V Is For Vortex in Review – Da Portal, Da Portal!

I never had the opportunity to play the game Portal, but from everything I read I’d imagine that the developer of V is for Vortex was somewhat inspired by that critically acclaimed game. I’m not going to give V the benefit of being coined a “2D Portal”, however. The problem it is that while the concept is sound, the execution is way too basic. As the game stands right now, it feels more like an early version than a final product, at least as far as content is concerned. V really needs to be expanded on and toughened up before it’s ready for prime time.

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Cross Fingers in Review – Tangrams meet Twister

Tangrams which literally means “seven boards of skill” is an age old Chinese puzzle game, where the player must construct objects by cleverly placing seven flat shapes. I have tried quite a number of Tangram titles, both on the iPhone and other platforms, and have always found them too easy for my taste. And it always boggled my mind, why do they have to stick with the basic 7 shapes, it’s the 21st century already! Well, Mobigame have obviously heard my prayers and released Cross Fingers, a game which reinvents the old mechanic.

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The Horrible Vikings in Review – Loot, pillage, plunder, hold the babe for ransom and free the kitties!

I think the only people who’ve not heard of Yetisports and more specifically the little flash game that started it all: Pingu Throw are the poor sods who’ve lived under a rock for the past 6 years. The original made its debut back in 2004 and paralyzed whole companies. I admit to having spent a fair bit of time on it myself. The Horrible Vikings is a similar game which features the same basic mechanics. But this time, things are taken to a whole new level.

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Strimko in Review – Striking Sudoku’s pride

Strimko is an original game developed by Quokka Studios. It isn’t only a totally new and innovative puzzle game, but it definitely is a literal upgrade to the typical Sudoku puzzles that people spend so much of their time trying to complete. Strimko is a great time-killing application for any iPhone or iPod Touch user and we are going to get right into its every detail in this review.

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Crosswords In Review: Here’s a clue – Completely Satisfying in 2 words, 6 letters total

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia about crossword puzzles – Liverpool journalist Arthur Wynne is said to have invented it, originally called “Word-Cross” when it first appeared in the Sunday edition of New York World on December 21, 1913. Nearly a century old, crossword puzzles are so quietly integrated into our daily lives that we may take them for granted. Anywhere in the world, someone is tapping his pen, thinking of answers to brain teasers that draw upon a limitless resource of words, facts, personalities, events and history.

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Sherlock Holmes Mysteries in Review – Elementary, my dear Watson!

As a child I simply adored Sherlock Holmes. I had the complete collection of works by Arthur Conan Doyle and later even read some of the spin-offs, though they were never half-as-good. The genius detective has been a hero of mine ad it always amazed me how he always managed to crack even the most bizarre of cases. And now, just in time for the release of the latest movie about the great Sherlock, Warner Brothers invite you to test your intellect in the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

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Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear in Review – Slightly Sparkly

Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear is the port of the popular PC game to the iDevice, where we follow the adventures of Rupert and Emma as they go on an expedition set in the ruins of ancient Egypt. The game is packaged as an engaging adventure story that combines hidden object and match three, two popular genres, with an RPG-like element thrown-in.

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Zits & Giggles – the incredible climb to #1

Forget Apple’s foggy review process. The game, Zits & Giggles which debuted at 0.99$ has surreptitiously climbed to one of the most expensive App Store seats. A short visit to its App Store page will reveal that Zits and Giggles, like a parody movie, is more substance than it is joke. In this case, the substance is philosophical: developer Tommunism have hit a wall: the app isn’t selling any more. And with nothing to lose, they are raising the bar – Zits & Giggles’ current price of 239$ proves that the sky is the limit. Either that or Apple’s ban hammer will fall, forcing the app back down to its humble roots. Part of me cringes at the price, but another part is rooting Tommunism on; enough time and loose enough App Store rules will help Zits & Giggles break the ceiling set by I Am Rich. And if only a handful of customers buy, Tommunism’s experiment will go well; even without a single purchase, their app will continue the iconic climb to the top.

Go Tommunism go!

Zits & Giggles Tommunism, Zits & Giggles – $239.99