Drop7 updated, now compatible with iOS 4.0

Drop7, one of the most unheralded and addictive Puzzle games on the App Store, is now compatible with iOS 4.0. Prior to the 1.4 update, the game would unfortunately crash on launch with the latest OS. Making matters worse was that it took Apple nearly 2 weeks to approve this version and as such, Drop7 addicts (like myself) were left without a proper nightly recap and fix. It even got to a point where I was tempted to downgrade back to OS 3.1.3 while waiting just so I could have my favorite iPhone game back.

For those not familiar with the game, it’s billed as a “Tetris meets Sudoku” puzzler and it is truly unique in every sense. While there isn’t a free lite version for you check out, it can be enjoyed as a flash game in the form of Chain Factor. Newcomers to Drop7 will probably want to take a look at my review where I’ve given some brief instructions on how to play, as the basic concept is not like anything you’ve experienced before. Puzzle fans will definitely want to check this awesome game out. Note: Unfortunately, the 1.4 update no longer works on the iPad. Area/Code are working on a fix and hopefully it’ll be out shortly.

Drop7 Area/Code Entertainment, Drop7 (TMA Review) – $2.99

180 in review – Just Another Match 3 Game

Match 3 fans, meet Headcase Games’ 180, a title which claims to be a match ’em style of game with a difference. True, it’s a little different – but Bejeweled it ain’t. In 180 you have a screen full of coloured coins and you must tap the empty area below a column to shoot the coin that you have at the bottom of the screen. You must keep shooting your coins in order to match three or more, and then the matched coins will disappear. To add another dimension, you can tap any coin already on the board to flip it over, revealing another colour. What makes the game difficult is that the coins are advancing down on you from the top of the screen, and when they reach the bottom, it’s Game Over. So you’ve got to be quick to keep those tiles at bay.

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Abundante! In Review – Journey to the Jungle

For those of you that are getting fed up with match three games, you might want to look away now. Although in actual fact, developer 10tons’ Abundante! (also the publishers behind the amazing Azkend) is a match four game. Considerably different from other games of its type, Abundante! has you venturing deep into the jungle, and beneath the earth.

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RollOut in review – This Isn’t A Transformers Game?

One thing I like about the App Store is that it gives developers room to experiment without a sizable budget, unlike on consoles where it might costs thousands of dollars just to get development software.  As a result we get cool little games like RollOut, a puzzle platformer with a unique premise and an old school look and sound.  The game “only” has 50 levels at the moment, but getting through it and beating the “standard” time for each level will be two entirely different challenges.

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Hot news of the day – Guess the News is FREE for a day!

We’ve got stellar news for you folks! FingerArts has just informed me that their highly acclaimed game, Guess the News, has just been set FREE for a day in collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day project. Our beloved Enuh reviewed Guess the News back in late Fall 2009 and was very much impressed with the game and awarded it a firm Grab-It rating.

More than just a novelty, Guess the News is a great word puzzle game with a unique concept and an educational component. A steal at $0.99, it offers unlimited game content, informative news and an enjoyable game experience that makes it stand out from the rest. It’s a game for all ages and discriminating game tastes.

Guess the News Finger Arts, Guess the News (TMA Review) – Free

And if you missed our Freebies Roundup yesterday, be sure to check out some of the more notable games that have recently gone free.

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Ankh – the Lost Treasures in Review – Have you seen my ankh?

One of the genres, quite young even on the desktop but already found itself comfortably sitting on the App Store, is Hidden Object – a type of game where you have to find items hidden in an image to advance. Most of these games back this up by a storyline of sorts to make the process more involving. Today we’re reviewing Ankh – the Lost Treasures, the latest addition to the genre by Softdistribution and the prequel to the highly acclaimed PC adventure Ankh.

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Steamballs in Review – Matching-3 steampunk style…

The whole match-3 genre is definitely one of the more casual ones, designed for quick pick up and play. This in mind it’s not a big shock that there are quite a bunch of these games on the App Store, enough to make sorting out the good from the bad a pain for the casual customer. TouchMyApps is proud to be your first line of defense in such trying circumstances and today we’re going to review Steamballs,  a match-3 puzzler from Digital Worlds, developers of the card-based strategy game Strongholds.

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PAC-Match Party set to take a chomp from App Store

Fresh off the heels of celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary, Namco has sent us word that PAC-Match Party, a new PAC-MAN themed match-3 puzzle, will be launched for the iPhone and iPod Touch (iPad version to follow) in the very near future. Touted as a Match 3 with a retro twist, gamers will be treated to addictive gameplay, whacky combos and 30 levels of pure PAC-MAN goodness. A flash based version of the game was recently launched and it should give you a good idea on what to expect from the iDevice version. I’ve tried out the flash game myself and it is indeed very fun. And for those of you living in the continental US, Namco is also giving away a PAC-MAN-themed smart car!

If you’re a puzzle/match 3 lover, you’ll surely love what PAC-Match Party has to offer. More screenshots and video trailer after the break.

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Crazy Test! In Review – Mini Game Madness For Your iDevice!

I’ve probably said it about 50 times by now but I absolutely love pick-up-and-play style games.  As fun and immersive as some of these top end titles are, there is nothing more enjoyable than a title you can simply pick up, start playing in seconds and put down whenever you have to, without the fear of losing track of where you are, or not saving at a crucial point. Most recently, I found another title that fits the bill. Crazy Test! is a WarioWare inspired game that is both insanely fun, and can drive you insane at the same time.

Feel free to discuss Crazy Test! in our forums.

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