Chronicles of Inotia: A Wanderer of Luone meandering to the App Store


Chronicles of Inotia was a great game at its debut and remains a benchmark among anime RPGs for the iDevice. This Christmas, its sequel, A Wanderer of Luone, will open with a number of competitive key features including: 5 classes, party system, look system, and semi-networking.

Screenshots and more details after the gap. Look for our review of the A Wanderer of Luone after release and till then, keep up to date on App Store RPGs:

The App Store’s Best RPG

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iTête à iTête – Heroes of iPhone and iPod Touch – An interview with Eugene and Andrey of the Palm Heroes Team


When I reviewed Palm Heroes in August, it was one of the best games on the iPhone and things haven’t changed since. Nevertheless, the developers continue updating it with better and better controls, graphics, new maps and much much more in the works. Following the 1.1 update that brought into life a completely rebuilt interface, the Palm Heroes team are working to hard to get version 1.2 to the App Store in the next couple of weeks. The list of updates shows the enormous amount of work they are continuing to put into the game:

  • better response to fingers. “quick tapping lag” solved!
  • manual zoom on “pinch in”
  • autoscroll in autozoom can be turned off now
  • Czech language support
  • minimap is scrollable now
  • new “hero” button when infobar is open
  • buttons “switch hero” and “menu” exchanged places for more convenient control
  • better description of controls in the help section
  • more maps to play

And today, Eugene and Andrei of the Palm Heroes Team have agreed to join me and talk about their experience of developing such a complex product for the iPhone, as well as to share some thoughts on the future of both their products and the iPhone in general. My questions are still in bold.

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Ravensword: The Fallen King in Review – shooting for Oblivion


When the first Ravensword: The Fallen King screenshots and trailers appeared on the net, I thought: “This is it! This is the Holy Grail!” And as the time came closer and closer to the release date, with all of the publicity around the game, my interest really peaked. Just a little over 2 weeks ago I finally got my hands on the press build of this genre-bending game.

Before you get lost, check out the Ravensword Walkthrough at TouchMyApps.

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Quoth the Raven: “Ravensword … Ever Again?”

News-games-RavenfalloutChillingo’s new action/RPG has fallen out of favour with Apple because of its Unity 3D engine roots which can call sneaky information-stealing API’s. Fortunately, Apple had the forethought to disprove of any app which uses those API’s and though Ravensword steals nothing more than a user’s time, it has caught Apple’s ban hammer. According to Chillingo, “the same APIs were used by iMobsters developer Storm8 to solicit contact information from players”. Apple are taking a strangely serious (and oddly moral) high ground with regard to a user’s personal information and will be re-assessing this much-anticipated game in the coming weeks.

Ravensword: the Fallen King

Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil in Review – Is it good or evil?


Zenonia is widely accepted as one of the most successful RPGs on the AppStore and, as any successful game, it is bound to have followers. Well, Digital Chocolate, one of the better developers on the market, has recently released their view on the concept – Fantasy Warrior: A Tale of Good And Evil.

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The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures – the return of the true light-hearted RPG


The return of true light-hearted RPGs has been spiced by many hopefuls, but on 5 November, Tecmo’s 2006 Japanese mobile phone hit, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures, slipped into the App Store for what truly is light-hearted adventure. No need to don your thinking caps, or level-busters – from graphics to music, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures is good ol’ fashioned monster-killing fun. And thankfully, your hero is easy to control. 8-Bit Treasure has been a hit over the years on handsets all over Japan, but Tecmo have pulled off a decent control scheme, even for sausage-fingered folk!

Tecmo, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures, 4.99$, 11.1 MB
The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures

Press Release and lotsa images after the gap:

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Tower of Souls in Review – My soul cries out in pain!


I love RPG games. I can return time and time again to the tried and tested classics. And when you look through the screenshots and description of Tower of Souls, it seems like a dream come true. The classic RPG is finally on the iPhone and it’s here to stay. With stellar reviews for the Pocket PC version back in 2003, what could go wrong?

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