Doom Classic on the Brink of Release?

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App Store FPS fans have a few great staples to sink lead into including the excellent re-tooling of the Wolfenstein 3D Classic which promises a coming port of the Wolftenstein RPG. The same iD responsible for Wolf are working (fastidiously it would seem) on their next killer FPS: the grand daddy if not founder of modern shooters: Doom.

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Another Slip of the Gun – Wolfenstein RPG Outted, then Ousted

Appbank, somehow got ahold of Wolfenstein RPG, a game that is still dungeon slinking rather than the tasting the free air of the App Store. It appears to be a hi-resolution port of the EA title of that has been firing up good ol’ RPG action in mobile users’ hands for some time. Thankfully, before Apple pulled Wolfenstein from the App Store, Appbank got away with a nice gameplay video and some screenshots. After a bit of drooling, I can officially declare that though I know nothing official, this game WILL be The Quest meets Wolfenstein in EA flavour. Mark me for a purchase when available and if it proves to be a quality title, then shove a tasty spot aside for this RPG.

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Brett Nova IV in Review – A Superstar This is Not


Space Invaders is one of those iconic arcade games that conjures up fond memories. Released in 1978 by Tomohiro Nishikado (THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA!), this game combined quick reflexes and the ability to determine an invader’s trajectory. As Lrrr, in the show Futurama, said, “Instead of shooting where I was, you should have shot where I was going to be. Muahahahahahahaha!” This famous game has, like all famous games, inspired clones and spin offs. Brett Nova IV draws all of its inspiration from this arcade gem and adds a few twists to make things interesting.

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Caster in Review – Spirit Fingers… of DESTRUCTION

caster1To create a true 3d Action RPG for the iDevice platform, certain aspects have to be in place. Of these aspects, the most important (in no particular order) are control, level building, visuals, enemy types, story, and action elements. Caster fits into the Action RPG genre and excels in may ways. It is a solid game and a great first release by developer Elecorn.

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Turkey Hunter 3D Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

turkeyhunter3d_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 10 promo codes for BeachWare‘s first App Store offering in Turkey Hunter 3D ($2.99). First released for the PC and Mac, Turkey Hunter now invades the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Save the day from the Turkey Invasion! Play through five separate levels of eye-popping 3D animated graphics and sneaky turkeys. Test your shooting skills as the turkey horde invades the farmyard, the suburbs and even the city. Match your wits with the fowl-tempered Turkey Boss and his aspirations of world domination.

For your chance to win a copy, submit a comment and give us your best caption for the screenshot above. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close April 29th @ 10pm EST.

We will also be selecting winners via twitter, so follow us (if you haven’t already done so) and tweet: RT @TouchMyApps – Turkey Hunter 3D Promo Code (10) Giveaway!

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The VOID in Review – The Space Between

thevoid1I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve played a game like this. You see, good top-down-space-shooters (if this is a genre of gaming) are tough to come by. Even more so, it’s tough to find them in the AppStore. Yet, here is The VOID waiting to take its place alongside other worthy games in this sub-genre. Let me just say, apart from any and every exaggeration, The VOID is definitely worth your money.

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DS Effects releases 51-in-1 App!

alll51games1 alll51games2

Just last month, we saw 5 quality devs team up to bring us 5 Games in 1, where well received games like Up There and Sneezies were bundled up for a fantastic price. Well not to be outdone, DS Effects has released their own bundle, in the form of ‘All 51 Games‘ (how creative!).


Incredible collection of 51 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon…51 games!

For those not familiar, DS Effects has quickly become the Uew Boll of iPhone gaming. A quick browse at the App Store and you’ll find that the majority of their games have garnered an average of 1-2 stars in customer ratings. Granted, reviews at the App Store should be taken with a grain of salt…still, you really have to wonder with all that negative feedback.

So if you have a extra buck to spare, 51 games does sound like a pretty good deal, especially if you value quantity over quality. To think of it, even if only 10 of these games are somewhat enjoyable, a measley dollar won’t burn a hole in your wallet. [All 51 Games, $0.99]

Wolfenstein 3D Classic in Review – Generation X Nostalgia

Let’s rewind to 1996 shall we? 12 years ago, I had an archaic Packard Bell Desktop Pentium that ran at a snail’s pace of only 75 MHz, but I played lots of games on it. One of those games was Wolfenstein 3D. This game was unlike any other PC game I had played before because it had this new gaming experience of first person perspective! Since the character in Wolfenstein had a gun, this became better known as FPS or First Person Shooter. I was instantly mesmerized by this graphic wonder of FPS!

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Metal Gear Solid Touch in Review – A Critical Look

I am bracing myself for a torrent of scathing comments. So let me start off by saying that I love the Metal Gear series. I’ve played it for the NES, PSP, PS2, and PS3. I believe it to be one of the most iconic franchises. I played through all of Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) and believe it to be a ground breaking game in both its cinematic value and gameplay. Unfortunately, Metal Gear Solid Touch (MGST) fails to reach that iconic status. It fails to live up to the hype of its namesake.

This being said, how does the App fare by itself? Mixed at best.

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