Ancient Frog in Review – As Sweet as Honey Smacks’ Dig’em

ancientfrog1If anyone still has doubts that the iPhone and iTouch are viable gaming platforms that are strong enough, graphically speaking, to compete with the PSP and Nintendo DS then they should take a hard look at Ancient Frog. It is easily one of the more beautifully crafted games in the App Store pantheon. It is also a decently crafted puzzle game.

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Primrose in Review – A Different Kind of Puzzler

primrose1It’s a difficult task to create a game that is unlike any others you’ve played. This is especially true in the field of puzzlers. The countless tetris, snood, word puzzles, sudoku, match 3s, tangrams, and so forth have countless clones and knockoffs that make it difficult to separate one from another. This is where Primrose stands strong. It provides a puzzler gameplay experience unlike any other.

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Flip Disc in Review – Master of The Discs

flipdisk1I was pretty excited to get to review a new puzzle game named Flip Disc from Chillingo, after all they brought us The Quest and iDracula, among other quality games. The concept of the game is very simple, rotate the five discs and form a line of the same color of different colored gems that are constantly flowing from the outermost disc first to the center. If you form 10 lines, you move on the next level. Sound easy enough? Let’s see…

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Archibald’s Adventures in Review – Gleaming the Puzzle Cube


When I was a youth growing up on the mean streets of the Valley in Southern California, riding skateboards was a rite of passage. My friends Brian Kelly, Marty McFly and Tony Hawk would begin our day long weekend rides before the sun came over the mountain tops. We’d grab onto the back of a truck headed down the freeway until we reached just the right curve where we could launch off and catch serious air. Sometimes we’d get as much as 20-30 feet off the ground. When we landed and picked up our hover boards, we knew we had travelled back to the future.

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Diamond Islands In Review – An ancient puzzler with style.

diamondislandsmainThe goal in Diamond Islands is to roll a rectangle into a square hole by rotating it. That’s it. What makes this particular app different than others of its type is its charming story. A Native American peasant is in love with the Chieftain’s daughter. Daddy finds out and bars them from seeing each other ever again. The gods object and make stars fall from the sky, putting them in danger. The young peasant embarks on a journey to fix the stars (and hopefully win daddy’s approval).

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Smiles in Review – Puzzle fans beware!

smiles1Do you just start yawning when you hear the words new “match-three” game? Well, then you should take a look at Smiles, a very addictive puzzle game. Smiles grabs the basics of the classic “match-three” genre, but it still plays totally different. The objective of the game is to swap a current tile with one on the board to connect three or more tiles of a kind. Smiles actually contains two separate games: Smiles Drop and Smiles Zen. They are also available as two single games, but you get a value price for the bundled Smiles.

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DS Effects releases 51-in-1 App!


Just last month, we saw 5 quality devs team up to bring us 5 Games in 1, where well received games like Up There and Sneezies were bundled up for a fantastic price. Well not to be outdone, DS Effects has released their own bundle, in the form of ‘All 51 Games‘ (how creative!).


Incredible collection of 51 games!!!
1 download, 1 icon…51 games!

For those not familiar, DS Effects has quickly become the Uew Boll of iPhone gaming. A quick browse at the App Store and you’ll find that the majority of their games have garnered an average of 1-2 stars in customer ratings. Granted, reviews at the App Store should be taken with a grain of salt…still, you really have to wonder with all that negative feedback.

So if you have a extra buck to spare, 51 games does sound like a pretty good deal, especially if you value quantity over quality. To think of it, even if only 10 of these games are somewhat enjoyable, a measley dollar won’t burn a hole in your wallet. [All 51 Games, $0.99]