to the iPhone and iPod Touch (although not the first of this genre) as Earth vs Moon, by Low Five Games. And this game is actually more retro than meets the eye.

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Resident Evil 4 – creeping out at the App Store


I hate zombies – they actually still haunt the dark recesses of my imagination even after many years. Yup, I saw Resident Evil, the movie in the dark year, 2002, and have not been able to walk by the tøpiary my sister made for my wedding without flinching. It cowers in the hallway and on late night milk runs, lethargically hunts something near the staircase, like a shrivelled, waiting undead.

I hate zombies.

But, many brainless cretins love them. Nice gameplay video after the jump.

Capcom, Resident Evil 4, 7.99$, 37.3 MB
Resident Evil 4

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Chillingo’s Inkvaders set to pillage the App Store


Chillingo, the sonorous company name that ringo’s in me earo’s like so many angels, signals another chorus – this time, to the tune of ‘The British are Coming’. The invaders came from an unlikely spot: the notebook sketches of one bored student who now has to do something to stop the creatures s/he created. Evidently, that something is to draw a hero who will fight off the baddies. Invaders is described as a ‘wacky shooter’ and from the description, it shouldn’t disappoint.

But, it might have trouble with its name. Invaders is about as common a name in gaming as Park or Kim are surnames in Korea. Darren McKie’s game, Invaders is a game where you play the invading force trying to dominate Earth from above. I rather think the two should team up.

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