Gardenscapes HD in Review – Second Time’s Still A Charm

Not too long ago when my mom was really into playing games on her computer she’d often tell me how she was finishing a game for the second or third time.  I never really got that, because between beta testing and reviewing I’m lucky if I get through a game once, let alone multiple times.  There are rare occasions where I get caught up in something I know I shouldn’t, though, and such is the case with Gardenscapes HD.  I’ve already finished the game on my PC, yet I find myself almost to the end of it on my iPad now.  It’s possible that I’ve even enjoyed it more this time around as well.

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The Tiny Bang Story HD in Review – Incredible Game That’s Over Too Soon

There’s something about the world of Tiny Planet that captured my attention from the very first game screen.  The Tiny Bang Story HD is not your typical hidden object game; it’s a bit light on story, and it assumes that you don’t need any handholding.  It can also get frustrating at times, even with something as simple as figuring out what to do next.  Through it all, though, I found myself hardly able to put the game down.  That’s even after playing the first chapter 3 times (once on my PC and twice on the iPad).  There were only two significant letdowns to the game – it ended too quickly, and the end was actually a bit anti-climactic. Continue reading…

Blueprint 3D in Review – Now where did I leave that pencil?


Out of all my university courses, my least favourite was probably mechanical drawing. You know, where you have to meticulously prepare a technical image of an object to scale according to all the rules and regulations. I’ve had little problems understanding how it should look like, but doing it neatly – let’s just say that it didn’t always go according to plan. I’ve even had dreams about the sketches, though they were more like nightmares. And funnily enough, those drawings in my dreams looked almost exactly like Blueprint 3D.

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Greedy Penguins in Review – Sometimes something fishy is good

Sometimes I fear that a particular genre will start to get old, especially when the App Store gets littered with games from that genre.  The physics puzzler is one such genre that comes to mind, but thankfully Greedy Penguins isn’t the game to make that fear come true.  This cute puzzle game about feeding some hungry aquatic birds can be challenging, but it is also satisfying and often quite entertaining.  Control is a bit troublesome, which I have a feeling is due to the small iPod Touch screen, but overall the playing experience has been top notch.

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Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds: Minigame Adventure in Review – Isn’t That A Long Title?

The War Of The Worlds is one of those properties that in my opinion has never really been used to its full potential, except for possibly the radio broadcast that scared a nation in 1938.  I must admit that I never would have dreamed of anyone turning the saga into a musical, however, let alone making a mini-game extravaganza out of said musical.  Sadly, the concept is much better than the execution and little things like interface inconsistencies and constant crashing make the game not very much fun to play.  Boring mini-games don’t help either.

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Cut the Rope can now be played on your web browser (for free) as an HTML 5 port

Cut the Rope (TMA Review), one of the most popular and addictive physics puzzle game on the iPhone and iPad, has made its way to a web browser as a HTML 5 port thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and ZeptoLabs.

Cut the Rope is an immediate favorite for anyone who plays it. It’s as fun as it is adorable. So we had an idea: let’s make this great game available to an even bigger audience by offering it on the web using the power of HTML5.

To do this, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team partnered with ZeptoLab (the creators of the game) and the specialists at Pixel Lab to bring Cut the Rope to life in a browser. The end result is an authentic translation of the game for the web, showcasing some of the best that HTML5 has to offer: canvas-rendered graphics, browser-based audio and video, CSS3 styling and the personality of WOFF fonts.

There are currently 27 levels available and the game can be played on most modern browsers that support HTML 5, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To play Cut The Rope for free online, head over to and enjoy more On Nom while your boss isn’t watching. A “Behind the Scenes” video of how this HTML port came about can be found after the break.

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Blobster Christmas in Review – More Of The Same, But Still Fun

Blobster Christmas is the story of a boy and his blob… oh wait, that’s a different game.  Blobster Christmas is the tale of a gelatinous mass that overruns a city… no, that’s a cheesy old movie that was remade into a worse movie in the 80′s.  Actually, Blobster Christmas is the seasonal version of a cool little platform game from Chillingo that I reviewed some time ago (for a different site, but we won’t tell).  You can check out that review here, and you probably should because it sums up this new game quite well.

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Rope Rescue HD in Review – My Save Files Need Rescuing Too!

So would you be all that surprised if I said this game had a fairly cute protagonist, a bunch of obstacles and some rope?  Thankfully, though, Rope Rescue HD has nothing to do with feeding said protagonist cookies, cakes or any other kind of sweets.  In fact, in relation to the game’s name, the action involves a parrot using the rope to unlock cages and free baby parrots.  This is actually a clever little game, and it’s nice to play a rope puzzle game that isn’t really about physics and doesn’t involve fire (well at least not all the time).  It’s actually quite challenging despite its cute facade which makes it a distraction for kids and still fun for adults.

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Firemint updates Flight Control, Flight Control HD and Spy Mouse

In preparation for the holiday season, Firemint has updated their mighty popular iOS games with new additional content. Flight Control (TMA Review) for the iPhone receives the new Storm Airfield map. As the name implies, any aircraft zapped by lighting can’t turn for a period of Time. Meanwhile, Flight Control HD offers the new Moon Base Map, where you not only have to avoid other spacecrafts, but asteroids as well. More importantly, both Flight Control games now allow players to buy Rewind credits ($0.99 for 10 rewinds), which can then be used to turn back time and potentially earn higher scores by averting imminent disaster. Last but not least, the splendid puzzler SPY mouse is now Holiday themed (World 1). So expect snow, Christmas decorations, candy canes instead of cheese crumbs and more. Full “What’s New” details after the break.

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Freebie Alert: Apple giving away “Where’s My Water?” via Facebook

If you like physics puzzlers AND freebies, this one’s definitely for you. Apple has started giving away copies of the bestselling and addictively fun Where’s My Water? via Facebook earlier this evening. All you need to do is visit Apple’s Facebook page, click on the Where’s My Water promo banner and “Like” the App Store. You’ll then be given a redeem code, which is good until Dec 15th. Nice and easy! Coincidentally, the game was also updated today, bringing 20 new levels, all new collectables and a whole new way to play the game – Steam (you can now convert water into steam and vice versa to solve puzzles). Just make sure you don’t try downloading the game via iTunes…the $0.99 price tag remains unchanged.

Where's My Water? Disney, Where’s My Water?, – $0.99

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