DS Effects releases 51-in-1 App!

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Just last month, we saw 5 quality devs team up to bring us 5 Games in 1, where well received games like Up There and Sneezies were bundled up for a fantastic price. Well not to be outdone, DS Effects has released their own bundle, in the form of ‘All 51 Games‘ (how creative!).


Incredible collection of 51 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon…51 games!

For those not familiar, DS Effects has quickly become the Uew Boll of iPhone gaming. A quick browse at the App Store and you’ll find that the majority of their games have garnered an average of 1-2 stars in customer ratings. Granted, reviews at the App Store should be taken with a grain of salt…still, you really have to wonder with all that negative feedback.

So if you have a extra buck to spare, 51 games does sound like a pretty good deal, especially if you value quantity over quality. To think of it, even if only 10 of these games are somewhat enjoyable, a measley dollar won’t burn a hole in your wallet. [All 51 Games, $0.99]

Who Has The Biggest Brain? in Review – Shows off the best of the platform

whohasthebiggestbrain1The thing that attracted me most about Who Has The Biggest Brain? was the Facebook version; I’ve played it many times and I must say I really like it. The graphics are funny and that the multitude of simple games offers great entertainment and laughter. Most important, however, is that the game allows the competition between all Facebook users who play this game. When it was released for the iPhone/ iPod Touch platform, I immediately wanted to try it, because I knew that if the game was done correctly, then it can be tremendously fun on a mobile platform. As well, developer Playfish’s offering is also one of the first to use Facebook Connect, a protocol for developers to integrate its applications with the Facebook platform.

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Battletaire in Review – A Puzzle Game Mash-Up

battletaire1I’m starting to get into musical mash-ups. Hearing Jay-Z rap over a mixed version of a track from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time thrills me. The ingenuity of combining a multitude of songs into one is an art form in and of itself. Battletaire is similar to this paradigm of design. It combines games like Sudoku, Battleship, Picross, and Minesweeping into one single experience. Despite a few minor flaws, this is a formula for success.

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Evangelion Cut Out, Clock and Stamp in Review – For the Fans!

Neon Genesis Evangelion made waves in 1995 and has come back recently thanks to the promise of a Hollywood remake to again mark its territory as one of anime’s greatest landmarks. Well, Appliya have brought to the App Store some of the magic which has made Evangelion a hit both then and now. The outcome? Five new apps, three of which I have been able to fondle. Firstly, I expect that these apps will really appeal to fans of the original show and the new live action movie wich is slated for opening sometime this century. Maybe.

If you are interested in What Evangelion is, take a look at a fan’s mash up of what the live action movie could become as well as glimpses of Evangelion anime scenes.

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Guitarist in Review- Rocks Hard!

guitarist1If you’re a guitarist like myself, then you’ve probably scavenged every last morsel of the AppStore in hopes of finding a guitar app to quench your ceaseless thirst to rock out on your portable MP4 player. Well, my friends, the day has come where you can truly feel like a rockstar- and I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus’ song “I Might Even Be A Rockstar”. I’m referring to the almighty app known as Guitarist, by MooCowMusic.

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New Kids on the Block? – Block Knights in Review

blockknights_pic1For the most part, developers are in constant search for that new idea that will separate their game from the mainstream. Whether it be new graphics or new gameplay, “new” is what usually translates into fresh, popular, and of course big dollars. But sometimes a little blast from the past is all a game needs to help set it apart from the present mainstream. Block Knights gets this blast from a little known game called Tetris. Rather than live off of the previous’ legacy, Block Knights does just enough to set it apart. More after the jump!

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Drop7 in Review – Drop it like its hot…

drop7_5It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that puzzle games are one of the most popular genres at the App Store. A quick glance at iTunes will reveal 102 pages (and growing) of such games. While this maybe the case,  it’s a safe bet to say that the majority of new puzzle releases are either complete knock offs of previous efforts or are simply uninspired. Drop7, on the other hand, isn’t one of these games. Area/Code’s relatively obscure drop ’em and match ’em puzzler is without a doubt an original “Tetris meets Sudoku” game that shouldn’t be missed by fans of the genre.

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Glow in Review – Shines Brightly, but Not Bright Enough

glow4My initial reaction at starting up Glow was, “Wow, I love the art style!” That stays true throughout the entire game, where the painstakingly hand-animated visuals, with their unique neon look, sure are eye candy. The basis for Glow is to capture pieces by drawing free hand, gathering combos and chaining together bonuses.

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