Return to Mysterious Island – Walkthrough in the Wild!


If you are like me and cannot tell your head from your tail especially when it comes to adventure games, you need a bit of help. Tetraedge, developer of RTMI have put together a wonderful walkthrough for us iPhone players with excellent pictures and a very helpful map. It is a long PDF, so put away your Baud 28.8kbps modems and strap on your 56.6kbps ultraspeed, because this may be a bumpy ride.

Tetraedge (Chillingo), Return to Mysterious Island, 4.99$, 263MB
Jules Verne's Return To Mysterious Island

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Return to Mysterious Island in Review – One Hot Adventure


There is nothing worse than realising that you forgot something. When my eyes started to go bad around age 12, I often forgot my glasses which I hadn’t yet registered as a need. It wasn’t long till I felt naked without them. I have felt the same about my Casio Calculator watches and later, even about my mobile phone. But Mina, Return to Mysterious Island‘s stalwart heroine faces much bigger challenges as she is shipwrecked with barely her skin on a less than friendly island in the Pacific Ocean.

Starving, alone and about to face many, many challenges, Mina is in a precarious state that balances on the edge of survival and a creeping sense of horror as she discovers more about the island made famous by Jules Verne.

If you are stuck, check out Tetraedge’s excellent walkthrough.

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iCascade Now Free – A Dose of App Store Reality

icascade1 By now, you’ve probably heard of the insanely successful stories of iPhone developers who’ve reaped the rewards of the App Store ( aka iTunes gold mine). Steve Demeter’s puzzle game Trism netted him $250,000 in only 2 months, with a projected income of $2 million by July 2009. Or how Ethan Nicholas quit his day job after his immensely popular iShoot made $600,000 in a single month after “shooting” its way to #1 at the App Store. But for every success story, how many devs do you suppose find out the hard way that the grass is not always greener on the other side?

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Toki Tori Gets Freed with Lite Version

tokitori_liteChillingo’s Toki Tori (developed by Two Tribes) has already garnered plenty of praise and recognition on the iDevice for its impeccable gameplay and sweet visuals. Not only is it loads of fun, but it packs a healthy challenge for all gamers with its well designed puzzles. The good news? Chillingo has now released a free version of the platformer. The even better news? Toki Tori Lite includes brand new levels to help bring new gamers up to speed with the hit title. As a famous journalist from Kazakstan once said, “Naaaaice!”. Yes, Naice indeed.

From Young’s review of Toki:

There has been much hype around the release of this game. I can assure you that Toki Tori meets those expectations and more. It is a great game, well worth its price. It’s the Easter Egg Hunt that everyone was looking for, even if they didn’t know it.

Now that the lite version is out, with new levels to boot, there’s no reason NOT to download the game for a test drive. Check out some gameplay vids of the beloved Toki as well after the jump.

Chillingo, Toki Tori Lite, Free, 5.7MB
Toki Tori Lite

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Aurora Feint II: Arena Daemons in Review – For the puzzle fan looking for just a little bit more

af_arena-daemons1Sometime last year I was first introduced to PuzzleQuest on my Nintendo DS, and I instantly fell in love with the RPG/Puzzle hybrid. I had heard many comparisons to it in reviews of the game Aurora Feint: The Beginning, so when I got my iPod Touch for Christmas that was the first game I downloaded from the App Store. I’ll get into why those comparisons are not exactly correct further in the review, but suffice it to say, I liked the free version of Aurora Feint so much I quickly decided to upgrade to Aurora Feint II: The Arena. Recently, Aurora Feint has had a big update, version 3.2, and the subtitle has now changed to Arena Daemons.

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Addictive Puzzler, Modulo to get Expansive 1.1 Update


The imaginative lads at Electric TopHat promise a great update to the ‘horribly addictive’ puzzle game, Modulo. The TopHat team, Robert McDowell and Dave Lees are and an independent developer based out of Scotland with poise an experience in both the computing and gaming world to knock the socks off of puzzle fans. Their 1.1 update to Modulo will bring the following items to the game:

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Toki Tori in Review – Chicken Before the Egg

tokitori_review1One genre of games that seems to have seamlessly found its place on the iDevice platform is the puzzler. The blend of portability, touch interface, screen size, and processing power on both the iPhone and iTouch gives developers an amazing canvas in which to showcase their creative programming. Take the case of Toki Tori, a recent offering from publisher Chillingo; this game is a great statement to the level of polish and ingenuity that the App Store can offer.

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Eliss in Review – I’ll Squeesar You!

eliss7If I had two sum Eliss up in two words, I’d have to call it “Frustratingly Fun”. After the initial “sector” (or stage), the level of frustration raises exponentially, but Steph Thirion (developer of the game) has thrown in just enough easily conquered sectors in between to keep you from chucking your iDevice against the wall and screaming “I’ll squeesar you!”

But don’t let me get you believing this game is personification of frustration, because it really is a blast to play!

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iso in Review – A Tower of Pisa It Is Not

iso1Match 3 games… some are just completely awful, some barely distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack, and some exceed people’s expectations and present a brand new gaming experience to the general populace. iso is a game that finds itself squarely in the middle of the two polar ends. It is a decently crafted game and experience, but ultimately, it doesn’t have enough to sustain people’s attention.

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